Martín Palafox was shot to death and his murderer alleges legitimate defense (PHOTOS)

Martin Palafox, 26, died of a gunshot wound to the head in Illinois in a confusing incident. Raekwon Drake, 22, maintains that he acted i...

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  • Martin Palafox, 26, died of a gunshot wound to the head in Illinois in a confusing incident.
  • Raekwon Drake, 22, maintains that he acted in self-defense because they wanted to steal his dog.
  • The Chicago Police Department is still investigating all the details of the strange case.

Martín Palafox was killed by a bullet in the head in Chicago, Illinois, and his alleged killer alleges that he acted in self-defense. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) arrested the young African American Raekwon Drake, 22, who maintains that he only defended himself from an alleged attack by three Hispanics.

The murder of the young Hispanic Martín Palafox, 26, still raises many questions for the Homicide Division of the CPD because, in addition to one death, the incident left two more people, a man and a woman, badly wounded by gunshots in a farce that shook a Chicago neighborhood in broad daylight.

Martín Palafox died of a gunshot in a confusing incident

Martin Palafox
Martín Palafox, 26, was shot to death when he allegedly tried to steal the dog from another man who defended himself by shooting. (Photo: Special for MundoHispánico)

The arrest warrant against Raekwon Drake details that the man was also shot in the leg and continues to recover, as a detainee, in a hospital. The leg injury and the accusation of Drake puts his sports career at risk since the boy is a basketball player in the Post University in Connecticut.

According to Drake’s testimony, contained in the legal documents of the case, the young basketball player was walking towards his apartment at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 10, 2021 when he passed a group of Hispanics in front of 1800 South Paulina Street in the Lower West Side neighborhood in the southwest of the Chicago metropolitan area.

The two versions in the death of Martín Palafox

Martin Palafox
Raekwon Drake, 22, is a basketball star from the Chicago, Illinois, area who played for a Connecticut college and now could lose his sports career to a murder charge. (Photo: Taken from Raekwon Drake’s Twitter)

Raekwon Drake claims that he was walking with his girlfriend on the sidewalk, holding their dog on a leash, when two Hispanic men whom he defined as “armed robbers” chased after them to attack them. However, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Cook County ensures that the basketball player and his girlfriend also attacked Martín Palafox and his friends.

So far, according to an investigation by the CPD’s Homicide Division, it is not clear whose exact weapon was used in the shooting. At one point in the confrontation Raekwon Drake and his girlfriend, whose name will not be revealed in this story, jumped on Martín Palafox to smash him violently to the ground.

Martín Palafox died after the alleged attempt to steal a dog

Martin Palafox
Martín Palafox, who lived in the city of Joliet in Illinois, had a criminal record for charges such as assault and domestic violence, among others. (Photo: Special for MundoHispánico)

According to the alleged murderer Raekwon Drake, the reason why the two Hispanic men attacked him along with his girlfriend was to steal his dog. The case documents do not detail the breed of the dog that allegedly caused the confrontation for which Martín Palafox died.

In the middle of the attack, according to the accusation against the alleged murderer, the young basketball player let his dog escape, went into his apartment and returned to the street armed with a pistol. All this while his girlfriend kept hitting the two Hispanics lying on the sidewalk of South Paulina Street in front of dozens of neighbors.

Raekwon Drake is a basketball star in Chicago

Martin Palafox
(Photo: Taken from Raekwon Drake’s Twitter)

The case documents detail that Judge Charles Beach, upon receiving the case for the murder of Martín Palafox, said that he accepted the accusation against Raekwon Drake considering that it was “singular and perhaps strange” that someone facing the traumatic attempt of theft of his dog has left him out on the street and with his girlfriend to go for a gun.

Since Raekwon Drake returned to the streets, the whole case is a real puzzle for the agents of the CPD Homicide Division. Some witnesses who spoke to the authorities about the three Hispanic men, including Martín Palafox, were already walking down the street with the basketball player’s dog.

Martín Palafox lets go of the dog when he hears the gunshots

(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

Drake caught up with them as the suspected thieves were walking south on South Paulina Street and fired at least a four-shot round at the men. At that time no one was injured. Martín Palafox was the one who was holding the basketball player’s dog and when he heard the shots he released the cannon and ran to take cover.

However, Martín Palafox could not get very far as the basketball player Raekwon Drake and his girlfriend caught up with him and again knocked him down with a punch that threw him to the ground. The two boys, both African-American, began kicking Palafox to the ground while the Hispanic defended himself by throwing punches shaking violently.

A bullet wounds Martín Palafox in the head

(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

To allegedly contain his rival, the basketball player Raekwon Drake shot Martín Palafox and one of the shots hit him directly in the head. Meanwhile his girlfriend was fighting with another of the Hispanics. There the story got tangled up again because, suddenly, in the midst of the commotion, more shots were heard.

The young African-American Raekwon Drake, his girlfriend and another of the Hispanic men who was with Martín Palafox were suddenly shot. The basketball player was badly injured along with the other two young men lying in the street. It was then that some witnesses called the CPD emergency number to report the singular incident.

Raekwon Drake is also wounded by a gunshot

(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

The first patrolmen to arrive at the crime scene found the wounded and, the most serious of all, was the Hispanic Martín Palafox. CPD agents ordered paramedics from the Chicago Fire Department (CPD) will transfer the boy to Stroger Hospital for treatment.

However, when Martín Palafox was in the emergency room with the doctors fighting to save his life, the boy died due to the bullet he suffered in the head. Then agents from the CPD Homicide Division brought charges against basketball player Raekwon Drake for murder.

Raekwon Drake’s girlfriend was also wounded by a gunshot

(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

Officers from the CPD Homicide Division found the gun that Raekwon Drake allegedly used to kill Martín Palafox on the windowsill of a sale in the basketball player’s apartment. From the moment Drake was arrested, he alleged that he was acting in self-defense against the imminent attempted theft of his dog.

In the indictment of the case against basketball player Raekwon Drake, the Cook County Prosecutor’s Office does not yet detail whether the boy’s girlfriend will also face charges for the murder of Martín Palafox because she did not contain her boyfriend when he took out the gun. It is not detailed either if Martín Palafox’s friend will face charges for the alleged theft of the dog.

“My brother was shot and killed”

(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

Carla Camargo, Martín Palafox’s sister, opened an account on the Go Fund Me social network under the name Help raise money for my brothers funeral expenses (Help me raise money for my brother’s funeral expenses) asking the community for solidarity to be able to meet the financial commitment that his family faces.

“My brother was shot and killed on Saturday night,” explains Carla Camargo when crying out for help and explains that she is “asking for help with funeral expenses to bury my brother,” details the woman in the middle of the tribulation for the murder. of the boy who was a resident of the small town of Joliet, Illinois.

Gun Violence in the United States

(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

According to the non-profit organization Gun Violence Archives, which fights to raise awareness about the dangers of the free sale of firearms, so far this year in the United States 23,563 people have died from gunshots so far in its statistics until Tuesday, July 13, 2021 in the morning.

Of those people who have been shot dead in the United States, a total of 10,759 were killed and 12,804 committed suicide. In addition, 21,247 have been injured. In the first half of the year, the country has already experienced 350 mass shootings, which are the incidents, where at least four people die in the same incident.

Martín Palafox died of a gunshot in a confusing incident

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