Woman hangs blankets on pedestrian bridges to ‘complain’ about her boyfriend? (PHOTOS)

‘You didn’t answer my messages’, several people who circulate through roads of cities in Mexico were shocked. Woman han...

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  • ‘You didn’t answer my messages’, several people who circulate through roads of cities in Mexico were shocked.
  • Woman hangs blankets on footbridges to complain about her boyfriend?
  • Everything has a reason and people couldn’t believe it.

In an age when social networks are the perfect medium to send posts. It seems that this was not enough for a girl who wanted to expose her boyfriend to a public humiliation in the streets of several cities in Mexico, hanging banners on pedestrian bridges with the words ‘you didn’t answer my messages’.

The site SDP News reported, as well as several Twitter and Facebook users, about what a ‘disgusted’ young woman did against her boyfriend or a suitor for having ignored her in Whatsapp, so her actions surprised passersby and motorists from various areas from Nuevo León and even from Mexico City.

“You left me in sight”, woman ‘exhibits’ her boyfriend

You left me in seen Woman leaves blankets pedestrian bridges

And it is that if the man in question did not go through the ways in which the woman placed the blankets on the pedestrian bridges with the legend ‘You left me in sight’, definitely, he would have already realized with the number of photos and videos that users of social networks placed making fun of the done.

Many people saw the blankets placed in what appear to be areas of Nuevo León and Mexico City, but everything has an explanation behind it, which undoubtedly achieved more astonishment for those who heard or saw the messages dedicated to the man in question whose name was also exposed.

Blankets on footbridges stun passersby and display man’s name

Pedestrian bridges blankets 'you left me in sight'

José Juan Aldana, is the man who ‘was burned’ by his girlfriend or a girl he was dating and who cried out ‘You left me in sight’, alluding to the fact that in what’s app the young man probably would no longer have answered leaving the conversation pending or, finished chopping everything.

“I know you will pass through here, you let me see José Juan Aldana”, was the simple but direct legend that the girl placed on the blankets on pedestrian bridges next to emoticons of the famous blue popcorn from what’s app as well as a heart, apparently located in the Churubusco area of ​​Mexico City, and others in the state of Nuevo León.

‘The truth’ behind the blankets placed on the pedestrian bridges

'You left me in sight' Blankets pedestrian bridges

According to reports from people on social networks, when the identity of the man became known, they began to speculate who it could be and it turns out that the name José Juan Aldana coincides with that of a reggaeton singer in Guatemala, is this the truth behind the blankets on pedestrian bridges?

As a result of this report from people on social networks, people attribute this fact as something advertising, since apparently ‘You left me in sight’ would be the title of a song by the reggaeton singer José Juan Aldana, who is allegedly from Guatemala.

‘You left me in sight’ is the title of a song by a reggaeton

'You left me in sight' Blankets pedestrian bridges

The song would be released last April and apparently is titled the phrase that the woman wrote on the blankets hung on pedestrian bridges ‘You left me in sight’, so several people on social networks began to praise the way in which it began to promote the topic.

“This song would be nothing without the blankets that were published”, “I’m only here for the gossip of the blanket”, “I’m going to apply the same to see if it peels me”, “It’s a great idea”, “I understand the situation to perfection “,” How many more would not do the same of the blanket “, is what can be read in comments on Facebook and Twitter … what do you think, is it an advertising issue or a disgusted woman?

'You left me in sight' Blankets pedestrian bridges

Tremendous patlazo was taken by a man from his girlfriend, after she discovered in front of mariachi that he was supposedly unfaithful, everything was recorded on video, so it was exhibited on Tik Tok, but the most curious thing was while he took her a serenade with mariachi, in Mexico, according to the news portal of On the radar.

The Tik Tok platform has become a ‘double-edged sword’ for users, since many people have ‘fallen’ and their ex-partners take advantage of its reach to leave them in evidence of their deceptions and have to bear the derision of other users.

An unfaithful is exposed by his partner

Unfaithful mariachi pastelazo
Photo Tik Tok

The ‘cuckolds’ sometimes take advantage of the moment to prepare some ‘traps’, before being evidenced, as a mockery for the infidelity in which they fell, and this causes everything to be exposed, some are false and others true, but the damage It is done.

On this occasion, the images appear to be true, since the woman looks angry in a natural way, at least that is how some users express it, however, such statements have not been confirmed or denied and we better leave it to your consideration, note it for you to decide.

A pastry chef in full celebration with mariachi goes viral

Tik Tok Blankets pedestrian bridges you left me in seen
Photo Tik Tok

Currently the video exceeds 7 million views and has caused such a sensation because the slap that the man receives looks very real. The event was held in a room in Mexico, to celebrate what was supposedly a birthday, although it is unknown if it was his or hers.

In the background you can hear the song “Déjame Vivir”, which is performed together by the now-defunct Spanish singer Roció Durcal and the also disappeared, “Divo de Juárez”, Juan Gabriel, a song that puts a special touch on it and even funny for the users.

No one could believe how things were going to end

Infidelity Blankets pedestrian bridges you left me in seen
Photo Tik Tok

However, despite how spectacular and successful the video was, many people initially complained that the original audio was not being heard. But pay attention to what happened, because the same woman who uploaded the video later anchored another where everything she said to her ex-boyfriend is heard.

The events apparently happened in Mexico, in a party room and while a mariachi was waiting to play a song, the groom was in front of the table with the cake and an advertisement that read “Happy Birthday”, with gold letters and a background with a picture of flowers. To see the video with music, click here. Filed Under: Pedestrian Bridges Blankets ‘You left me in sight’.

The woman surprises the birthday boy and leaves him humiliated

Pastelazo infiel mariachi Blankets pedestrian bridges you left me in seen
Photo Tik Tok

The man, dressed in a suit in dark color while the woman wears a short black dress. At one point, the woman arrives with her boyfriend and without a word takes the cake with both hands and smears it on her face, while the man looked puzzled before the cake.

All this happens in a matter of seconds, which is why the doubts came from several users who made many comments about it. The video was uploaded by the user @emily_muoz on Tik Tok, but it is unknown if she was affected, although everything seems to indicate that it was. Filed Under: ‘You left me in spotted’ blankets pedestrian bridges.

The pastelazo received him with all his might

Tik Tok Blankets pedestrian bridges you left me in seen
Photo Tik Tok

When she throws it at her, he feels ashamed and begins to remove the shoe polish, while she tells him something that is not heard, the song in the background. However, when in doubt, many users asked for the original audio and there it was clearly heard what she claimed.

In a textual way she shouts at him: “And hopefully with that you learn not to play with women, let’s go”, then she gets off the stage in the company of another woman and while leaving the place she runs into the mariachi who saw the whole scene, and in their walk the woman tells one of them “take off.” To see the video with original audio, click here. Filed Under: Pedestrian Bridges Blankets ‘You left me in sight’.

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