Wildfire devastates a historic town in California

A powerful wildfire has devastated a town in California. Authorities said the forest fire destroyed houses and businesses in the town. Th...

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  • A powerful wildfire has devastated a town in California.
  • Authorities said the forest fire destroyed houses and businesses in the town.
  • This Friday, the flames continue to devour four counties in the state.

Hell seems to have been unleashed. A raging fire devastated a historic California town, wiping out homes and businesses, as flames continue to burn across multiple counties on Friday.

Wildfires in the west have spread so rapidly amid continued drought conditions and gusty winds that the historic northern California town of Greenville has been destroyed, ABC News reported on Friday, August 6.

A village was devastated by the forest fire

Wildfire devastates the historic town Greenville in California
Dixie Fire on July 24, 2021. Photo: Getty Images

Firefighters had made progress in containing the Dixie fire, the largest in California, which has been burning near the Feather River Canyon for weeks. But after the fire jumped over containment lines earlier this week, it exploded and consumed an additional 48,000 acres on Wednesday alone, ABC News reported.

As of Friday morning, according to the aforementioned media, the forest fire is already burning in four California counties: Butte, Plumas, Tehama and Lassen, where firefighters continue to fight to douse the flames.

Forest fire destroyed more than a hundred homes

California wildfire
Flames consume vehicles at a junkyard as the Dixie Fire burns in Chester, Calif., Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021. (AP Photo / Noah Berger)

The fire has destroyed “more than 100 homes” and many businesses in the downtown Greenville neighborhood, about 150 miles northeast of Sacramento, Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns said in a news conference Thursday. night quoted by ABC News. At least 31,000 people have been evacuated.

Dramatic images show multiple structures engulfed in flames. The historic area of ​​Greenville has been destroyed, leaving nothing but rubble, according to photographers who examined the ruins, said the aforementioned media.

Only rubble remains after devastating forest fire

Forest fire
Dawn Garofalo installs her horses in a temporary enclosure on the shore of Lake Almanor as the Dixie Fire approaches Chester, California, on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. Garofalo, whose truck had mechanical problems, planned to ride away from the fire by the lake shore. (AP Photo / Noah Berger)

A photographer saw a gas station, a hotel and a bar completely burned, according to the news agency The Associated Press, to which a witness told that she fled with a dog and two horses while watching the clouds rise from the west side of a lake where he was camping.

“The flames were huge. They must have been 500 feet tall. Terrifying, ”Dawn Garofalo said, according to the ABC News report, which also cited information from the aforementioned news agency.

It is not a single forest fire, but dozens

Forest fire
The flames consume a home on Route 89 in the town of Greenville, California, August 4, 2021. The fire destroyed historic buildings and dozens of homes in Greenville. (AP Photo / Noah Berger)

Nearly 100 wildfires are currently burning in the west, most stretching from northern California to western Montana, with the potential for more as existing ones spread, the ABC News report said.

Much of the West is under critical fire hazard alerts, with warnings issued for nine states from California to Colorado due to threats of dry lightning and gusty winds that could reach up to 40 mph. The red flag warnings remained in effect through Thursday night due to the dry and windy conditions, he said.

The forest fire that destroyed a village is 35% contained

Forest fire
Dixie Fire on July 23, 2021. Photo: Getty Images

The Dixie Fire has now razed more than 361,812 acres, more than 565 square miles, since it was unleashed on July 13 and is only 35% contained. The river fire near Colfax, California, which caused the evacuation of several thousand residents, had burned 2,600 acres and is 15% contained, ABC News detailed.

At least 76 structures have been destroyed by the River Fire and another 20 damaged, according to Cal Fire. As of Friday morning, a firefighter and two civilians had been injured in the fire.

Forest fire evacuations

Forest fire
Dixie Fire on July 24, 2021. Photo: Getty Images

Evacuations have also been ordered for the so-called Monument Fire in Big Bar, California, and the McFarland Fire in Wildwood, California. Both fires were spreading Thursday, ABC News detailed.

Temperatures in northern California, where the fires are burning, were expected to rise on Thursday, and Redding will approach 100 degrees in the coming days, the aforementioned portal noted.

Sweltering temperatures

Forest fire
Dixie Fire on July 25, 2021. Photo: Getty Images

Thermal, California, about 130 miles east of Los Angeles, hit 122 degrees Wednesday, making it the hottest August temperature ever recorded in the region.

Record highs were also recorded in Palm Springs (122 degrees) and Kingman, Arizona (107 degrees). Excess heat warnings continue for Nevada, California and Arizona, where temperatures were expected to reach 115 degrees on Thursday.

One of the largest fires in the state

One of the largest fires in the state
Dixie Fire on August 4, 2021. Photo: Getty Images

The California Fire and Forest Department said the fire nicknamed Dixie is now the sixth largest in California history. The flames scorched a territory larger than the city of Los Angeles by Thursday, covering an area of ​​more than 1,305 square kilometers (504 square miles), the AP reported.

It had already destroyed dozens of homes before moving forward again Wednesday, laying waste to the historic town of Greenville. Four of the other five major forest fires occurred in 2020. There was no immediate report of victims, the report from that news agency added verbatim.

“We lost Greenville”

Screenshot of video posted on Legislator Doug LaMalfa’s Facebook page

The fire ripped through Greenville in the Sierra Nevada on Wednesday night. The flames destroyed a gas station, a hotel and a bar among many other properties in that town founded during the Californian gold rush more than a century ago. Firefighters prepare for new outbursts amid dangerous weather, the AP explained.

It was not immediately known how many buildings were destroyed, but photos and videos of the scene indicated the scale of the incident. “Tonight we lost Greenville,” said legislator Doug LaMalfa, who represents the area in Washington, in a moving video posted on Facebook. “There are no words,” he added.

“We did everything we could”

Dixie Fire on August 5, 2021. Photo: Getty Images

According to the AP, when the north and east flanks of the fire erupted, the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office warned the 800 residents via Facebook: “They are in imminent danger and they MUST leave now!”

“We did everything we could,” said firefighter spokesman Mitch Matlow, as reported by AP. But, added the official, “sometimes it is not enough.” Earlier in the week, some 5,000 firefighters made progress in containing the Dixie fire, salvaging some threatened homes and circling a third of the perimeter.

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