Pen it! 15 Signs that Tell You are Ready to Write a Novel

November is National Novel Writing Month so we’ve come up with 10 signs that writing a novel is in your immediate future.

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These days, between self-publishing and boutique presses that turn out everything under the sun, there are more opportunities than ever to become an author. Since the publishing part has gotten easier, let’s focus on the hardest part about writing a novel, the writing. November is National Novel Writing Month, are you really ready to write that book? Are you disciplined enough?

Esther Freud, author of The Lucky Break, explains her process: “When I first began writing I was so terrified I wouldn’t be able to do it, I made myself start as soon as I got up. Three hours was what I promised I’d do. No more or less. To my amazement, this worked. The pages accumulated. The story grew. Within a year, I had my first novel.” Freud cites fear as her deterrent and setting goals as her readiness signal. Here are 15 signs you might be ready to begin writing a novel too.

1. Creative brainstorming

Papers containing ideas for novels

You have uncontrollable thoughts about the book and its characters.The book is always on your mind and you have a hard time concentrating on what is actually happening around you because you are following your creations through the days of their lives instead.

2. You document life

You carry a pad and pencil at all times because you are constantly thinking of new ideas and solutions for the plot and form of your book.

3. You ramble


You talk about your novel to whoever will listen. Your friends and family are all on a first name basis with your characters.

4. Your Passion is Unwavering

Despite distractions, like your social life, and demands, like your day job, when it comes to writing a novel, you feel that no one and nothing can stop you.

5. You’re an Early Riser


Like John Grisham, who wrote a page each day before his lawyerly duties began, you are willing to get up very early, every morning, to write before work.

6. Outlines

You have a fully fleshed outline, which makes facing the screen every morning much easier. Your outline gives you a general silhouette for your book, a direction, and some juicy bits that you’ve already worked on.

7. You Have a Hub


You have created or set up the perfect place to write a novel. A calm and quiet space that enables you to enter and get to work quickly.

8. You are Jazzed

Despite any moping tendencies, you are ready to stay positive and finish it.

9. You are Tough Skinned

Woman writing novel

You are prepared for some degree of rejection. When and if publishing houses turn down your book, you will self-publish it or go to Amazon with your chin held up high.

10. You blog

You have a great online presence thanks to your existing blog or column. Your book dovetails with the blog, or you may even have a growing fan base and a platform for self-promotion.

11. Savings

Woman lying near fireplace reading novel

You are financially stable for the time it will take to write your novel and you’ll have something left over to help to promote it.

12. Marketing Plan

You have a marketing plan already in place and are confident that you will be able to position your novel in a favorable way. Your marketing plan takes into account the dramatic changes that have occurred in the publishing industry and bookselling market, and can use this knowledge sell your book.

13. You write every day


You have made a daily practice of writing and are very self-disciplined.

14. Peers

You have one or more trusted readers who will give you feedback and critique your work along the way. Another set of eyes, connected to someone else’s brain, can help you out of writing jams, blocks, and other writerly mishaps.

15. You Know Your Niche


You have defined your niche market, which is another way to say that you have a clear audience in mind. If you account for an audience while in the process of writing, you’ll end up poised to sell the book to them.

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