Witnesses reveal how they set fire to the vehicle in which the murderers of Efraín Ruales were traveling (VIDEO)

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Witnesses reveal how they set fire to the vehicle in which the murderers of Efraín Ruales were traveling (VIDEO)
Foto Instagram Efraín Ruales
  • After the murder of Efraín Ruales, witnesses reveal how they set fire to the truck of the armed men
  • They claim that two men and a woman were in the vehicle
  • This news was shared on social networks

Witnesses of the truck murderers Efraín Ruales. On January 27, all of Ecuador was in mourning for the death of one of the country’s most beloved celebrities, and the presenter Efraín Ruales would have been murdered by a group of armed men.

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They have not yet found the murderers, but information has come to light about the vehicle in which the murderers were traveling, up to the point where it was found on fire.

Through the account of Instagram of the morning program ‘Un Nuevo Día’, a video was shared where witnesses tell how the armed subjects set fire to the van in which they were traveling.

Witnesses Truck assassins Efraín Ruales


“Witness reveals his testimony of the case of @efrainruales We investigated the route of the car that participated in the crime that took the life of the Ecuadorian presenter @efrainruales and it was discovered that the vehicle was set on fire to erase the evidence. A person witnessed it and tells his testimony, ”reads the description of the show’s Instagram account.

Apparently the cause of the death of the presenterThey had stolen the blue Chevrolet truck, on January 6, which was the one with which they caused the homicide.

According to police sources on January 22, that same vehicle had participated in the murder of another person, and it was not until 5 days later that the truck reappeared this time to take Efraín’s life.

It was on the morning of January 27, while the presenter was finishing his exercise routine accompanied by his girlfriend Alejandra Jaramillo, the young man had decided to return home in his vehicle when he was hit by the armed men.

That same day the vehicle was set on fire, but according to witnesses they were going to leave it a block below where they left it, they even mention how many were in the truck “there were two men and a woman, but they were wearing gloves.” In addition, the car was captured by the security cameras with two different plates.


“Let justice be done”

Many people were present in the comments of the publication, asking that they find those responsible for the murder of Efraín Ruales using a hashtag of justice for Efraín.

Witnesses Truck assassins Efraín Ruales 2


“I saw Efraín only once through a video when he spoke in favor of Venezuela, my country. Seeing the vile and cruel way of ending his life, I join the voice of the Ecuadorian people to ask #justiciaparaefrainruales his death cannot go unpunished, ”said one user.

Some mentioned that the authorities have not done anything yet: “Thank you, Ecuador is grateful for making this fact public… because here the authorities have not done anything. So far this is viralized by all countries The Ecuadorian people demand Justice for Efraín Ruales. We implore him, his departure hurts us ”.

Witnesses Truck assassins Efraín Ruales 3


Others affirm that injustice rules in their country: “You can believe. They don’t have anything, yet my country is full of injustices for saving other stronger heads, all the insecurity that exists is scary ”.

They even went so far as to say that the government may be involved: “The government knows who it was but it is not convenient for them to know anything.”

Many Internet users left their different opinion of the case: “In my opinion, the government has a lot to do with it”, “Those hit men may not even be in that country anymore, that was not a f ** k …, there is money invested in that”, “There is no crime GOD’s timing is perfect ”,“ Thank you for the effort but in Ecuador everyone knows that all this has already been bought and will come to nothing, hopefully God will do justice soon ”.

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Filed as Witness Truck Killers Efraín Ruales

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