Young man with COVID dies after falling from the fifth floor of a Hospital in Mexico

Young man throws himself off the fifth floor of a Hospital in Mexico. The 25-year-old man had COVID-19 when he committed suicide. The eve...

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  • Young man throws himself off the fifth floor of a Hospital in Mexico.
  • The 25-year-old man had COVID-19 when he committed suicide.
  • The events occurred this Saturday afternoon.

Young man falls fifth floor. This Saturday afternoon a tragedy befell on a young man who was infected with coronavirus, as he decided to end his life in a rather horrible way, since the boy threw himself off the fifth floor of a Hospital in Mexico, unfortunately he died instantly, according to Noticieros Televisa.

The events occurred on Saturday afternoon at around 2:30 p.m., when it was reported that a person had fallen from the top of the Hospital de los Venados located in Mexico City, the young man was only 25 years old, when he decided to kill himself, the reasons are still unknown.

Young man with coronavirus falls from the fifth floor of Hospital

Young man falls fifth floor

Apparently the 25-year-old was a patient at the clinic that is in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office in Mexico City. It has also been reported that he was infected with COVID-19 being one of the possible reasons why the boy decided to jump from the fifth floor and end his life.

It should be remembered that the coronavirus virus is one of the most deadly diseases in history, to such a degree that it has caused a pandemic throughout the world, it has even left millions of deaths that have affected the planet and the citizens who have suffered the loss of your loved ones.

Young man falls fifth floor: body is identified

Young man falls fifth floor: body is identified

The young man was identified as Miguel Ángel and was a patient at the Hospital de los Venados, he had symptoms of coronavirus, according to reports Miguel used a bench to break the window of the room where he was hospitalized and later jump and die instantly.

So far the authorities have not given further information on the possible causes of the suicide of the young Miguel Ángel. But everything could have been caused by the coronavirus that was inside him, since there is no other reason why he decided to take his own life.

Young man falls fifth floor: They tried to save his life

Young man falls fifth floor: They tried to save his life

It was announced that medical personnel left immediately to try to provide resuscitation maneuvers to Miguel Ángel, but the efforts of health workers were in vain, since the young man no longer showed vital signs when trying to help him, according to the portal Soup.

It is not the first time that the Hospital de los Venados goes through a moment of suicide, since the previous year another patient threatened to kill himself by throwing himself from a window of the place. The man was hospitalized for appendicitis, but due to fear of catching the coronavirus, he requested to be discharged. As they did not give it to him, he threatened to jump into the void.

Young man falls fifth floor: Second deceased case of COVID

Young man falls fifth floor: Second deceased case of COVID

In addition, the case of Miguel Ángel who died this Saturday is the second in a week. Since last Saturday, July 24, another patient infected with coronavirus died after throwing himself from a window in the General Hospital of Zone No. 27 “Dr. Alfredo Badallo García ”, located in Tlatelolco.

Similarly, it was reported that the man circumvented hospital security to reach a second-floor window, from where he threw himself and lost his life. In this case, the Public Ministry was notified so that the corresponding investigations could be carried out.

Young falls fifth floor: The coronavirus took the life of Sammy Pérez

Sammy Pérez dies
Instagram: sammyperez_xhderbez

After catching the coronavirus by attending a wedding encouraged by his girlfriend, the Mexican comedian Sammy Pérez began a deadly battle against COVID-19 and unfortunately his situation worsened to such a degree that a cardiovascular arrest ended up causing his death and his family Eugenio Derbez’s colleague dressed in mourning.

Early in the morning of this Friday, July 30, the fateful and sad news of the death of Sammy Pérez, who was a colleague of Eugenio Derbez on the XHDerbez program and who had made various appearances in programs of Televisa and win the affection and sympathy of the people.

Young man falls fifth floor: The death of Sammy Pérez dresses in mourning in the middle of the show

Sammy Pérez coronavirus

Sammy Pérez was 55 years old and his coronavirus contagion occurred almost a month ago when he apparently attended a wedding with his girlfriend, in addition to being hospitalized, several videos of his children were viralized asking for financial support for the comedian because the account of the The institution where he was being treated had already reached one million pesos (just over 300 thousand dollars).

Just a week ago, his official Instagram account reported his delicate state of health: “We regret to report that the Actor: Sammy Perez, is hospitalized due to COVID, his health is delicate. Let’s send all the good vibes to Sammy ”, you could read in a photo, without waiting for what was coming.

He had been intubated and could not recover

Death of Eugenio Derbez's colleague

As a result of Sammy Pérez’s hospitalization, the following days were reported on the comedian’s state of health and unfortunately he had to be intubated: good vibes and I will keep you informed of how the situation is going, ”said his manager.

Sammy Pérez was originally from Puebla and his first appearance on television was in 1993 within the Telehit program, ‘El Calabozo’, and later appeared on ‘Toma Libre’, hosted by Facundo. However, his life and fame changed when he paired with Eugenio Derbez in 1997 with ‘Derbez en Donde’ and in 2002 with XHDerbez, where he won the sympathy of the people. Filed Under: Young Man Falls Fifth Floor.

Eugenio Derbez’s colleague was well liked by the comedian

Death by coronavirus of Sammy Pérez

Even the fame of Sammy Pérez led him to participate in various Olympic Games for Televisa, including those in Beijing, alongside his friend Eugenio Derbez who also gave him a special participation in the highest grossing Mexican film of all time ‘No se accept returns. ‘

In his personal life, the 55-year-old comedian had a girlfriend who had recently given an interview about his health. It was in the program Es Show de Multimedios that Zuleika Garza gave a telephone interview, and which can be seen on the official YouTube channel of this television channel, where she shared information about her partner’s state of health after being intubated. Filed Under: Young Man Falls Fifth Floor.

Sammy Pérez’s girlfriend irresponsible for taking him to a party?

Sammy Pérez did not resist the coronavirus

“It was 3 days ago when I saw it badly and I decided to take it, he did not want to because they had already given him a diagnosis, we had already gone to Similar (pharmacy) because we thought it was a normal cough, something simple and well, it did not look bad, the true ”, commented Sammy Pérez’s girlfriend.

Zuleika Garza revealed that when they arrived at the hospital they discovered that Sammy Pérez had coronavirus: “Today he was intubated, unfortunately, I just spoke with the doctor and he tells me that he is reacting well to the intubation.” With a broken voice, the young woman assured that for the moment the comedian was stable, although he was sedated and completely unconscious: “I ask all of your prayers. I am isolated at the moment, I am fine and I am in good health, thank God ”. Filed Under: Young Man Falls Fifth Floor.

The repentant girlfriend asked God for the health of Sammy Pérez in the face of the coronavirus that afflicted him

Colleague of Eugenio Derbez

Although in the last hours it has been said that the comedian has shown a slight improvement, Zuleika Garza revealed that it is in the hands of God and the doctor: “I will keep them informed through you and through the manager, we are in a union all by the same penalty, for the same cause ”. The young woman insisted that, due to the seriousness of this situation, there was nothing left but to pray and ask God to hear her prayers: “For now she is stable with intubation, she is oxygenating well even though she has pneumonia.”

Zuleika did not think that a simple cough would turn into a coronavirus, which caused Sammy Pérez to have to be hospitalized: “We never imagined that was it, so I insisted that we go to a private doctor and Similiares diagnosed him with pharyngitis.” “Later, I started to see him badly, I started to notice him agitated, pale and I told him that we were going to go ‘hard’, even if you didn’t want to, and it was there at the clinic that they diagnosed him that he was positive (for coronavirus) “Said the comedian’s girlfriend. Filed Under: Young Man Falls Fifth Floor.





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