WhatsApp already allows you to permanently silence chats: See how!

Have you been added to a WhatsApp group and would you rather not participate in it? If that is your case, the new WhatsApp update it will...

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Have you been added to a WhatsApp group and would you rather not participate in it? If that is your case, the new WhatsApp update it will be a point in favor of the instant messaging application, since it will satisfy the requests of users and will make a new function available to them.

After several years of including a ‘mute’ option within its settings, WhatsApp will begin to offer a new alternative: now, users will be able to silence any conversation for as long as they want.

WhatsApp will offer the indefinite mute function for iOS and Android

  • It is finally ready! The new WhatsApp update allows you to indefinitely silence any conversation
  • Before, the options only allowed access to this function for one year, but now the time limit will be chosen by the user
  • The update is available for users of the iOS and Android operating systems

A long-awaited feature: now you can mute all the conversations you want

For many users, something that WhatsApp lacked was a permanent mute option for group conversations.

Today, that solution begins to be a reality.

WhatsApp has launched the long-awaited permanent mute option for group chats, and will now be available for users of the iOS and Android operating systems.

The instant messaging application, a subsidiary of Facebook and one of the most used apps in the world, had been working on this function for some time.

However, the company had only tested its operation in several beta versions, and it was not until last October that WhatsApp officially announced the launch of the ‘Permanent silence’ function.

Previously, WhatsApp only had the option to mute group conversations for eight hours, a week, or a year.

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With the most recent update, users will be able to mute WhatsApp conversations they don’t want to participate in for as long as they choose.

The option of permanent silence announced by WhatsApp also comes at a historical moment in which virtual contact is more recurrent than ever.

It is possible that some users are in the position to participate indirectly in several group chats and, without a doubt, this update represents the opportunity to streamline communication processes within the same platform.

What should I do to configure my WhatsApp with the new update?

In case you want to silence a group conversation indefinitely, the steps to follow within WhatsApp will be very simple.

Setting the permanent mute option will be a quick and easy process.

If you are an Android user, you will only have to open WhatsApp and, later, enter the chat you want to silence.

Once you have done that step, you must click on the three vertical buttons located in the upper right part of your screen and select the option ‘Mute notifications’.

Finally, you can choose the option with how long you want to silence the conversation. Before, WhatsApp only allowed you to choose the options of eight hours, a week and a year.

Now, when the user accesses these settings, they can select a new alternative: “always”.

If you have an Apple device, you will need to go to the chat window you want to silence and select the ‘mute’ option.

As with Android devices, at that moment you can choose the option that best suits you.

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Permanently silencing is possible and very easy!

The fact that you silence a conversation does not mean that you are going to miss the most important thing in it.

Even with the permanent silence that WhatsApp offers, Android OS users will have an advantage with those of ios, since they will be able to select the option ‘show notifications’ even when they have muted a certain conversation.

This means that even if the chat has been permanently muted, the message notification will continue to be available in the notification panel.

The permanent silence option can be reconsidered at any time, and the user can modify the settings at any time.

At the same time that the company announced its new permanent mute option, it also stated that new functions had been implemented so that WhatsApp Business users could view products directly through the application.

This measure will speed up the process of buying and selling products and services, since it will facilitate direct contact between seller and buyer through a chat window.

Whatsapp Business is a paid service that businesses use to send notifications to their customers about the status of their purchase, the shipment, or questions and clarifications about it.

Customer privacy, a priority

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and this company has been in a series of legal disputes for several months, especially in Europe, where the authorities have pointed out Facebook to interfere with the privacy of its customers.

Indeed, there has been a controversy regarding the data protection policies that Facebook implements within its platform; The largest social network in the world is under the gaze of different organizations that seek to ensure that the transfer of data occurs safely, without representing a threat to users and the countries in which the application is used.

As a way to protect customer privacy, WhatsApp Business announced that the option to send or receive calls or video calls will no longer be given within the chat window.

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