Zuleyka Rivera is filmed riding an inflatable in a transparent bikini unleashing lust (VIDEO)

Zuleyka Rivera appears wearing a sexy bikini on social networks. His followers go crazy at that daring video. It is not the first time th...

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  • Zuleyka Rivera appears wearing a sexy bikini on social networks.
  • His followers go crazy at that daring video.
  • It is not the first time that Zuleyka Rivera uncovers, on another occasion she taught even her intimate part.

Being one of the most beautiful and sexy Hispanics, Zuleyka Rivera, today drove all her followers crazy after publishing a video in a bikini where she is seen dancing in a sexy way with a paddle, unleashing thousands of reactions to this provocative.

Today, the Puerto Rican model and actress, Zuleyka Rivera, surprised her more than 2.2 million followers by posting a video on her official account of Instagram, where he appears looking quite sexy while enjoying his pool in Miami, Florida.

In the publication, the 33-year-old model appears with a two-part light blue bikini, and sunglasses to accompany her outfit. She is also seen playing with a lollipop, provoking reactions to all kinds of men, because of how sexy and pretty she looks posing and playing in front of the camera.

In the video, which already has more than 206 thousand reproductions, it is possible to hear in the background the song “Agua”, a single by the Colombian Reggaetón singer, J Balvin, while Zuleyka is posing in a sexy way for the camera that is recording it.

With the caption: “Always what happens winks at me, sweet as pineapple, Balloons: @party_uwish”, Zuleyka Rivera managed to melt more than one with this red-hot video, and it is that, although he disabled the comments on this publication, That did not stop his followers from talking about this video.

A surfer He did not hesitate to write to the Puerto Rican that she was not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside: “@zuleykarivera is a woman apart from beautiful, body of heart attack, you can see a genuine and pleasant personality, i love, greetings from Colombia , beautiful queen.”

Another Internet user was not far behind and seemed to have gotten his “deepest wishes”, commenting to Zuleyka that she was a goddess: “Uff my beautiful and sensational Puerto Rican goddess, you are a fascinating mermaid”.

However, the comments did not stop, as many followers continued to draw more phrases of admiration for the model: “Sugar bonbon, flavor more than the one you enjoy heart” while another wrote the following: “Very pretty, pretty and sensual that you are my queen, I love you “

And, despite the fact that Zuleyka is currently working on the Mexican series called “The Dragon” with great personalities such as Sebastián Rulli, Irina Baeva and Renata Notni, there were comments that asked that he better get to work, such as case of a netizen who seemed not to have been bewitched by the model, since he went straight to Zuleyka writing the following: “Cringe, get to do something productive.” To see the video click here.

Zuleyka Rivera uncovers

VIDEO. Instagram. Zuleyka Rivera.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Zuleyka Rivera has been uncovered, since she has always been characterized by showing her charms on social networks, where thousands of comments from her fans show and denote the beauty of this Puerto Rican presenter, who constantly upload photos showing the worked body that has in different quite professional and sexy photos.

On one occasion, the model left almost nothing to the imagination of her fans, as she was nowhere near show your intimate part in a post.

And it is that, in a recent video Published on social networks a few weeks ago, the model almost revealed her most intimate part in public, driving more than one of her followers crazy on Instagram.

The also businesswoman had no qualms and with total nerve, caused his followers to let their imagination fly with a tremendous pose that men appreciate.

The material was uploaded to her personal Instagram account at the end of January, and has more than 92 thousand likes and hundreds of comments about it, those who stood out did not overlook the beauty of the actress.

In the video the TV presenter models a daring swimsuit with some bright shades of different very striking colors.

All this he does in a luxurious hotel in Punta Cana, and while he was playing a little with his hair and his garment, he almost revealed his “little treasure”.

She sees the presenter as sexy, provocative, happy, sensual, flirtatious and playful, as if seeking to incite the minds of her followers and she succeeds.

And, like his most recent publication, the comments were not long in coming from his followers, who did not miss the opportunity to offer certain words to Zuleyka.

Do you want to know what they wrote to him? Continue reading.

Zuleyka Rivera uncovers

VIDEO. Instagram. Zuleyka Rivera.

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Of the first comments he received in his publication were the following: “I love the swimsuit,” wrote one of his followers.

One of her loyal fans told Zuleyka Rivera directly and they are ties: “That skin color, long hair, you are perfect as I love them.”

Another man was more accommodating and even in love, so much so that he wrote: “You cannot look otherwise than incredible, wonderful, extraordinary, spectacular, beautiful.”

A woman went beyond the physical and highlighted the mentality of the model and wrote: “I wish we could all have that level of attitude.”

But of course the hottest comments of the moment could not be absent and it was precisely a man who told her: “Rich legs, rich bikini and what a rich woman, I like you a lot.”

That was how the fever began in the television presenter’s social network, the temperature rose in such a way and it could be read in the following message: “cake you are beautiful and that little body delicious to eat it all with kisses @zuleykarivera”.

And, it is not for less, since since she began her career as a model in 2006, the Puerto Rican cannot cope with so many beautiful and even provocative messages from all her followers, who are constantly aware of what Zuleyka Rivera share in networks.

Filed Under: Zuleyka Rivera in a Bikini

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