What you should know if you did not receive the check for $ 1,400 yesterday Wednesday



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  • Wednesday was the last day the Treasury issued the direct deposits of the stimulus payment, what if you did not receive your money?
  • Those who did not receive the direct deposit stimulus payment on Wednesday will receive it in the mail in the next few days.
  • The IRS has until December 31 to send payments

More stimulus money was sent to millions of Americans yesterday, yet many eligible taxpayers have yet to get their check. Here is everything you need to know if you did not receive the check for $ 1,400.

To begin, we must highlight that both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Postal Service may experience delays and therefore delay the delivery of stimulus payments. The US Department of the Treasury issued 37 million payments on Wednesday, 20 million of those payments were made by direct deposit, while 17 million were sent through the mail.

When does the stimulus check arrive?

when the check arrives
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While Wednesday was the last day the Treasury issued direct deposits, you don’t have to worry if you didn’t receive your money. Any eligible taxpayer who did not receive the stimulus payment by direct deposit on Wednesday, will receive it by mail in the next few days, he reported. WNCN.

Payments sent by post can be in the form of prepaid cards or paper checks. The best way to track direct payments sent by mail is through the Postal Service’s Informed Delivery Service, which will track your package directly to your mailbox. You can access the service through this link.

Beneficiaries of social security among the group that has not received the money

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The House Ways and Means committee sent a letter to the IRS and the Social Security Administration saying “it is alarmed” after the IRS said it could not “provide an expected schedule for payments.” The committee also demanded that the stimulus payments be issued.

For their part, the agencies have not indicated when the check will be sent, however, they pointed out that the problem will be solved soon. Not only the beneficiaries of social security have been left behind in receiving the stimulus check of $ 1,400, reported the reviewed outlet.

More payees wonder: when does the check arrive?

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Other people have complained after receiving installment payments. The IRS indicated that one reason is that some of those delays are due to married individuals whose past repayments were withheld due to past due debts of a spouse.

The IRS asked for patience of anyone who has not received the payment or who has received it in a fractional manner and noted that the missing part of the stimulus checks will eventually arrive. According to schedule, all payments from now on must be made by paper check or debit card. The IRS has until December 31 to submit all payments.

How do I know if the IRS is sending me a payment?

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People can check the status of their third stimulus payment using the tool Get my payment, available in English and Spanish through the IRS website. But then, when does the check arrive?

People who do not receive direct deposit should keep an eye on their mail for a paper check or debit card. The Treasury Department is issuing some debit card payments to speed up payment delivery and reach as many people as possible. The form of payment for this third stimulus check may differ from the first rounds of stimulus.

Here are the reasons why you have not received the money yet

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IRS authorities send the economic stimulus check payments in batches, because you do the 2020 tax return and still do not process some of the previous year, which is why some people got it yesterday and others will arrive next week.

It is very likely that it will only be a matter of weeks apart depending on how long the authorities take to finish that process, because some were left behind and leave according to the dates established previously.

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