Young man finds his family 26 years later thanks to WhatsApp

A young woman was reunited with her family 26 years later thanks to a photo on WhatsApp “It was the miracle that I had always praye...

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  • A young woman was reunited with her family 26 years later thanks to a photo on WhatsApp
  • “It was the miracle that I had always prayed for,” said the young woman.
  • “We thought none had survived,” said a newly found relative of the young woman.

A young woman from Rwanda found her family after 26 years thanks to some photos from WhatsApp.

Grace Umtoni, was orphaned at two years after her parents were murdered after a genocide that claimed the lives of thousands in the African country. BBC News.

Umtoni, a 28-year-old nurse, posted photos of her from as a child on various social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter in the hope that some surviving members of her family would recognize her.

When Umtoni was a baby when she and her 4-year-old brother were taken to an orphanage in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, after she was found alone in a Nyamirambo neighborhood. Unfortunately her brother died shortly after.

Young man finds his family 26 years later thanks to WhatsApp

Photo: Twitter.

Antoine Rugagi had seen the photos of the young woman in a WhatsApp group and contacted Umtoni to say that she looked a lot like his sister, Liliose Kamukama, who had also died in the genocide.

“When I saw it, I also noticed that we looked alike,” Umtoni told the BBC. “But only DNA tests could confirm if we were related, so we did one in Kigali in July,” added the young woman.
The tests revealed an 82% chance that they were both family.

“I was shocked. I could not contain my desire to express my happiness. I still think today that I am in a dream. It was the miracle that I had always prayed for, ”says Umtoni.

Her newfound relative revealed that the name given to her by her Tutsi parents was Yvette Mumporeze.

Marie Josée Tanner Bucura, the young woman’s aunt, said that from the first moment she saw the photograph she knew it was her niece.

“It was clearly the daughter of my brother Aprice Jean Marie Vianney and his wife, Liliose Kamukama. They were both killed in the genocide, “he said.

“We thought that none had survived. We even remembered them when each April the anniversary of the genocide would come, “added Bucura.

The Rwandan genocide began after the plane carrying the presidents of that country and Burundi, both of the Hutu ethnic group, was shot down on April 6, 1994.

Militants of the Hutu ethnic group were instructed to assassinate everyone who was the Tutsi ethnic group.

Hundreds of people were killed by machetes and in other cruel ways.

For her part, the young Umtoni said that she now talks “frequently with her new family.”

“I have spent my whole life with the feeling that I had no roots, but now it seems to me a blessing to have both my adoptive family and the biological one, both are from me,” he concluded.

Like Umtoni, there are thousands of children who have been orphaned after the systematic slaughter of members of the Tutsi and Hutu ethnic group in a period of 100 days that left more than 800,000 fatalities.

Many from Rwanda continue to search for their relatives.

Curious: He fled the police… and abandoned a winning lottery ticket!

A most curious event occurred in Georgia, United States, and the county Sheriff’s Office had a brilliant idea to embroider the episode.

It happened on Tuesday, September 15, that the police organized a routine traffic stop on I-75.

This man was driving his car with a partner, when he saw that he would have to stop and they were going to ask for his documents. Either he had problems with that, or he was afraid of a DUI or something was happening to him that filled him with anguish because, when he saw that they stopped him… the passenger ran out of his car and fled on foot!

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It must have seemed very serious to him what the officers were going to find against him because, inside the abandoned car, a real article of value was left.

A ticket from winning lottery. No more no less.

The agents, dumbfounded because the guy ran like the devil’s soul, set out to search the vehicle to investigate what was inside or who this terrified driver was.

They discovered a small amount of amphetamines and the winning scratch-off lottery ticket worth $ 100.

The sheriff’s office posted a photo of the ticket on Facebook, inviting the escapist to pick up his lottery ticket… of course he will have to pick it up at the Cherokee County Jail.

“The suspect who fled agents on foot at a traffic stop this morning on I-75, you left a winning $ 100 lottery ticket in your car. You can claim the ticket at 498 Chattin Dr. in Canton. We will be waiting for you here. By the way… congratulations! ”Posted the Sheriff’s Department on their Facebook account.

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