Wendys drive thru shooting leaves 3 dead in Florida

Drive-thru shooting breaks out at Wendys restaurant in Hallandale Beach. Three bodies found in fast food restaurant area. Authorities ask...

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  • Drive-thru shooting breaks out at Wendys restaurant in Hallandale Beach.
  • Three bodies found in fast food restaurant area.
  • Authorities ask for citizen collaboration to find responsible.

Shooting breaks out this Tuesday morning, September 21, 2021 at Wendys fast food restaurant, leaving three people dead in the drive thru of Hallandale Beach, Florida, according to information published by the news site The Sun.





The tragic events occurred during the early hours of this Tuesday, shortly before 1AM, when three people died after several shots were heard, which alarmed people in nearby areas.


Shooting at Wendys
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After the shooting ended, the 911 emergency system was immediately called to report them, so in a matter of minutes several patrols with policemen arrived at the scene, who guarded the area to eliminate greater risks for the population.

The agents found three people who after conducting a review, it was found that they were already dead, so the forensic personnel were called to carry out the established processes, while the investigations of the case began.

Shooting at Wendys: REVIEW VIDEO

Hallandale beach
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The authorities’ preliminary report was given by Captain Megan Jones, who, verbatim, told the media: “The officers responded and were able to find three people who did not respond and who now declare themselves dead.”

The police said that when the events occurred, the restaurant was still open, which is why they are investigating the shooting, since there is a partial video of what happened, however, they still ask for the collaboration of citizens to solve it. To see the video click here.


Hallandale beach
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The police have said that the deceased people do not appear to be employees of the fast food restaurant chain, but that it cannot be known for sure because they have not yet been identified, so they will wait for relatives to claim their bodies so that be.

For this reason the police authorities launch the call for help: “If anyone in the public has any ideas or can help us put together the pieces of the puzzle about what happened, it would be much appreciated if they came,” said Captain Megan Jones. Filed Under: Shooting at Wendys

Shooting at Wendys: “IT WAS BOOM, BOOM, BOOM”

Shooting at Wendy's
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The good news for the police is that there are witnesses whose statements can be very helpful. One of them spoke exclusively to CBS Miami and said he heard at least 10 shots fired from a firearm, while another stated: “I just heard some shots. It was boom, boom, boom, although it was fast ”.

In the absence of information, the police have put a phone number for anyone who knows of the case in Hallandale Beach to call and ensure that they will be anonymous if they wish. Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS (8477).


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According to Local 10, the police officers had to tape around the area to protect the evidence and avoid any mishap, however, this caused traffic to be affected and became slow and disorderly for Hallandale Beach motorists.

Until this morning there was no more information about it, but it is expected that during the day another report will be released and perhaps the identities of the fatalities, since the police still remained in the area, collecting all evidence that allows solving the case. Filed Under: Shooting at Wendys

Shooting in Wendys: BALACERAS DO NOT CEASE

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This shooting in Hallandale Beach leaves evidence that violence in the United States does not stop and to show a button, just yesterday, September 20, a shooting was reported in a Virginia school where two students were injured in a high school, police reported.

It was a 17-year-old boy who was shot in the face at Heritage High School, while a teenager, also 17, was shot in the leg, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew reported at a conference on press. Both were taken to a hospital and neither injury is believed to be life-threatening, he said.

Shooting at Wendys: THINK THEY KNEW

Shooting at Wendy's
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Drew said authorities believe the suspect and the victims knew each other, but did not release details. The suspect was not yet in custody, but Drew said evidence was recovered on the school grounds. Investigators reviewed images and other evidence, in addition to working with the FBI and schools to identify the suspect, he stressed.

The building was evacuated and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and state patrols were searching the school for anyone who had remained on school grounds, Drew said in his preliminary report to the media.


Hallandale beach
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George Parker, the superintendent of public schools for Newport News, said the school does not conduct random searches for firearms. Classes resumed on September 8, so students were in their second full week of the school year.

“No superintendent, teacher, or principal would ever want to go through this situation,” Parker said. “Just looking at the faces of our students and seeing how scared they were under these circumstances, and our staff, who are traumatized. Nobody would ever want to be in these circumstances. ” Filed Under: Shooting at Wendys


Hallandale Beach Wendy's
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Videos taken at the scene showed tactical units arriving on the scene, parents on the sidewalks talking on the phone, and cordoned off portions of the parking lot. Drew said two other people were taken to the hospital after the shooting, one of them for an arm injury during the evacuation and another for an asthma attack.

The police stressed that the reports of a gunman active in other schools were false, but the concern of the people did not stop and more events were reported through social networks, and there have been several similar events in recent weeks in the United States. to see the video click here. Filed Under: Shooting at Wendys


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But the United States is not the only country that suffers from violence in its schools, also yesterday it was reported that eight people died and 28 were injured after a gunman shot at people at the Perm State University, in Russia, reported the authorities.

The attacker was later detained, according to the Interior Ministry. At first there was no information on the identity of the aggressor or his possible motivations. University students and workers locked themselves in classrooms, and the university urged everyone who could leave campus to do so. Filed Under: Shooting at Wendys. With information from AP

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