Woman organizes party to uncover infidelity of her boyfriend and her best friend

Young woman has a party to expose her boyfriend’s infidelity with her best friend The woman shared with the guests the conversation...

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  • Young woman has a party to expose her boyfriend’s infidelity with her best friend
  • The woman shared with the guests the conversations that her boyfriend had with her friend
  • Netizens applauded the young woman’s bravery when facing her boyfriend and her best friend

Infidelity party. Through social networks, a video Posted by a young woman who organizes a birthday for her boyfriend, however, no one expected the surprise that the young woman had in store.

In the video you can see the young woman speaking with a microphone in a centerpiece that had a small cake, next to her was her boyfriend who was excited about the infidelity party, and on the other side of the young woman he she found her best friend, in the midst of guests, mariachis and what seemed to be a great moment for the groom, was where the bride started with surprise.

At the beginning of the video the young woman begins to dedicate a word of thanks to her boyfriend and her best friend.

“I really feel too excited because never in my life did I imagine that my best friend, my boyfriend and I were going to get along so well, we have formed such a spectacular team … When I have been bad, they have been there to me ”… commented the bride at the beginning of her presentation.

Suddenly the young woman asked her guests to read some sheets of paper that she had placed on the chairs, and what a surprise that all those present were given, since those sheets were printed of love conversations between the young woman’s boyfriend and her best friend through whats app.

But today I also want you to see some beautiful words that I have found, that I have loved; and, above all, they have made me see how our love is so great, but so great that theirs surpasses … too much ”added the bride.

“I want them to see what I put behind their chairs”, “They are words of love that have really impressed me,” he said.

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infidelity party

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infidelity party they call the party that the young woman organized

Infidelity party. “I thought we loved each other, but not like that,” said the young woman with a more altered tone of voice, after seeing the surprise of the bride and seeing the uncomfortable faces of the boyfriend and the best friend began to be noticed.

“And I want to say a few words to you, don’t go, stay here, it’s that you’re my best friend … But please come here, I want to talk to you,” added the young woman when she saw that the friend began to feel uncomfortable and began to get away from her.

When the groom saw the leaves, he did the same and began to take them from the hands of the guests, but at that moment she pulled him away and began to tell him… “What did you think? I wasn’t going to notice? You thought that I was a fool, that when I left them alone in the house I did not see their looks ”.

While the friend was not going to save herself from humiliation: “I really didn’t think you were capable of doing this to me. Of all the people I thought he could do that to me, with you? Really? I never imagined it would be with my best friend. ”

“I want you, at least, to have a bit of shame; What was going through your head at that moment? I am your best friend. But thank you, I want to thank you for making me open my eyes and realize the man who was next to me “, argued the indignant young woman.

All men are cut with the same scissors. All men are the same ”, says the ex-girlfriend already at that time. “No one is going to stop you from being happy with him. Be happy with him ”, repeats the young woman.

The young man trying to calm her down and reassure her and the young woman, already with a desperate tone of voice, tells her: “You know how I am, when I get like this I will continue until when I want to stop.

Then the young woman asks the guests and the mariachi for applause for the young man and the friend and arguing: “I am tired of this situation, I am tired that you are very mean to me, when I many times did many things for you.”

infidelity party

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Infidelity party. “I became friends with your family and what did you do? the only thing you did was make me unhappy, “said the young woman.

Finally, the indignant young woman decided to leave the party, but not before asking the guests, mariachis and all those present to continue with the celebration, commenting that she no longer cared about anything, that she did not even care that the people who were passing by stopped alone to record what happened.

In an attempt to control her on the part of her friend, the young woman responds: “Don’t touch me. I can’t stand being here anymore, enjoy ”, and already enraged the young woman leaves the place and you can see the boyfriend going after her.

After this video went viral, several Internet users began to leave their opinions, most of them saying that this was all a performance and criticizing that the best friend does not know how to act: “it shows that it is so, so acted”, “bad actors”, “false ”Were some of the comments from users who think this video is acted out.

However, there were also people who supported the deceived young woman, leaving certain comments such as: “all men are equal”, “this beautiful girl will never believe in love again.”

“Poor thing”, “bravo for her”, “in this world there are no friends, congratulations for leaving that kind of man, you are very pretty”, were some of the comments by the different users who supported the young woman.

infidelity party

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Infidelity party. But they could also not miss the comments in a mocking tone that instead of supporting the young woman or noting if the video was acted they only took it as a good joke video.

“I just watched the video to see what song the mariachi played haha”, “and all there are nosy haha”, “wow that is taking care of the friend’s boyfriend”, “the face of the mariachi hahah”, “pure lies more false than Lin May’s buttocks ”, some Internet users commented mockingly.

It is seen that in the majority they think that all this was acted either by the bad acting or even by the lack of women that were in the recording or even by the little attendance that there was this being a party.

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