When does the time change in the United States?

When does the time change in the United States? The time change in the US is near Know all the details of this 2021 schedule change The t...

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  • When does the time change in the United States?
  • The time change in the US is near
  • Know all the details of this 2021 schedule change

The time change in the United States is near, causing millions of Americans to wonder when is the time in the country changed? Know the details.

According to the Hispanic chain Univision, the daylight saving time change occurs every second Sunday in March, a day on which many US residents should turn their clocks forward one hour.

The aforementioned summer change occurs, as already mentioned, on the second Sunday in March at 2 in the morning and ‘ends’ on the first Sunday in November also at 2 in the morning, according to the article.

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But what day should you change the time on your clocks?

This year, the time change will be on March 14, the date on which you should advance your clocks one hour, and set them back until November 1, 2021, when the winter change takes place.

However, not everyone will need to make this change. According to the Hispanic chain, there are places in the United States where residents should not make the aforementioned adjustment, such as in the states of Hawaii and Arizona.

Every time this change approaches, many wonder why make it? The answer, according to the medium, is to seek to save energy and make the most of the sunlight.

A 2020 study indicates that the risk of fatal road accidents increases by 6% during the transition to summer time.

For its part, “accumulating evidence indicates that the acute transition from standard time to daylight saving time incurs significant risks to public health and safety,” according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

What can be done to avoid ‘disruptions’ to sleep?

According to the aforementioned media, Dr. Shalini Paruthi advises Americans to prepare in advance to avoid interrupting sleep routines and not to “struggle with this change twice a year.”

Summer time change, time change

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Adult Americans should get at least seven hours of sleep to stay healthy, productive and able to stay alert during the day, reveals Shalini Paruthi, who is co-director of the Center for Sleep Medicine and Research at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield.

According to the doctor, the change in summer time should not be seen as “losing an hour of sleep”, but rather as a change in sleep habits that allows to ‘compensate’ this hour.

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Advice to avoid ‘consequences’ with the change of schedule

Dr. Shalini Paruthi gave three tips to avoid ‘consequences’ with the time change.

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The first of them must be done a week before, by advancing the time to sleep and getting up 10 minutes earlier each day. Or, the second tip is three days before, advance the time they go to sleep and seek to get up 20 minutes earlier each day

As a ‘last’ option, two things could be done. The night before the change of summer, you could go to bed 30 minutes earlier and wake up 30 minutes later, or go to bed an hour earlier.

Eliminate the time change?

According to an official statement cited by Univision, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine proposed to cancel the change “completely” and maintain standard time, leaving that time throughout the year.


For their part, state congressmen in Georgia They have proposed with 112 votes in favor and 48 against legislation to approve maintaining a single schedule throughout the year.

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