A book to celebrate World Arepa Day in Atlanta

In September, World Arepa Day is celebrated. In Atlanta, Venezuelans also celebrate arepas. An author presents a book that honors the Are...

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  • In September, World Arepa Day is celebrated.
  • In Atlanta, Venezuelans also celebrate arepas.
  • An author presents a book that honors the Arepa.

With the arrival of September, particularly its second Saturday, comes the World Arepa Day, which celebrates this food that can never be missing from the table of a Venezuelan, no matter where they live.





Venezuelans in the metropolitan area of ​​Atlanta, in Georgia, don’t miss the celebration of World Arepa Day, which has been celebrated for 10 years and is now a festival that takes place in more than 230 cities in 60 countries.

Presentation of the book

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In the middle of the day of remembrance, an event will highlight the Arepa as that expression of Venezuelanity and the perfect vehicle – edible – to strengthen ties between all Venezuelans in Georgia.

It is about the presentation of the book “Soy la Arepa”, by the author Ximena Montilla Arreaza, on September 12 at 11 AM at the Epa Come Arepa restaurant in the city of Duluth, in Gwinnett County.

“This first edition in hardcover will be available in the US through the Instagram account @historiadelaarepa or through www.claseslistas.com. The paperback edition is available on Amazon Global, ”announces a press release from the event.

E-book also available

The digital book “Play with Soy la Arepa. Recipes and Activities for children ”, by the writer herself, a percentage of which will be donated to the VenMundo Foundation, which organizes the world celebration of the Arepa.

In the publication of the publishing house Clases Listas “there are comedians, historians, cartoonists, writers and cooks, who share their signature recipes with arepa as the main ingredient,” adds the note that arrived at MundoHispánico.

Activities and games

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“Play with Soy la arepa …”, with activities and games with arepa as the main character, “it is a digital book to share and project our gastronomy to the world”, comments Venezuelan Ximena Montilla Arreaza, the author with pride.

The e-book will be available for dissemination through the Instagram accounts @venmundo @historiadelaarepa and @claseslistas. “With him we invite you to celebrate, from now on !, the tenth anniversary of World Arepa Day,” says the statement.

Ximena Montilla and her work

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Regarding the author, the communication highlights that Ximena Montilla Arreaza is a psychopedagogue, Venezuelan by birth and who has also lived in Germany and Spain, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Montilla Arreaza has designed educational material for the teaching of Spanish, aimed at professional Spanish speakers interested in teaching our language as a foreign language, and Spanish-speaking families interested in preserving it.

More information

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For inquiries about the book – printed or digital – you can communicate directly with the author Ximena Montilla Arreaza, through the email xmontilla@claseslistas.com or by her cell phone: 678-234-6407.

World Arepa Day was established by Rafael Mourad, Luisana La Cruz and Tony de Viveiros, founders of the Organization Venezolanos en el Mundo (VenMundo), to create Venezuelan food ventures, especially the Arepa.

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