Woman goes out to scare people dressed as La Llorona and her joke costs her life (VIDEO)

Woman dresses as La Llorona and goes out to scare people. This joke would end in a tragic way. Was she shot to death? La Llorona Mexico m...

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  • Woman dresses as La Llorona and goes out to scare people.
  • This joke would end in a tragic way.
  • Was she shot to death?

La Llorona Mexico murdered. Mexican culture has great mythical tales about chilling creatures that have terrified Mexicans throughout the years. The legend of “La llorona” is one of the most popular and recognized by most of the people who are fans of these mythological creatures.

Halloween is approaching and several young people are already preparing their costumes, such was the case of a woman from Naucalpan, Mexico, who decided to dress up as La Llorona and scare the citizens away at night. The joke didn’t end as she expected, according to Heraldo de Mexico.

They kill La Llorona in Mexico

They assassinate La Llorona Mexico

Through a video that is circulating on social networks, the joker can be seen walking through the streets, shouting her traditional “oh my children.” Wearing her white coat, the scenes were shared just at the exact moment when the woman was passing by the home of the young people who recorded her.

This joke did not end in a good way, as the disguised young woman was allegedly shot to death by unknown persons. The tragedy occurred during the early hours of Friday, October 15, in the streets of the San Miguel Dorami neighborhood, in San Francisco Chimalpa, in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

They murder La Llorona Mexico: Joke ends in tragedy

They murder La Llorona Mexico: Joke ends in tragedy

Apparently it was all a joke due to the approach of Halloween, for which the young woman had decided to cause a small fright to her neighbors, with the traditional being that terrifies Mexicans so much. The woman would walk around at certain hours of the night in her La Llorona outfit, shouting: Oh my children! ”.

The terror reached Mexico, even the dogs of the houses in which he passed by barked nonstop, wearing their long white dress, but the end was tragic. Supposedly the young woman who was dressed as this character was shot to death by some armed men who could not bear the joke.

They kill La Llorona Mexico: The detonations were heard

They kill La Llorona Mexico: The detonations were heard

According to versions of some Internet users who recorded the moment and others who were close to the tragedy, they affirmed that after having passed by their houses, some detonations were heard. When they stopped hearing they went out to see what had happened and found the young woman dead.

The woman dressed as the llorona was actually a woman between 20 and 25 years old, who was allegedly lying on the ground with gunshot wounds to her body. But local authorities have so far not released the identity of the alleged woman who was dressed as La Llorona.

They assassinate La Llorona Mexico: They claim that the murder was false

They assassinate La Llorona Mexico: They claim that the murder was false

Internet users immediately began to react to this recording where the woman is seen dressed as this character, but is never seen when she is supposedly murdered. It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to observe the exact moment of the detonations that they supposedly heard.

“You never know how people are going to react to a scare, they are already old enough to be doing that”, “If they are seeing that the people are ignorant and they play at mom…. The story is very sad and I hope your family receives prompt resignation, but let it remain as a lesson “,” But you can’t see when the ghost hunters shoot you, “were some comments. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

They assassinate La Llorona Mexico: They deny the news

They deny the news

In accordance with The universalAfter it became known that a woman disguised as La Llorona lost her life when she was hit by a bullet in the municipality of Naucalpan, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico denied the fact and mentioned that there is no record of such an event.

However, the FGJ of the State of Mexico, consulted by this publishing house, denied the fact by not having a report of the events that occurred at dawn on October 14 in Naucalpan, as allegedly mentioned in some media. “We have traced any possible indication of these events, but until now we have no record,” said Edomex Prosecutor’s Office personnel.

They assassinate La Llorona Mexico: Appears in front of a peasant

Appears in front of a peasant

A few years ago a video recorded in Putumayo, Colombia, seems to have caught thousands with its chilling content, it seems that the mythical “Llorona” would have made her appearance before a terrified peasant. Anyone who happens to him would leave his legs shaking. And that’s regardless of whether you believe in legends and ghosts. If what happens to this man, at least you would be left with the doubt.

It turns out that this peasant, or resident of a jungle area of ​​Colombia, the rural area of ​​Villagarzón, which already has a gruesome history behind him due to the years of violence due to the armed conflict, heard something strange in the dim light. He looked out into the courtyard of his house because the dogs he has barked too much, it was a concert of howls of fear and alertness.

“I heard something when I left here”

"I heard something coming out here"

Something was happening, their dogs weren’t barking like that for nothing. Perhaps you thought of an animal or a stranger trying to get closer to your house. So, cell phone in hand, just in case, he went out to see what was there. I was afraid, who was not. But he decided to venture anyway. The dogs continued their barking concert with their neck hair standing on end. In the video you can see how he walks through bushes and bushes.

“I heard something coming out here,” he says. “I don’t know … Who’s there?” He suddenly shouts raising his voice with fear. Dogs bark louder and more desperate. Something happens. “The dogs are in an uproar, as if scared,” continues the man as he gasps from walking in the middle of the night through the dense jungle. He pauses for a moment to hear better. His cell phone continues to record the plants, the dirt on the road and the darkness. Filed Under: Murder La Llorona Mexico

“My God, my God !!!”

"My God, my God !!!"

And that’s when screams and heartbreaking wails echo from all sides. It looks like a woman crying, moaning desperately. “My God, my God !!!” the man yells. The camera shows how the man turns and begins his flight on the run. But the chilling sounds do not stop accompanying him, they are heard loud and clear and too close.

Crying and screaming are added to the labored panting of the peasant who flees in terror. Back in his yard, he stops to continue recording and it is even clearer to hear what appears to be the voice of a woman who laments. A lament from the Beyond, perhaps, for the throaty sound. Filed Under: Murder La Llorona Mexico

It was a joke?

It was a joke?

And it’s no wonder this man ran like the Devil’s soul. Anyone would have done it! What we know, so far, is that the video exists and that the event occurred. And then comes the debate. Is it something prepared? Did it really happen the way it looks or is it a production destined to frighten thousands? Is it a joke?

Or worse, if the video is real. So what is it that moans, howls, mystifies the dogs and terrifies the man who recorded it all? Some say that it is about the mythical figure of La Llorona, who is repeated in appearing in distant parts of the planet, always lamenting her pain. Filed Under: Murder La Llorona Mexico

What were those lamentations?


Others believe that it is a wild animal of the jungle, perhaps injured, growling and threatening. But, the last sounds of the video do not really seem to be produced by the throat of any animal, although the first ones could lead us to that conclusion.

This horror, the appearance of La Llorona, is not new in Colombia, it has happened other times. Could it be the laments of those who suffered who still have not found the light? Will it be La Llorona? Are they animals hidden in the foliage? The question of whether it is real or not continues. Filed Under: Murder La Llorona Mexico

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