13 Things You Can (only) Do to a Sister & Still Get Away With It

The sister bond is special. It’s true—no one knows you like your sister. Brothers can be protective or annoying depending on their place in the birth order.

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It’s true—no one knows you like your sister. Brothers can be protective or annoying depending on their place in the birth order, but sisters, regardless of the age difference, are usually close forever. And competitive. And always ready to threaten you with the real story of how your mom’s care got dented if they don’t get their way.

That said, they’re also your biggest fan, your most vocal supporter and they always have your back. Even born competitors like Venus and Serena Williams have the sister bond to contend with. Venus has said, “I always like to win. I’m the big sister. I want to make sure she has everything, even if I don’t have anything.” If you have a sister, you may be familiar with a few of these things you can only sisters can get away with.

1. You can raid her closet without asking

Two sisters embracing

Even in the tightest sister bond, there are limits of course. You can’t wear anything with the tag still on it. You must clean it after wearing and if you tear, stain or lose it, you have to replace it. It’s sneaky, but if you can encourage her to buy an item that flatters you, go for it.

2. You can shamelessly boss her around

Applicable to big sisters only. The more years between you, the easier this is to do. Siblings who are close in age may put up more of a fight. And if you pinch her, Mom will find out.

3. You can call her at 3 am crying over heartbreak…repeatedly

Sisters chatting

Friends might hang up on you. Brothers will tell you to get over it. Sisters will listen to you cry, tell you he wasn’t good enough for you to begin with and maybe even show up with a pint of your favorite ice cream.

4. You can tell her to shut up in public

It’s not being rude, it’s being sisterly. When she makes a bitchy remark or points out that those white jeans make your butt look so big, you can tell her to mind her own business.

5. You can tell her she does look fat in that outfit


One of the greatest things about the sister relationship is that you can be honest in ways no one else can. And it’s not like she doesn’t know pleats make her hips look big, I mean has she ever worn pleats? And that color is so wrong.

6. You can be incredibly mean one minute and best friends the next

She’s your best friend and your worst critic. The anger between you flairs up before dinner and ends in laughter as you do the dishes.

7. You can show up at her house announced and stay for a week

Sisters smiling

Another great thing about the sister bond is that her place is your second home. You keep clothes and toiletries there, you know your way around the kitchen and you have your own key.

8. You can whine freely around her

Be it about bosses, jobs, guys or friends you can bitch to your heart’s content and she won’t think less of you. Instead she’ll bring out the wine and cookies and let you talk it through.

9. On a double date, she’s always your wingman


It might cost you though. You may have to give up that killer pair of heels or the cute little sundress that she really likes if her date is a loser. It’s worth it to have her by your side.

10. You can tease her mercilessly—just not in public

When it comes to the sister relationship, in public you always have a united front. In private, any subject is fair game no matter how sensitive. Just be warned, she’ll do the same to you.

11. You can use her as your default last-minute babysitter


She really loves your kids and is the best auntie ever. She’ll feed them, give them a bath and read endless bedtime stories. This works best if she’s single and it’s not a Friday night though.

12. You can walk into her house and start rearranging the decor without asking

Of course she wants your opinion on where to put the couch. And you know she really wanted those pillows switched.

13. You can brag without worrying about seeming cocky


Sisters are supportive and they know what you can do when you set your mind to it. When you talk about your successes they’re the first to raise their hands for a high five.

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