Woman builds machine for her dog to take selfies

Selfies are perhaps one of the most important inventions in modern photography. Although its creation or discovery is not recent, in rece...

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Selfies are perhaps one of the most important inventions in modern photography.

Although its creation or discovery is not recent, in recent years this form of photography has become an icon among the generations of young millennials and generation Z.

Selfies came from the hand of social networks, and many times the ultimate reason for these photographs is to show a small part of the reality of the users in a creative and practical way.

Thus, selfies continue to enjoy great success around the world, and although it is humans who generally resort to this photographic style, today some other species also have access to it.

At least so it will be thanks to the invention of Simone Giertz, who in recent days shared on social networks an invention that could open the way to a whole new company: selfie photo booths … for dogs.

Selfies for dogs? Simone Giertz makes it possible with a creative machine

Do you want to know more about this invention? Find out everything about him here!

  • It’s not all bad news during social isolation: a woman decides to put her creativity to the test and creates a photo booth for her dog
  • “A multi-million dollar idea”, this is how social network users classify the dog selfie machine
  • 37,000 likes and 354,000 visits to his YouTube channel support Giertz’s invention, which has generated great acceptance on social networks

At a time when social distancing has become the norm in most countries, time at home has also become an ideal setting for discovering people’s creativity.

For Simone Giertz, the quarantine resulted in the creation of an innovative drinking machine. ‘selfies‘ To his dog.

Without a doubt, dogs have the ability to become a fundamental part of a family, especially in times when circumstances are particularly difficult.

All over the world, human beings have had to isolate themselves from other human beings; As a result, pets have also suffered from the absence of contact with their own species and interaction with other human beings.

Photo: Shutterstock

Thus, inventions like Simone Giertz’s open the door to a series of possibilities in which the well-being of pets is the main priority.

A few days ago, Simone Giertz, a regular user of social networks, announced on Twitter that she had created a photo booth for her dog.

Your motive? Create a space in which your pet would feel happy and free.

In addition to Twitter, Giertz has a YouTube channel and is backed by years of experience in creating different articles and devices.

A selfie booth for dogs steals the entire internet’s attention

Simone Giertz is a prominent inventor who also has a YouTube channel where she shares her most important moments.

In past days, the woman shared via Twitter a series of images in which you can see your dog inside a box that simulates a photo booth.

In it, Scraps, Giertz’s mascot, has an attachment that, when stepped on, sends a signal to capture a photograph.

Photo: Simone Giertz, Youtube

The mechanism includes a small box with this attachment that is located on the floor of the box, and the creator of the selfie machine for dogs decided to share exclusive images of the process that led to its creation.

Giertz shared exclusive images of the process on YouTube, and in them you can see how his dog easily entered the selfie machine, designed especially for him.

During the video, a brief explanation from Giertz can be heard regarding the mechanism with which he created the photo booth.

According to their statements, the design allows the dog to enter the cabin and place its paws on the pedals adapted to it.

These pedals send a signal to the camera, but they also activate an important task: awarding a reward to the animal.

As part of an incentive to enter the cabin, the camera activates a reward mechanism for the dogs, by dispensing a portion of food.

The selfie machine for dogs, a “multi-million dollar” idea

One of the reasons that led Simone Giertz to dedicate time and effort to this invention was not only to keep her pet happy.

The inventor points out that the dog selfie machine is something that has never been seen before, so she decided to build it from scratch.

Everything seems to indicate that Giertz was right, and that the dog selfie machine may be a revolutionary invention.

At least this is indicated by the reactions of social network users, who have granted 225,000 likes to their original post on Twitter.

For its part, Giertz’s YouTube video has generated more than 300,000 visits and has received more than 35,000 likes.

Most of the comments received by Giertz are positive.

One Twitter user wrote: “Let’s be honest, we all needed this kind of positivity and wholeness today. Thanks, Simone, for giving them to us and, in short, thanks Scraps, you are doing a great job! ”.

Another user commented “You are a gift to society. This is a multi-million dollar idea. “

It is not yet known whether Simoen Giertz will massively commercialize the selfie machine for dogs, but more and more users are willing to invest in his invention.

Photo: Simone Giertz, Youtube

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