Change it Up: 10 Signs You Need a Radical New Hair Style

So how do you know it’s really time to revitalize your ‘do? Here are 10 signs that it might be time to change your hairstyle.

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We are quick to change our wardrobes with each passing season and we’re hardly shy about “needing” new shoes every time a new trend hits, yet we’ve been sporting the same damn hairstyle since 1998. Sound familiar? Women spend a lot of time and money trying desperately to improve their appearance and evolve their look (gym memberships, new clothes, juice cleanses…should we go on?), so we have to ask: Why are women so resistant to change when it comes to their hair?

Maybe it’s because when you change your hairstyle, it really changes your whole look. A new sweater can be tucked away in your closet if you change your mind, but a bad haircut is hard to hide. And even when your cut finally grows out, Facebook is forever. But it’s time to be brave and face your beauty fears, because changing your hairstyle is also one of the fastest ways to give your look a lift. So how do you know it’s really time to take the plunge? Here are 10 signs that it’s time to change your hairstyle.

1. You always wear a ponytail

A woman with tied hair

Every. Single. Day. And for good reason, you can’t seem to get your hair to cooperate unless it’s pulled back. Take a hint from your hair—it’s high time you change your hairstyle.

2. Something else in your life has changed radically

Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight (good for you!) or you had a baby. Why not update your hair to go with the new you?

3. You’re stuck in the past


There’s retro and then there’s old-fashioned. If your hairstyle has cycled from hip to been there to old-fashioned to retro, it’s time for a revamp.

4. Your hair isn’t getting any love

If no one ever compliments your ‘do (ever) it might be a sign. Now, before you get defensive, clearly we’re not saying that you should base your appearance on what other people think of you. The only person who has to like the way you look is you. That said, if you notice that the people you love are constantly admiring other aspects of your look, but paying zero attention to your hair, then maybe it could use some attention.

5. You feel like a mess

A woman with damaged hair

Do you ever wonder why everyone else around you looks like they have a personal hairstylist at their beck and call, while you are left alone to tame your mess of a hairdo? Well, newsflash: the average woman doesn’t have a stylist on her payroll. The reason that they look so much more put together than you is because they got a haircut while you’re hanging on to the same style you’ve had since puberty.

6. You need a boost

If your current style can be described as passé, unruly, lifeless or like “mom hair” (YIKES!) you need start thinking about changing your hairstyle… immediately.

7. Color catastrophe

A woman fixing her hair in the beauty salon

Hair color is supposed to enhance your look and brighten up your face, not leave you looking lifeless. If your current color can be described as brassy, dull or uneven and if your roots are longer than the rest of your strands, you’re due for a touchup, or better yet, a total reboot.

8. Reinvention intentions

Perhaps something new and exciting is happening in your life and you want your look to reflect that shift in your attitude…start with your hair! A fresh cut or new hair color can add life to your face and give you a new sense of confidence so you are ready to tackle the new experiences in your life.

9. You need a fresh start


Similarly, if you have recently had to cope with a difficult experience, a loss, a disappointment or a tough life change, you might need a fresh start so you feel reborn and ready to start on your new path. It won’t fix anything, but a new look might help cleanse you of your past and make you feel a bit better about where your life is headed.

10. Your loved ones don’t lie

If your best friend/mother/partner/child/sister has advised you, repeatedly, that it is time for a change, they might be right. And what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t love your new style, and in a couple of months you can try again. Have fun with it, and if your toddler tells you to fix your hair, LISTEN!

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