White House ends negotiations with Republicans over infrastructure plan

The bipartisan infrastructure plan was canceled by the White House. Russia is identified as the author of a cyberattack suffered at the J...

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  • The bipartisan infrastructure plan was canceled by the White House.
  • Russia is identified as the author of a cyberattack suffered at the JBS company.
  • The second black woman to get a post in the White House has arrived.

Washington, Jun 8 (EFE News).- Joe Biden’s government ended on Tuesday the negotiations that it had been holding for weeks with a group of Republican senators to agree on a bipartisan infrastructure plan. The White House considered that the distance between Biden’s plan, which was initially 2.25 billion dollars, and the one proposed by the group of Republicans led by Senator Shelley Moore Capito, is too great.

“The President informed Senator Capito today that the latest offer from her group did not, in his view, meet the essential needs of our country to restore our roads and bridges, prepare us for our clean energy future, and create jobs,” the White House said in a release. “He offered,” he added, “his gratitude to her for her efforts and good faith conversations, but expressed his disappointment that, while he was willing to reduce his plan by more than $1 trillion, the Republican group had increased their proposed new investments by only $150 billion”.

A certain number of votes are required

The White House is not happy with the decision

For her part, Senator Capito was “disappointed by the decision” of the president and said that the negotiations had been “in good faith” and achieved “significant progress”. The future of Biden’s infrastructure plan, which requires a 60-vote majority in a 50-50 divided Senate, is now uncertain as it has failed to garner the necessary support from Republicans.

Democrats can use an extraordinary mechanism to pass it with as little as 50 votes, but some of the more moderate lawmakers, especially Joe Manchin, refuse to use that tool. One of the biggest reluctance of Republicans to the plan is Biden’s claim to finance it with a 28% rise in corporate tax, now reduced to a minimum since the 2017 tax reform, promoted by Donald Trump. EFE News

White House targets Russia after cyberattack against JBS company

Anonymus Mexico hackers Russia INE

Washington, Jun 1 (EFE News) .- The White House on Tuesday pointed to Russia as the ultimate responsible for the cyberattack against one of the largest meat processors in North America, the company JBS, which has caused the suspension of the company’s operations, and said it is in contact with the Russian authorities. The deputy spokeswoman for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, told the press on the Air Force One plane that the US Government is in contact with the Russian on this matter and has made it clear that “the responsible States do not give refuge to the ‘ransomware’ criminals ”.

In these statements on US President Joe Biden’s trip to Tulsa, the spokeswoman added that JBS suffered a “ransomware” attack and that the ransom request “came from a criminal organization probably based in Russia.” He also noted that the FBI is investigating the incident and the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) is coordinating with the FBI to offer technical support to the company.

White House is assessing the damage

Damages are assessed by the White House
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The attack on JBS comes shortly after the criminal organization DarkSide carried out a similar cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline, the largest network of pipelines from the country. Ransomware attacks lock down computer systems that are not released until companies or institutions pay the hackers a ransom.

In the case of Colonial, which caused gasoline supply problems in the United States, the company paid DarkSide $ 4.4 million in bitcoin to regain control of its computer systems. Jean-Pierre added that the US authorities are evaluating the impact of the attack against JBS, responsible for up to 20% of the meat products processed in the United States and that the Department of Agriculture is verifying that other companies in the sector have not suffered a similar cyberattack. .

Cyberattacks are important to the Biden administration


“The fight against ‘ransomware’ is a priority for the administration (Biden),” concluded Jean-Pierre. Following the cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline, which each day transports up to 2.5 million barrels of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from Gulf of Mexico refineries to large areas of the country, Biden also placed part of the responsibility in Moscow although he declared that he had no evidence of the involvement of the Russian authorities in the attack.

“At the moment our intelligence personnel have no evidence that Russia is involved although there is evidence that the person responsible for the ‘ransomware’ is in Russia and (the Russian authorities) have the responsibility to deal with this,” Biden said then. On Sunday, JBS said it had detected a cyber attack affecting its servers in North America and Australia and that the company’s backup servers were not affected by the attack. The attack prompted the company to suspend operations in North America and Australia on Monday. Today, JBS also suspended several work shifts at its North American plants. EFE News

Jean-Pierre, the second black woman behind the White House press lectern


Washington, May 26 (EFE News) .- Karine Jean-Pierre, an immigrant daughter of Haitian parents, made history this Wednesday by becoming the second black woman to stand behind the White House press lectern. The government deputy spokesperson gave the daily press conference of the US Executive to replace the White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.

Jean-Pierre stepped behind that lectern just 30 years after Judy Smith, the president’s deputy press secretary George HW Bush (1989-1993), rose to that podium in 1991. During her appearance on Wednesday, the 43-year-old spokeswoman began with a news story from another woman who has made history, Kristen Clarke, who on Tuesday was confirmed for the Senate at the head of the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice, becoming the first African American in this position.

Karine answers questions


For their part, journalists also asked Jean-Pierre how he felt about marking a milestone on Wednesday. “It is truly an honor to be here today,” began Jean-Pierre, who added that, despite appreciating the historical significance of his speech in the press room of the presidential mansion, he wanted to downplay it. “I think being behind this lectern, being in this room, being in this building …” he continued, “it’s not about one person, it’s about what we do for the American people.”

Jean-Pierre sounds among potential replacements for Psaki, who has expressed his intention to step down after he completes a year in office. As a deputy spokesman for the White House, Jean-Pierre has been in charge in recent months to offer statements to journalists on board the Air Force One plane during the trips of the president, Joe Biden.

His life

A great time at the White House

In the past, she was the director of Public Affairs for the Move On organization and in a video she spoke about her life, which she considered represented everything that former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) hates. “I am a black woman, I am gay, I am a mom. My parents were born in Haiti and came here for the American dream, ”said Jean-Pierre, born in Martinique, who was also a campaign manager for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reproductive freedom initiative. .

In the video, she also referred to her experience as the daughter of immigrants, her decision to move to Washington DC after the arrival of Barack Obama to the US Presidency (2009-2017) -in whose campaigns she worked- and her He fights to “speak out” in favor of those who feel vulnerable or unheard. EFE News

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