Walmart increases the hourly wage of almost 165 thousand employees

The giant Walmart announced an hourly wage increase for some employees. Walmart confirmed the hourly wage increase that benefits workers ...

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  • The giant Walmart announced an hourly wage increase for some employees.
  • Walmart confirmed the hourly wage increase that benefits workers across the United States.
  • In addition to the increase in hourly wages, Walmart will create new roles for its employees.

Good news for many Walmart workers: there will be an increase in hourly wages for almost 165,000 employees at its stores in the United States.

In accordance with WTKR, Walmart announced Thursday that starting in October it will increase the hourly wages of nearly 165,000 employees in specific roles.

In addition, the giant of retail chains also introduced new leadership roles that will obtain the increase in payment, said the aforementioned media.

At Blog Dacona Smith, Walmart’s US Director of Operations, said the retailer was introducing a “team-based operating model” at Supercenters stores, as they had had success with that program at their Sam’s Club and Neighborhood stores. Market.

He added: “We are investing in new roles and skills training to give us the flexibility to serve customers anytime, anywhere.”

“In turn, associates will have more room for career and salary growth,” Smith said in the aforementioned blog post.

As detailed by WTKR, citing Smith, starting in October, the team that occupies the main roles will be paid between $ 18 and $ 21 an hour, and if they work in a Supercenter, they could be paid up to $ 30 an hour.

The director of operations also noted that hourly workers in the bakery and deli areas would be paid $ 11-15 per hour.

Hourly employees at the auto care center would receive a raise of $ 1 or more per hour.

Walmart salary

Smith said, “We are reinvesting in various ways to provide associates with a higher and more consistent base salary.”

The Walmart official added: “Similarly, for these select hourly roles, this increase will also take the place of the regular quarterly bonus and become part of your base salary going forward, offering more predictability and more pay on your wages. per hour”.

This increase for thousands of Walmart employees comes days after another well-known store also announced increases in their salaries.

Hobby Lobby raises full-time minimum wage to $ 17 an hour

As the coronavirus crisis continues in the United States, the chain Hobby Lobby announced the increase in the full-time minimum wage to $ 17 an hour.

Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. announced on Monday, September 14, that it will increase its full-time hourly minimum wage to $ 17 and will take effect October 1.

As reported by ABC 13, in 2009, this retail chain was one of the first to establish a national hourly minimum wage well above the federal minimum wage.

Since then, the minimum wage has risen tenfold in the past 11 years, according to a press release issued by Hobby Lobby and cited by ABC 13.

The aforementioned media detailed that Hobby Lobby’s last increase was in 2014 when the company raised its full-time minimum wage to $ 15 per hour.

“We have always worked hard to be a leading retailer when it comes to taking care of our people,” said Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green, according to the ABC 13 review.

He added: “From closing our stores on Sundays and at 8:00 pm the rest of the week, to providing some of the best wages and benefits in the retail industry, we are grateful to be able to share our success with our valued employees and provide time for rest, family and worship ”.

Quoted by ABC 13, Green noted that these investments allow Hobby Lobby to attract and retain a large group of associates who, in turn, help deliver the wonderful and unique shopping experience that many of its loyal customers enjoy.

Hobby Lobby, in addition to being a leader in payments in the industry, also provides benefits to full-time employees, such as medical, prescription, dental, long-term disability benefits, life insurance, vacation pay, personal time off. paid and 401 (k), specified ABC 13.

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