Wiggle those hips! A video showing Jenni Rivera happily swaying her hips for Esteban Loaiza leaks on the media (VIDEO)

Happy and showing their best dance steps, that’s how Jenni Rivera and Esteban Loaiza were seen in the video In their marriage, Jenn...

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  • Happy and showing their best dance steps, that’s how Jenni Rivera and Esteban Loaiza were seen in the video
  • In their marriage, Jenni Rivera and Esteban Loaiza knew how to have fun
  • Video appears where Jenni and Esteban are happy

Jenni Rivera dancing. Although at the time of her death Jenni Rivera was already divorced from former baseball player Esteban Loaiza, in their less than two years of marriage the couple had very happy moments as a couple, and this is shown by a video that started circulating on the media.

In this footage material, which was uploaded by the user Pita Saavedra, sister of the singer’s mother and which now has more than 43,155 views, you can see the interpreter of ‘Inolvidable’ dancing with Esteban Loaiza. As can be seen in the video, the couple was at a party and then they started showing their best dance steps to the rhythm of the song ‘Suavemente’ by Elvis Crespo

Jenni Rivera baile: Happy, that’s what the ‘Great Lady’ looked like

Jenni Rivera's video leaks like never before: Dancing very happy with Esteban Loaiza
PHOTO Instagram

With a smile on her face and without letting go of the glass, this is how Jenni Rivera appears in the video, where together with Esteban Loaiza they show that they are going to dance at a party, and apparently the couple did so, who chose to dress for the occasion In black, she in a sexy tight dress and he in a T-shirt and pants of that tone.

In the audio of the video, you can see that the person who recorded it said: “The cab dance well …”. Dancing was one of the things that the singer liked to do the most, and this was demonstrated in her presentations, where on several occasions she invited Loaiza to dance as a “cardboard”.

Jenni Rivera baile: She liked to polish the floor

Jenni Rivera's video leaks like never before: Dancing very happy with Esteban Loaiza
PHOTO Youtube

During his romance with Loaiza, Jenni Rivera involved him a lot in her lifetime professional, and he did it in a very funny way, because in several presentations he invited him to go up on stage and to the rhythm of the band they showed the public his best steps. In several interviews Jenni said that what she liked about the ex-baseball player was that he knew how to dance.

In an interview that the singer gave to El Universal in January 2009, months after starting her romance, the singer said about Esteban Loaiza: “He is a great human being, a great man who treats me like a queen and is very good with me”.

Jenni Rivera baile: Her short love story

Jenni Rivera's video leaks like never before: Dancing very happy with Esteban Loaiza
PHOTO Youtube

When their romance became known, Jenni Rivera seemed very happy and predicted that she had found her “prince charming” in Loaiza after stormy relationships with the parents of her four children. They met in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, when he was playing for the Tomateros de Culiacán (Mexican Pacific League).

According to Universal, in January 2010 they got engaged and in September of that year they were married before 800 people in an outdoor ceremony on a ranch in California. His “honeymoon” was in Bora Bora. Their marriage was barely two years old.

Jenni Rivera dance: Between great scandal they separate

Jenni Rivera's video leaks like never before: Dancing very happy with Esteban Loaiza
PHOTO Youtube

In October 2012 they were already separated, in the middle of a scandal. It was said that Loaiza was unfaithful to Jenni with “Chiquis”, the singer’s eldest daughter. Jenni clarified that there were no blows or violence or fights, but in September she saw something that left the former athlete very bad.

He did not want to accept the version of infidelity, but he did say that his marriage to Loaiza was a mistake. “The things that happened were atrocities that I encountered,” said Jenni, who also said she was experiencing “dark” times. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Jenni Rivera baile: Engagement ring problems

Jenni Rivera's video leaks like never before: Dancing very happy with Esteban Loaiza
PHOTO Instagram

“I’m holding on, I’m a gentleman and I can’t say anything. I still love her, ”Loaiza said at the time. After the announcement of their separation there were disputes over the engagement ring. Jenni wanted to auction it off to support a fan, but Loaiza disagreed.

After the death of Jenni Rivera in a plane crash in December 2012 when leaving a concert at the Arena Monterrey, Loaiza said he was devastated and commented that he had not been able to speak with Jenni’s family because they did not answer the phone.

They point to Chiquis Rivera as the apple of discord

PHOTO Instagram

After the separation of the singer with the ex-baseball player, speculation about the end of his marriage did not wait. One of the loudest rumors was an alleged infidelity by Esteban Loaiza with Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter.

As reported by the Infoabe site, Laura Lucio, Jenni’s biographer, released a possible “clue” about the alleged relationship, said that what Jenni Rivera doubted about an alleged relationship between her daughter and her husband was that they had been erased six weeks into the tape from the security cameras of the singer’s room.

Jenni Rivera baile: They said she was very distrustful

PHOTO Instagram

The publication also notes that Jenni Rivera’s former manager, Gabriel Vázquez, assured that the cause of the singer’s mistrust of her daughter was an alleged blurred video recording. Gabriel assured that he knew Chiquis and she would be incapable of doing something like that, he also said that the recording did not show anything.

Chiquis Rivera and Esteban Loaiza have always denied the situation and denied these tumors, however, the doubt that was planted by the so-called “Diva of the band” is something that causes much intrigue to all the followers of the most beloved band singer in the last times.

Fans supported their marriages

PHOTO Instagram

For many followers of Jenni Rivera, the fact that she married Esteban Loaiza was not a mistake, because she just wanted to find love, as one fan points out: “But it made her happy at the time and that was what it mattered. We will always miss her, a hug ”.

“She is and will always be a beautiful woman, I love her so much”, “We miss our diva”, “She takes care of you from where she is”, “So beautiful my beautiful Jenni, how much it hurts us that she is not here”, “The I love you both ”, you can read in the comments of the photograph that her sister Rosie Rivera uploaded of Jenni dressed as a bride.

“Jenni Rivera was never lucky in love,” say followers

PHOTO Instagram

In this photograph that the singer’s sister uploaded to her networks, followers of both Rosie and Jenni Rivera did not let much time pass to express their views after seeing the publication: “Error because he was never lucky in love.”

“She was an example for all women”, “They are already angry with the same song, let her rest”, “Strength, you are brave and she takes care of you from where she is”, were part of the comments that accompanied the publication of the sister of Jenni Rivera.

Jenni had a lot of confidence in her sister

PHOTO Instagram

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rosie Rivera took over not only Jenni Rivera’s finances but also her brand and continued sales of her music and merchandise. In addition to the responsibility for Jenni’s five children: Chiquis, Jacqueline, Michael, Jenicka and Johnny.

Rosie Rivera is the mother of two girls and a boy and is married to Abel Flores, balancing her role as mother of the family with that of responsibility for the legacy left by her sister, an arduous task that was revealed as the star of the reality show Rica , Famous, Latina. Some images of this note come from the following video

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