More than 120 retired servicemen write letter to Biden questioning his mental health

Retired servicemen write letter to President Biden. Former US military men question the Biden’s mental health. Is Joe Biden’s...

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  • Retired servicemen write letter to President Biden.
  • Former US military men question the Biden’s mental health.
  • Is Joe Biden’s ability to rule in question?

According to reports from Business Insider, more than 120 retired US military men have signed an open letter addressed to President Joe Biden alluding to a false conspiracy theory that allegedly led him to presidency by winning the 2020 elections.

In addition to that, the retired military men questioned Biden’s mental capacity to take the reins of the country. “Without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the ‘will of the people’ our Constitutional Republic is lost,” reads part of the open letter addressed to Biden.

Biden receives letter from military

Biden military letter
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The letter was written this Tuesday by “Flag Officers 4 America”, with a total of 124 signatures of fans and generals, as reported by Business Insider. “The FBI and the Supreme Court must act according to the irregularities of the elections that arose and not ignore them.”

On its website, ‘The Flag of the 4 Officers of America’ states that it is a collection of ‘retired military men who were leaders and implore the support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against enemies, outside and within the country”.

The retired military questions the Biden’s mental health

Military write missive
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The letter with the signatures of many retired servicemen who had been on active duty for decades also shows their concern for the mental health of President Joe Biden. “The physical and mental capacity of the ‘commander in chief’ cannot be ignored,” they begin by writing about that aspect.

“He (Biden) must be able to quickly and effectively make various decisions that involve everyone’s life at all times, day or night,” they said. However, is the government’s Department of Defense aware of this letter written by former military personnel?

Biden is questioned about his ‘mental health’

President of the USA
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Insider contacted the Department of Defense for a comment regarding the letter. The media also points out that in the election campaign for 2020, the president at that time Donald Trump claimed that Biden’s mental capacity and health should always be doubted to take over the country’s mandate.

In a disrespectful way, Trump referred to Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’ and claimed in March 2020 that ‘something quite serious’ was allegedly going on with Biden’s mental abilities. However, it should be noted that earlier this month, the president’s personal doctor issued an opinion on the matter.

The retired military allegations are ‘similar’ to several made by Trump

Biden unable to rule?
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Biden’s personal doctor, Kevin O’Connor, released a report on the president’s health in which he referred to him as “healthy, vigorous at 77, who is a perfect fit to carry out his duties in the Presidency.” assured. Biden is the oldest president in US history.

Although at 77, Biden’s personal doctor has declared these words, in the White House it is reported that this week, Biden will have to undergo a complete health checkup. However, in addition to the alleged irregularities in the elections and the president’s mental health, the letter also includes a section referring to China and Iran.

‘Flag Officers 4 America’ is in charge of gathering 124 signatures of former military personnel

Former military letter to Biden
FB: Flag Officers 4 America

In the letter from the former military prepared this Tuesday, ‘The Flag of the 4 Officers of America’ also touched on the issue of the greatest threats facing the country in the face of the rise of China, the nuclear agreement with Iran, immigration issues and the completion of the Project called ‘Keystone Pipeline’.

The signatures also call for the removal of Section 230, part of US law that protects technology companies from liability. Is Trump influencing these people? Well, just the ex-president had made the same request for removal after Twitter censored two messages about the vote via email.

The letter from the ex-military makes many ‘tremble’

Biden unable to govern according to ex-military
FB: Flag Officers 4 America

“Our Nation is in danger. We are fighting our survival with the Constitution as never since its founding in 1776. The conflict between those who support socialism and Marxism against those who support the Constitution and freedom ”, reads the letter from the ex-military to Biden.

Another point of view was issued by ‘Politico’, a medium to which several experts on military issues assured that the letter is attacking and dangerous. One of the active military said that the letter is “worrying and without any fear”, while Jim Golby, an advisor on relations between civil and military said that it is a “shameful effort to use his rank and military reputation. for such a banal attack. ‘

Are they defending the interests of the United States?

Ex military letter
FB: Flag Officers 4 America

The letter addressed to Biden is defended by its organizer, Major General Joe Arbuckle, who told the ‘Politico’ portal: “Retired generals generally do not engage in political action. But the situation facing our nation is difficult… We are facing various threats now more than at any other time in our country. Keeping us silent would have been a declaration of agreement, “he concluded.

In March in the middle of one of his speeches, Biden called Kamala Harris, his current vice president, “president,” and worries about her mental health. At that time, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, offered a few words to celebrate that his government reached 100 million vaccinated in his first 100 days in office, but made a worrying ‘mistake’.

Missive addressed to the president causes alarm

US military
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Biden “promoted” his second in charge, Kamala Harris, when he called her “president” in the middle of the conference. It is not the first time that the words of the 78-year-old president arouse concern about some ‘lapses’ or ravings when addressing the public.

Biden is the oldest leader to have reached the White House and his mistake in briefly mentioning “President Harris” ended up overshadowing his positive updates regarding the accelerated process of vaccination against the coronavirus that will allow him to reach this Friday, at 58 of having started his presidential term, the figure of 100 million vaccinated.

How will the Government take this letter?

Biden Troops
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“When President Harris and I did…,” said Biden, who paused and continued, “a virtual tour of a vaccination site in Arizona not too long ago, one of the nurses on that tour injecting people, administering vaccines at each injection, it was like administering a dose of hope ”.

On other occasions, President Biden has made similar ‘mistakes’. For example, in December, he referred to Kamala Harris as “president-elect. In the speech in which he also talked about vaccines, he said: “I took it to instill public confidence in the vaccine. President-elect Harris took hers today for the same reason. ” On another occasion, he made a somewhat “strange” comment in a radio interview, where he stated that he had the vote of African Americans assured, since if they support President Trump “they are not black.”

Biden’s ‘mistake’ a few weeks ago

Kamala harris

These types of comments have caused concern in the community and his strongest critics have even argued deterioration in his mental health. Especially since 2019 when he started a presidential campaign that led him to greater media exposure and where, according to his detractors, he has appeared repeatedly with his tongue stuck, reported the NY Daily.

Mockery and memes have already begun to appear on social media suggesting that Biden’s mind is not entirely clear, as well as some serious criticism of his neurological condition. For her part, Kamala Harris has also made these mistakes. On one occasion, he called himself commander-in-chief, which requires being the president. “A Harris administration, along with Joe Biden as president of the United States,” he said in a virtual meeting in September. SEE FULL VIDEO HERE.

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