Young influencer and model Alicebambam dies after choking on kebobs (PHOTOS)

Alicebambam  dies after months on life support. She never imagined she would wind up in a coma. She was only 27. Young influencer dies af...

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  • Alicebambam  dies after months on life support.
  • She never imagined she would wind up in a coma.
  • She was only 27.

Young influencer dies after months in a coma. Without a doubt, eating too fast is something that many Hispanics do when the day-to-day tasks pile up or when it’s time to take the kids to school before heading to work. Tragically, one young woman found out just how dangerous that can be.

The model and influencer Arisara Karbdecho better known as “Alicebambam” suffered the terrible consequences of eating too fast. The celebrity’s mother said that Arisara often ate quickly due to how busy she was.

No one imagined Arisara Karbdecho would die so young

No one imagined the tragedy that the influencer would cause
Instagram photo

In March, Arisara Karbdecho, also known as Alicebambam, was rushed to the hospital after choking on pork kebobs and rice because she had been eating too fast. Her family never imagined the terrible fate that awaited the 27-year-old model.

Doctors at the hospital said that the young influencer arrived “nine minutes too late”. By the time Arisara got to the hospital, her brain had been deprived of oxygen for too long. She had been on life support since March of this year, according to The Sun.

“We were shocked”

"we were shocked"
Instagram photo

On Monday she finally passed away after months of being on life support in the hospital. “We were shocked when the accident happened but we were all praying that she would get better. She was so young and beautiful. I am devastated that she’s gone forever,” stated Sirikanda Chaiburu, a friend of Alicebambam.

Chaiburu also said that the friends of the influencer and model Arisara Karbdecho were heartbroken after receiving the news. A wake was held on June 10 and she will be buried on June 11. According to The Sun, the influencer had more than two million followers on Facebook and Instagram.

The influencer’s mother sends a heartbreaking message

Mother of the influencer breaks the silence and launches a heartbreaking message
Instagram photo

Alicebambam’s followers began to express their pain on Facebook and Instagram. “An angel has returned to heaven.” “Rest in peace.” “We will miss you.” “One more angel in heaven.” “I will miss you forever.”

Alicebambam’s mother sent a piercing message: “I would like to remind all teenagers to take good care of their health, eat on time and get enough rest… If I were with her, this kind of tragedy wouldn’t have happened.”

Was she pregnant?

I was pregnant?
Instagram photo

“And I don’t want this kind of thing to happen to anyone or any family again,” said Arisara Karbdecho’s grieving mother, according to TheSun. The last image of the model and influencer had more than 34,000 likes at the time of writing this article.

Alicebambam shared photos of her day to day on Instagram but one post that caught the attention of her followers was that of a positive pregnancy test that she shared on January 26. The image was posted some time before the incident that left her on life support.

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