Why was Milton Rodríguez shot to death? His crime is a mystery (PHOTOS)

Young Milton Rodríguez was shot to death in Texas. Miguel Ángel Mujica has already been arrested and accused of the crime. The case is st...

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  • Young Milton Rodríguez was shot to death in Texas.
  • Miguel Ángel Mujica has already been arrested and accused of the crime.
  • The case is still open because it is not yet known what the motive was.

Milton Rodriguez was shot to death in Texas and authorities have already arrested Miguel Ángel Mujica, for being the alleged murderer. The Edinburg Police Department (EPD) reported the details of the case in which there is also a woman detained, but so far they have not released the motive for the murder.

According to the incident report, consulted by MundoHispánico In Texas, last Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 9:00 p.m., residents of the city of Edinburg, in southeastern Texas, almost on the border with Mexico, reported hearing several shots in the street.

Milton Rodríguez is shot to death, but the motive is not known

Milton Rodríguez is shot to death, but the motive is not known
Milton Rodríguez, 24, was shot to death in Edinburg, Texas, by a man who allegedly has gang ties. (Photo: Special for MundoHispánico)

Several EPD agents showed up outside the house marked 200 Mojave Avenue, very close to the campus of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), where neighbors reported hearing the shooting.

On the street of Mojave Avenue, the EPD patrols found a Hispanic man lying on the asphalt and who had been shot several times. However, when the agents arrived at the scene, they could no longer do anything for the man and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Through his credentials he was identified as 24-year-old Milton Rodríguez.

The name of the alleged murderer of Milton Rodríguez emerges

Miguel Ángel Mujica, 36, is accused of having shot Milton Rodríguez to death in Texas, although what motivated the crime is not yet known by authorities. (Photo: Edinburg Police Department)

During the crime investigation, EPD agents identified a 36-year-old Hispanic named Miguel Ángel Mujica as the alleged murderer of Milton Rodríguez. However, in the legal documents of the case the corporation does not detail how they learned that Mujica was responsible for the shooting death of Milton Rodríguez.

What the case documents do detail is that Miguel Ángel Mujica has “ties to gangs” although they do not specify which gangs either. Since the morning of Friday, October 8, 2021, Miguel Ángel Mujica already had an arrest warrant for the shooting murder of Milton Rodríguez.

Rodríguez Capture Miguel Ángel Mujica and Elizabeth Mujica

Elizabeth Mujica, 33, is also charged with the murder of Milton Rodríguez in Texas, although the woman’s role is not known until now. (Photo: Edinburg Police Department)

At 2:00 in the afternoon of that Friday, October 8, the EPD agents were able to locate the whereabouts where Miguel Ángel Mujica was hiding after having shot and killed Milton Rodríguez. Officers went to their hideout in the southern city of McAllen, neighboring Edinburg, and detained them without incident.

The EPD agents also detained Elizabeth Mujica, 33, and Miguel Ángel Mujica’s cousin, and the two were taken to the Hidalgo County jail accused of the murder of Milton Rodríguez. The two Mujica cousins ​​are already waiting to face their criminal proceedings for the shooting death of Rodríguez.

Why was Milton Rodríguez shot dead?

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

According to Texas State Penal Code Only the murder charge like the one Miguel Ángel Mujica and Elizabeth Mujica face for the murder of Milton Rodríguez carries a sentence of 2 to 99 years in prison for anyone who pleads guilty after facing trial.

The investigation into the murder of Milton Rodríguez by the EPD agents is still open because, although Miguel Ángel Mujica and Elizabeth Mujica were already captured and accused of this crime, the motive for the shooting attack that ended the life of the victim is not yet known. boy in Edinburg, Texas.

Milton Rodríguez, one more victim of gun violence

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

The murder of the young Milton Rodríguez at the hands of cousins ​​Miguel Ángel Mujica and Elizabeth Mujica is just one more link in the violence with guns. The non-profit organization National Archive of Gun Violence reports that so far this year 34,675 people have already been shot dead.

As of last Sunday, October 10, 2o21 of those people who have been shot dead in the United States, a total of 15,997 were murdered and 18,678 committed suicide. 31,969 have been injured. The country already experienced 554 mass shootings in the first half of the year, where several people died in the same event.

“This is extremely difficult for our family.”

Milton Rodríguez, according to his sister, was a boy with a great heart, always willing to help his family and friends. (Photo: Special for MundoHispánico)

The young Milton Rodriguez was the father of two small children, a boy and a girl, and his sister Vanessa Rodríguez opened the account Milton Rodríguez Funeral (Funeral of Milton Rodríguez) in the social network of economic support Go Fund Me to request economic solidarity from the community to assist them with the expenses that his murder has caused to his family.

“Everything donated to this fund will go directly to the funeral of Milton Rodríguez and his children who were left behind. He has a son, a daughter and a baby on the way. Like the death of anyone, this is extremely difficult for our family and it happened completely out of nowhere, ”Vanessa Rodríguez details about her murdered brother.

“My brother was a brave man”

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

Milton Rodríguez’s sister who in her family does not have “the funds to be able to give my brother the funeral he deserves. My brother was a brave man. He always walked with his head held high and helped those around him with whatever they needed, ”says Vanessa Rodríguez about the murdered boy.

According to Vanessa Rodríguez, anyone from Milton Rodríguez’s friends and family knew that they could “go to him for anything and there would be no doubt in his mind to help you. I ask everyone to match their energy for the last time ”, the woman details when talking about her brother.

“Let us never forget his laughter and his love”

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

Milton Rodríguez was not only a father of two children and one more on the way, but he was also “a son, a brother, an uncle, a grandson, a cousin, a nephew and above all a friend of many. We will miss him very much. We ask not only for help with expenses, but also prayers during this time ”Vanessa Rodríguez cries out to the community.

The woman details that “anything will help. Whether it’s a dollar, twenty, or fifty, every donation counts. So please help us put Milton Rodriguez to rest. May we never forget her laughter and her love that she showed so easily. Fly high Milton. We will always miss you. We love you forever and ever ”concludes the young man’s sister.

In Texas the carrying of masters is already free

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

Texas woke up on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 with a new law on carrying weapons. As of this day, by a law approved the State Congress, It is legal to carry a firearm, rifle or pistol, in sight and without having received training to use it and without permission, despite incidents such as the case against Milton Rodríguez.

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, signed the new law that he called a “constitutional right” to carry weapons such as rifles, shotguns and pistols of any caliber in practically any public place. By signing his signature on the new law, the governor said he signed the “documents that instill freedom in the Lone Star State.”

A controversial law with many opponents

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

The Reform of Law 1927, legal name of the new arms law in Texas, was voted in the State Congress in May 2021 and was approved with a round of 86 in favor and 62 with 2 abstentions, part of the 150 congressmen. Governor Abbot signed the law, which was his proposal, last June to make it effective until September 1.

However, some law enforcement agencies in Texas have publicly and privately criticized the decision to pass a law that according to many police officers exposes them in the first place to the dangers of firearms in the hands of people who do not they know how to handle them properly and, secondly, to the citizens.

Milton Rodríguez is shot to death, but the motive is not known

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