Woman prohibits her family from attending her funeral with a simple message

Hispanic woman stipulates who can attend her funeral. Apparently María Paz Fuentes Fernández did not have a good relationship with her fa...

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  • Hispanic woman stipulates who can attend her funeral.
  • Apparently María Paz Fuentes Fernández did not have a good relationship with her family.
  • The news of the last will of María Paz Fuentes Fernández went viral.

Thinking about death is always difficult, especially when talking about your own, however, for a Hispanic woman her passage to the afterlife was very well planned, she even had the luxury of making it clear to whom she did not want to see during the day of her funeral.

As reported by the news site T13, María Paz Fuentes Fernández, whose age was not specified, died on June 2 and it was her who left clear instructions about who would be the people who could accompany her on her last goodbye and who would not be invited.

María Paz Fuentes Fernández: She prepared everything

María Paz Fuentes Fernández leaves her last will written
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Perhaps the woman of Spanish origin María Paz Fuentes Fernández had a very quiet life and away from the public eye, but she became very famous after her death, because her unusual request went viral due to the strong message she left her blood family, according to published various media where the news was released.

María Paz Fuentes Fernández was a resident of the city of Lugo, in Spain, and her death took place on June 2. Apparently the woman already knew that her death would soon come, so she did not hesitate to leave a harsh message for her family members.

María Paz Fuentes Fernández: Your request went viral

María Paz Fuentes Fernández died in Spain
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His words left more than one with their mouths open and in a matter of hours a small publication from the city of Lugo, Spain went viral on social networks. What did this post say? In her last words, the woman ‘scolded’ some relatives and left said who could go to her funeral.

It was announced that it was the same funeral home where the wake of the Hispanic woman was held, which was in charge of publishing the last will of María Paz Fuentes Fernández, who demanded that her family not attend the funeral, since apparently, in life did not have a very close relationship.

María Paz Fuentes Fernández: Exclusive list

María Paz Fuentes Fernández her request goes viral
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The last will of María Paz Fuentes was the following, according to what was published by the funeral home: “Since my family has not been by blood for a long time, I impose my last will so that they only allow themselves to attend my funeral, in the funeral home, church and a cemetery to the people I mention below ”.

It is an exclusive list of only 16 people and the rest “keep it going.” Yes, with her message the woman complained to her relatives that they had not been present while she was alive and that she even resorted to a family that “is not of blood,” as she wrote in her posthumous message.

María Paz Fuentes Fernández: The message

María Paz Fuentes Fernández goes viral after her death
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Thus began his message: “Following my principles and my particular way of saying things, I order that: since my family has not been by blood for a long time, I impose my last will so that you only allow yourself to attend my funeral, in the funeral home , church and cemetery to the people I mention below ”.

He continued with the list: “Fina García Vázquez, Juan Pedro Tejero García, Antón Montenegro, Segundo Viñas, Carmelita, Julián Francés, Rosa, Ana Tere Fernández, Ascensión Rodríguez, Susana, Silvia, Noelia, Pilar Lema, Ricardo, Juan”, he listed to the people who were allowed to ‘accompany’ her on her last goodbye.

María Paz Fuentes Fernández: I didn’t want them around

María Paz Fuentes Fernández did not want her family at the funeral
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To conclude her message, Mrs. María Paz Fuentes Fernández was very clear: “To the rest of the people who never cared during my life, I wish you to continue as far as you were.” The message was published in a newspaper in Lugo, Spain and immediately went viral.

According to the publications that took up the news, it is not known for sure if the last will of María Paz Fuentes Fernández was fulfilled, but it is speculated that when seeing the forceful message and the energetic will of the Spanish woman, that family not loved by her could not have attended the funeral.

It provokes reactions in networks

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The specification of Mrs. Fuentes’ last wishes made such an impression among Internet users that they applauded her interesting decision. “My respect and total administration for Doña María Paz”, “she did leave everything tied and well tied”, “what character”, some users commented on social networks.

“Luckily he had them well placed and has known how to impose his will”, “without resentment”, “I think and feel the same … ‘everyone who never took care’ ‘remembers’ you when you die …”, “I think very well, there is a lot of hypocrisy after death…. it is seen in the day-to-day DEP ”, supported by other users.

“Genius and figure”

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Internet users did not stop sharing their impressions of the last will of María Paz Fuentes Fernández: “Genius and figure”, “it limits the circle a lot. What if one of those chosen has time for vaccination? In addition, an obituary in the first person means that he wrote it with the desire to hunch himself to death ”.

“Maybe that’s why I was alone … UNBEATABLE!”, “It is sad to die bitter, obituaries like these mark the importance and beauty of forgiving”, “It is funny in quotes. Because dying bitter has to be one of the saddest ways to die, really, “other Internet users said on the contrary.

He dies at his brother’s funeral

PHOTO Twitter

Other deaths that have impacted on social networks was that of Giuseppe Perrino. The world of football was in mourning, since in Italy the former footballer of the Parma Calcio 1913 team, Giuseppe Perrino died doing what he loved most in life, on a field playing this sport, a fact that shocked the south of the Italian country for the unexpected news.

Perrino vanished on the soccer field in a tribute match that he had performed for his brother, who had also died, but in an accident in 2018; The former soccer player suddenly collapsed while enjoying the meeting in memory of his brother, according to Telecinco.

Accompany his brother

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The athlete died on June 1 just when he was playing a game of his favorite sport, when he suddenly fell to the ground and lost his life immediately at the age of 29, Giuseppe Perrino died in his hometown in Italy, just three years after the death of his brother to whom they paid homage.

In 2018, his brother named Rocco, died in a bicycle accident, when an illness came to him suddenly causing his death at the age of 24, now his older brother is already with him, just at the moment when he was most I was remembering.

Paramedics failed to revive him

According to different local media Giuseppe Perrino, he was playing a soccer game in memory of his brother, when he suddenly began to play he collapsed on the field, causing the concern of his teammates on June 1.

All this happened in his hometown Poggiomarino, Italy, the paramedics came to the scene immediately after the former footballer collapsed on the field of play, and after several attempts to revive him, unfortunately they no longer managed to do anything to bring him back to life.

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