Woman uses industrial glue Gorilla Glue on her hair

A woman used industrial glue on her hair and has had to cut her ponytail while continuing to try to remove it in its entirety The young w...

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Foto: Shutterstock / Video: MH
  • A woman used industrial glue on her hair and has had to cut her ponytail while continuing to try to remove it in its entirety
  • The young woman’s case has gone viral on social networks where she is now known as the “Gorilla Glue Girl”
  • The woman reported that she is traveling to Los Angeles where a plastic surgeon will remove all the product from her hair.

A woman from Louisiana She used Gorilla Glue industrial glue on her hair and has had to cut her ponytail as she has not been able to remove the product after a month of applying it despite having washed it dozens of times, she reported. Lad Bible.

Tessica Brown, known on the Internet as the “Gorilla Glue Girl” revealed in her account Instagram that their hair remains stiff despite having been washed more than 15 times, according to AND! News.

gorilla glue

Photo: Instagram.

Tessica admitted that it was a very bad idea to have resorted to this method, and also recommended on her social networks never to do it at home.

The Louisiana girl, who regularly uses a setting spray to style her hair, realizing it was over, opted to set her hair with Gorilla Glue, an industrial strength glue, and the result was something she never would have imagined, she reported. The universal.

“It is not by choice,” he said in a video posted on the social network TikTok, seen by more than 20 million people. “It does not move”.

The uncomfortable and painful situation forced Tessica to go to the hospital to find a solution, since the product, Gorilla Glue, which was applied is often used to fix floors and construction pieces.

Later, Tessica resorted to using acetone to try to remove the glue and a friend cut off her ponytail, however, Tessica assured that she continued to have pain in her scalp.

gorilla glue

Photo: Instagram

In accordance with TMZ, Tessica will make a trip to Los Angeles to meet with a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Michael Obeng told LADbible that Tessica had accepted a treatment in order to remove the glue from her hair.

The procedure could take two to three days and cost about $ 12,500, however, the Los Angeles doctor indicated that he would do it at no cost to help Tessica, LAD Bible reported.

The case of this young woman has gone viral on social networks and she already has almost a million followers on her Instagram account.
Tessica also created a page of GoFunMe to raise money to cover the expenses that may arise to remove the glue.

In just three days he has managed to raise more than $ 17,000, surpassing his initial goal of $ 1,500.

For its part, the Gorilla Glue company spoke out about what happened and recommended that “the least aggressive solvent for your hair / scalp would be rubbing alcohol to try to saturate your hair and then gently comb it and wash it with shampoo.”

The company noted that Tessica’s hair is most likely “fractured at the root,” adding that Gorilla Glue staff “certainly hope for the best.”

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