Xuxa causes controversy by saying “I killed my mother” by covid (VIDEO)

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Xuxa causes controversy by saying “I killed my mother” by covid (VIDEO)
  • The singer Xuxa sends an emotional message in which she ‘confesses’ “I killed my mother”
  • This warning is made for the cases of covid that occur in his country Brazil
  • Audiovisual material causes controversy due to the revelation about the coronavirus

The singer of children’s entertainment and also model Xuxa, has unleashed the controversy with a video in which exposes a harsh reality and accepts by saying that “I killed my mother” because of the covid, according to a publication made through his official Instagram account @xuxamenegheloficial.

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In the audiovisual material, the artist expresses verbatim: “The other day I went to the beach and I met some friends, I also went dancing. Then I returned to my house and my mother was there. I hugged her and kissed her. The covid hit him. I killed my mother ”.


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Although this confession is very singular and of concern, it was revealed that it is only a message of conscience that the artist made so that people give importance to the seriousness of the coronavirus situation that is being experienced in her country, Brazil.

The cases of this virus have left millions of deaths around the world and in America the United States, Mexico and Brazil are among the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, which is why this promotional message was launched that has caused controversy.


Xuxa I killed mom covid coronavirus
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In a verbatim way, Xuxa’s message that says “I killed my mother” expresses: “We are in the worst moment of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hospitals are full. No more doctors. There is no way to open beds anymore.
Money is no longer a solution ”.

And he adds: “Our only way to avoid the current collapse is to convince, educate, raise awareness to face this moment seriously. Fight trivialization, denial and consternation. I have something very sad to share with you. Watch this video until the end ”.


Xuxa I killed mom covid coronavirus
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But the message continued on social networks in which Xuxa says “I killed my mother” and explained the reasons for her worrying disclosure: “After that, I only have one request: #CanceleaCovid
Stay home, avoid going out, always wear a mask, follow the rules ”.

And in the end he launched a recommendation for the entire society of his country Brazil in the face of coronavirus cases: “It is an effort now for us to get out of this while the vaccine is not enough. Let’s help health professionals! ”. To see the video click here.

A controversial video

Xuxa I killed mom covid coronavirus
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The video in which Xuxa is seen confessing “I killed my mother” due to covid, caused some controversy since some users criticized that it is easy for her to stay at home because she has enough financial resources to do so.

However, others supported the awareness campaign he made to prevent more deaths from coronavirus in Brazil, a country that has a high rate of infections and deaths due to the virus that triggered a pandemic.


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After a brief pause, the singer and model Xuxa confesses that this is a fictitious story, that it has not really happened to her and that she only did it as a way of raising awareness for the covid cases that occur in her country.

However, the ‘damage’ was done and many of the people did not forgive her for having the audacity to make up such a story, plus they did not like much that she did it through this way in a disturbing way.


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Recently Xuxa was involved in another controversy when words came out of her mouth to propose a scientific action on the trials of the covid vaccine, not only in Brazil but in the entire world.

Without regard or a hint of remorse, the singer expressed the following: “I think they would at least be useful for something before they die (the prisoners), do you understand?” This statement has caused so much controversy because they do not consider it humanized.


Image taken from Instagram @xuxamenegheloficial

After the controversy over the statement of the prisoners, the singer Xuxa, who had said “I killed my mother” due to covid, had to come out with another video to offer an apology to her followers and Internet users who were offended.

“I am here to apologize to all of you. I didn’t use the right words. I thought one thing, I thought many things, I wanted to talk about many topics, and not escape the topic that was about animals, mistreatment, people who do many things mistreating lives. But I did the same. I also judged, I also mistreated and I also used words that should not have been used, so I am here to apologize ”. To see the video click here.


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Then the singer Xuxa who said “I killed my mother”, by covid, added: “Some people used the expression that I was talking about races, blacks, black prisoners, poor people. None of that happened in my head.

And he finished his message: “Something came to me that is: A person rapes a girl, who is in a jail, years there. You might think of helping other people in some way. That’s wrong? It’s wrong. Did I express myself wrong? I expressed wrong”.

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