Who would qualify for full payment of the third economic stimulus check for coronavirus?



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  • Who will receive the third economic stimulus check for coronavirus?
  • They give details of the update of the aid plan for covid in the United States
  • Democrats proposed an extra $ 1,400 in direct payments to citizens on Monday

United States Congress weapon aid plan for coronavirus and it is glimpsed who will and who will not receive a third economic stimulus check, according to information published by the news portal of king5.

This overview further clarifies the idea of ​​who will be able to receive this help who surrenders to face the crisis by the Covid.

Just Monday, Democrats proposed an extra $ 1,400 in direct payments to U.S. citizens on Monday.

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Members of Congress designed a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill that is loyal to President Joe Biden with the firm goal of waking up an economy hit by the pandemic.

The original project proposed by the committee, contemplates that the third economic stimulus check for coronavirus would reach the figure of $ 1,400 for all those people who obtain a salary of up to $ 75,000 and parents who earn up to $ 112,500.

In addition, it is detailed that joint filers who have up to $ 150,000 would receive $ 2,800. However, it is indicated that those who exceed these figures, the amount of stimulus control will be phased out.

The project of the third economic stimulus check seeks to protect families with children, people with lower incomes and Americans who buy health insurance, so it is considering expanding tax credits.

It has even been said that subsidies would be granted at some point for the medical care of some workers who are currently without a job.

The bill must be developed and drafted in detail by various Congressional committees, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said she hopes that final approval can be given in less than two weeks.

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Unemployment benefits from the previous stimulus package are expected to expire in mid-March, meaning that its approval would come in time to continue protecting many families who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

On the check for $ 1,400 per taxpayer included in the plan, Democrats have expressed their intention to limit them to low and middle-income families, while Senate Republicans proposed to exclude undocumented immigrants, a measure that was approved with the support of eight Democratic legislators.

Biden has made this $ 1.9 trillion economic recovery plan his top priority since his inauguration on January 20, but the proposal met with objections from Republicans, who consider it too expensive.

According to the conservatives – a group of whom had proposed a package of 600,000 million -, with the country’s economy recovering, there is no need to spend 1.9 trillion dollars, after the stimuli approved last year since the beginning of the pandemic.

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In March of last year, Congress approved a $ 2.3 trillion plan and a $ 900 billion plan in December, which included checks for taxpayers to help jump-start the economy, as well as protections against evictions and contributions to extend aid to the unemployment.

Biden has renounced Republican support for this recovery plan and today suggested that prolonging negotiations with the opposition in Congress would only cause delays.

Previously, he had alluded to the unemployment figures announced today, which placed that rate at 6.3% in January, the lowest since the beginning of the pandemic, but assured that at the current rate of job creation “it will be ten years before we reach full employment. “

At the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, the country was close to full employment, but if a year ago unemployment was at 3.5%, in April it went to 14.7%, and since then it has been falling, but in recent months the labor market has been slower.

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