There are shootings in the United States, now in Chicago and North Carolina; 2 dead and 12 injured

Shootings in the United States: Chicago Police are looking for two men who opened fire on a group of people. They killed a woman and woun...

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  • Shootings in the United States: Chicago Police are looking for two men who opened fire on a group of people.
  • They killed a woman and wounded nine more people.
  • The injured were gathered on a sidewalk.

Two shootings in the United States left 2 people dead and 12 injured, in Chicago and North Carolina. Chicago police are searching for two men who opened fire on a group of people on the south side of the city early Saturday morning. killing a woman and wounding nine people, according to information from the news agency AP.

Police had not released any details about the suspects on Saturday, but it is known that police officers are already roaming the city to try to locate them, however, so far nothing is known about them.


Shootings in the United States
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In a brief summary released to the media, Chicago Police said around 2 a.m. two men approached a group of people on a sidewalk in the Chatham neighborhood on the city’s south side.

Police said the men opened fire, hitting 10 people. The 29-year-old woman who died was injured in the abdomen and knee. Eight men with various injuries were enrolled in good or bad condition in Chicago hospitals. A 34-year-old woman was listed in good condition.


Shootings in the United States
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But the Chicago shooting was not the only one – Winston-Salem police said one person died and three others suffered non-life-threatening injuries in a bloody incident in North Carolina, according to the North Carolina news agency. AP.

A Winston-Salem police news release said the shooting occurred late Friday in a residential area south of downtown. Police were patrolling the area “when they heard numerous shots.” Filed Under: Shootings in America

Shootings in the United States: TO THE HOSPITAL

Shootings in the United States
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They went to the scene and found four gunshot victims. Two men and a teenager were taken to the hospital with injuries described as serious but not life-threatening, according to the statement. A fourth victim was declared dead at the scene. Police did not release further identifying information about the victims.

As of Saturday morning, no suspect has been arrested. Two firearms were recovered from the scene. The police department said the death is the city’s 17th homicide of the year.

Shooting in America: SHOOTING IN AUSTIN

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In addition to the shootings in Chicago and North Carolina, in the United States, authorities confirmed that there were two isolated shootings in the states of Texas and Georgia that have left at least 21 people injured and one dead.

The ABC News and Fox News newspapers reported that a shooting carried out in a busy entertainment district in downtown Austin, Texas, left 13 people injured in the early hours of this Saturday, while police indicated that the alleged shooter had not yet been detained.

Shootings in the United States: CRITICAL STATUS

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According to ABC News, which also cited the AP news agency, two of the injured people were in critical condition, but as of the moment the press conference was held at 4:00 this morning (local time) no one he had died, Austin Acting Police Chief Joseph Chacón reported.

The gunfire erupted just before 1:30 a.m. along 6th Street, a popular area lined with bars and restaurants. The street was barricaded to prevent vehicular traffic at the time of the shooting, Chacón said, according to the ABC News review. At the time, it was not clear how the shooting originated.


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Citing Chacón, ABC News noted that eleven of the injured were taken to a local hospital, another person was taken to a different hospital, and the other person went to an urgent care center after having gunshot wounds.

“Our officers responded very quickly. Life-saving measures for many of these patients, including the application of tourniquets, were able to begin immediately; chest stamp applications ”, highlighted Chacón. Filed Under: Shootings in America

Shootings in the United States: NO ARREST

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The Austin Acting Police Chief also commented that some officers transported patients to hospitals on their patrol cars due to the nature of the scene, where it was difficult to contain the crowd and get ambulances for the injured.

The gunman had not been arrested as of the time the event was reported. Chacón said the police description of the suspect “was not very detailed,” but mentioned that the person was believed to be a man.


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Investigators were reviewing available surveillance video on the case and other evidence in the area, and anyone with information about the shooting was asked to contact police.

Fox News reported that Austin police advised the public to stay away from the crime scene early Saturday morning as they confirmed a downtown shooting that resulted in “multiple wounded victims.” Filed Under: Shootings in America


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In that sense, the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Service detailed on Twitter that at least one victim was in critical condition, one more had non-life-threatening injuries and that the conditions of at least six more victims were unknown.

According to the Fox News report, social media posts said that up to 16 people may have been shot, but police had not yet specified the exact number of victims. The location of the shooting was also said to be a downtown restaurant, but authorities did not immediately confirm this either. Filed Under: Shootings in America


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In another event, but before the end of Friday in Savannah, Georgia, one person died and at least eight were injured, reported NBC News and Fox News. A 2-year-old boy was hit in the foot and a 13-year-old boy was also injured, Savannah police spokeswoman Bianca Johnson said. Those injuries were not considered life threatening, he added.

The deceased was described only as an adult. Other victims have serious or critical injuries, local police said, according to the NBC News review published shortly before midnight last Friday. Filed Under: United States Shootings

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