Woman spends $ 3,000 on in-app purchases and sues Apple for it

In recent days, it was announced that Apple received a lawsuit in the Connecticut court. The reason? A dispute caused by a gambling app i...

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In recent days, it was announced that Apple received a lawsuit in the Connecticut court.

The reason? A dispute caused by a gambling app in which the plaintiff, a woman named Karen Workman assures that Apple is responsible for promoting gambling within its digital store.

The Connecticut court has accepted the lawsuit, and the next few months are expected to be decisive in reaching a resolution.

Woman sues Apple for ‘promoting’ gambling within its digital store

  • Woman sues Apple for promoting gambling in its digital store
  • More than $ 3,000 was what the woman spent in coins within a ‘Jackpot Mania’ gambling application
  • The woman hopes to be victorious and receive a return of approximately $ 3,000 invested in the Apple App Store

According to the portal Gizmochina, the past few days have been a great challenge for Apple.

This is because the company has received a lawsuit in which it is accused of encouraging illegal gambling within applications that are supposed to be free.

The lawsuit was filed in the United States, specifically in the cut of the District of Connecticut.

In it, Apple is accused of “promoting, facilitating and profiting from gambling within the App Store.

The plaintiff is a woman from Connecticut named Karen Workman.

Workman stated regarding the lawsuit that his bad experience with Apple began to take shape in 2017, when he decided to download the gaming app known as ‘Jackpot Mania’.

In it, he explains, Apple operated illegally and promoted the practice of illegal gambling.

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The plaintiff detailed in the lawsuit that, after downloading the ‘Jackpot Mania’ application, it began to buy coins through the app.

These coins are used to continue playing ‘Jackpot Mania’, in addition to offering you the supposed opportunity to win extra coins to be able to enjoy the different functions of the application for a longer time.

The price Workman paid was high compared to the rewards he received.

At least that’s how he explains it in his lawsuit, in which he recounts how, in the previous six months, he spent $ 3,312.19 in coins that he bought within the application.

Apple receives lawsuit from a woman in the United States, who accuses the company of promoting illegal gambling

According to Apple’s guidelines, all gambling apps are prohibited within the App Store.

However, the complaint filed by Karen Workman brings to the table the fact that applications that offer virtual ‘currencies’ can be classified as gambling applications.

In his appreciation, users “have the ability to win and, therefore, to buy more game time” within the application.

In addition, Workman criticizes the fact that “The apps in question issue credits that users can save to play on future occasions.”

In the lawsuit, the woman asserts that “Apple is not a secondary or incidental participant in illegal gambling. It is the main promoter and facilitator of this illegal activity. Apple retains a dictatorial control and chooses which applications can be downloaded from the App Store, as well as the payment method to purchase items within the application. “

Through this lawsuit, Workman seeks to demand justice through repayment of all the money that he has paid in the illegal gambling applications that are detailed in the document issued before the court, as well as the fees of his lawyers and a distinction for their services in favor of the people.

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Legal problems could pile up in the coming months

Although it is still unknown what the outcome between Apple and Workman may be, the company led by Tim Cook still has some pending before the courts that could be more complicated to solve.

Apple is currently trying to figure out a way to separate itself from the accusations Google has received for engaging in monopolistic practices, especially regarding search engines within Apple and Samsung devices.

Just last August, the company announced its official plans to start working on a search engine of its own that is capable of competing with its closest rivals, including Google, which has served Apple for years and to this day. today it is the factory search engine for all your devices.

The search engine with which Apple hopes to get rid of a problem with the United States justice

The portal Screen Rant he counted some reasons that could indicate that this search engine is closer to being realized than many experts believe.

One of the first indications would be related to the recent lawsuit filed by the United States Department of Justice against Google, in which the company is accused of engaging in monopolistic practices and of serving as a ‘guardian’ of the information.

If the reports are true, Apple would be close to distancing itself from the antitrust laws with which it has associated Google.

Apple is believed to have spent a large portion of its budget over the years to keep Google as the default search engine for iOS devices, iPad OS, macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Taking into account that the default search engine for iPhone devices is Google, it is likely that the company will choose to implement its own search engine on these devices.

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