Man’s mother and sister are fined for witchcraft in Mexico

Villagers impose fine on man’s mother and sister after accusing them of witchcraft. The Cuchulumtic Assembly in Chamula, Chiapas ma...

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  • Villagers impose fine on man’s mother and sister after accusing them of witchcraft.
  • The Cuchulumtic Assembly in Chamula, Chiapas makes the decision.
  • Guadalupe says they made her “a turkey broth”.

Residents of Cuchulumtic in Chamula decided in an assembly to impose the payment of a fine of 200 thousand pesos (around 5,000 dollars) to the mother and sister of a man after accusing them of witchcraft for making him a ‘turkey broth’, reported residents of that tzotzil community, according to the news site Proceso and El Universal news agency.

Guadalupe “N”, a 35-year-old man, denounced before community authorities that his mother María “N” and his sister, whose name was not revealed, performed witchcraft on him through “a turkey broth” and that the potion caused him health problems.


Fine mom sister witchcraft
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A villager who called himself an evangelical said that the complainant stated that his mother gathered “animals, such as worms, slugs, chickens with defects or disease, and some herbs; He ground them and put them in his turkey broth to hurt him, but when he knew if that was witchcraft. ”

This preparation, supposedly, caused Guadalupe to become “crazy, nervous. People said they can’t do that. The woman knows the word of God. Who knows how the Devil got into his heart ”, said the local, interviewed by the media.


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The Cuchulumtic resident commented that the conflict between mother and child appears to stem from a family inheritance. “He is pressuring her to give him part of the land and the money he has. That is the lawsuit. She, who is a separate woman, has land and money, “he contextualized.

In towns of Chamula, the belief is rooted that if someone is given food or drink “a preparation” such as the one denounced, they become upset or “lose their memory”, a reason that Guadalupe used to file the complaint and for which it has already been answered. Filed Under: Fine Mom Sister Witchcraft


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The Tzotzil who referred to the case indicated that the assembly, held on Tuesday morning, was attended by almost the entire community, lasted for almost three hours, and was peaceful.
The two defendants were not beaten or imprisoned, “they were only fined 100,000 pesos each” and must pay it on November 2.

The evangelical said that people agreed that the two women pay the fine because “the man is crazy, bad in the head.” It turns out, he pointed out, that “when the person moves away from God, the devil enters. He was the one who said, ‘It was my mom.’ Filed Under: Fine Mom Sister Witchcraft

Fine mom sister witchcraft: THEY SACRIFY ANIMALS

Fine mom sister witchcraft
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The uses and customs in towns of the south and Mexico are respected by the settlers by way of local law. It was recently learned that domestic and farm animals were slaughtered days ago in an alleged ritual in the port of Veracruz. The civil organization Protecting the Environment and Transforming Healthy Animals (PATAS) denounced that the events occurred in the Las Amapolas II neighborhood.

The activists explained that shortly after midnight on a Monday, they received a citizen complaint about the sacrifice of animals apparently to perform black magic rituals, a custom that exists in some indigenous peoples in the country.


Guajolote broth
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When they went to the place, they found lifeless animals, including cats, chickens, a ferret and a rabbit, all of them black. In addition there were articles that were apparently used for black magic or witchcraft.

The civil association asked citizens to stop doing these acts that they called “so miserable for humanity. We also invite you to take care of your pets and especially black, since they can be stolen, and we avoid giving up for adoption during these two months “. Filed Under: Fine Mom Sister Witchcraft


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But the cases of witchcraft occur all over the world and even with celebrities since in February 2020 it was reported that the Dominican rapper Juan Joel Durán, better known as MC Yow, had an unexpected end when he was murdered due to the debt of a consultation of witchcraft and everything was recorded on video.

On the official Instagram account of the Telemundo program Al Rojo Vivo this publication was shared, which exceeded 90 thousand reproductions and where you can see the sad end of rapper MC Yow. Filed Under: Fine Mom Sister Witchcraft

Fine mom sister witchcraft: TRAGEDY STARTED WITH AN ARGUMENT

Fine mom sister witchcraft
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At 3:30 pm on Sunday, January 31, a woman, in apparent calm, argued with Juan Joel Durán. Seconds later, they begin to scream and slap each other, already on the street, just at the moment when a parked white truck is observed

Another woman gets out of this vehicle and approaches MC Yow with a more aggressive tone. Behind her, two armed men come, one of them chasing the rapper and the other shooting from the sidewalk.

Fine mom sister witchcraft: LEAVE CORPSE

Fine mom sister witchcraft
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The four people, two men and two women, immediately fled the scene and left the rapper’s lifeless body in an alley, which is why authorities deduced that MC Yow tried to escape from the scene. By these images, it was possible to identify the rapper Natasha Suriel, better known as La Real Musa, who after being arrested confessed that it was all a settling of accounts.

According to his statement, MC Yow owed a debt to another woman, who had given him money for a witchcraft consultation. Police followed up on that lead, but no further details were provided so as not to hinder the investigation.

Fine mom sister witchcraft: DECLARED INNOCENT

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The rapper Natasha Suriel, better known as La Real Muse, said she was innocent of the murder of MC Yow, and that if she turned herself in it was of her own free will: “But no one is going to accuse me of this dead man, because he is my friend and everything is going to come to light ”, he expressed. Through this video, the aggressors of Juan Joel Durán could be identified, but they are fugitives from justice

The rapper composed his songs from his personal experiences, and until the moment of his tragic death, he was in full growth in his artistic career. In his songs, he touched on the theme of the street, and in one of his videos, you can see how he uses a firearm and shoots.

Fine mom sister witchcraft: IT WAS A GOODBYE TRSITE

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His family members fired him amid demands for justice and assured that he had no enemies and did not know the motives for this crime. After this video was shown in which rapper MC Yow is killed, users reacted immediately and expressed their views.

Music that is not music or songs, only talks about violence “,” Regardless of who it is, what the hell happens to people? ” she just leaves ”,“ Dying for a witchcraft job ”,“ Well done to those who recorded, the rapper is involved and has to pay ”,“ And the woman has the nerve to say that she is innocent ”.

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