‘Wake’ of death in New York; two dead and 9 injured

Violent episodes shake New York, two deaths reported. There are also nine people injured. The events happened in Manhattan, Brooklyn and ...

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  • Violent episodes shake New York, two deaths reported.
  • There are also nine people injured.
  • The events happened in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Several episodes of violence and blood shook New York on Wednesday night, leaving two dead and nine wounded, according to a New York Post’s report which was based on police information.

The ‘wake’ of death and blood spanned the cities of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and included an 8-year-old boy, two more people who were stabbed and two more who were attacked with knives, police authorities said.


New York dead
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The stories are tragic and shocking, for which the authorities opened several investigation folders and their policemen are gathering all the evidence, collecting testimonies to be able to know all the lines and try to find those responsible.

This ‘wave’ of violence has occurred especially since the beginning of the year and highlights the use of firearms, for which the Federal Government has tried to put a stop to the restriction of them and the authorization of laws to that end .


New York dead
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One of the most tragic stories was that of a young woman who was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend inside her Harlem apartment, police sources reported, after attending a 911 emergency call for help.

The fatal victim was 27 years old, however, the first investigations indicate that the victim struggled with his aggressor, and even managed to injure him in the neck and chest, for which he is currently in critical condition in a hospital near the area.

New York dead: DEATH ADD

New york dead
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The list of people killed in the violence in New York includes a 33-year-old man who was shot and killed inside an East Flatbush building just two hours after the 27-year-old woman’s murder.

The authorities did not report much on this case, since they were doing the corresponding work to find out more about the event, however, he was already on a line to learn more about the case.


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As the night progressed, the violent events increased and later the police reported another violent incident in New York, in which at least three people were injured, including a minor.

In St. Albans, Queens, a shooting broke out around 9:45 p.m., an event that left three people injured, including an 8-year-old boy and his 39-year-old father, in this fact another person The 57-year-old male was injured in the shooting. Filed Under: New York Dead


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However, far from stopping the violence, the authorities reported another shooting, but now in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, with a balance of three people injured, although the health status of the men was not revealed.

These events are in addition to those that have occurred in the last two weeks in New York, with more deaths and injuries from gunshots and other circumstances, which keeps the authorities on alert due to the level of violence that has been unleashed. Filed Under: New York Dead


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The violent night in New York continued on the subway when a 54-year-old woman was randomly stabbed inside the 14th Street-Union Square station around 10:10 p.m., local police said in a statement.

In another event, in Brooklyn, a subject urgently went to the Brooklyn Hospital Center with a wound to his face, in his explanation he told paramedics that he was injured in a fight inside the Fulton Street subway station. Filed Under: New York Dead


Faced with such events, the Association of Benevolent Sergeants of the New York Police Department, (NYPD, for its acronym in English, launched a criticism of the latest round of violence in the Big Apple tonight.

“DON’T BLAME US… the police didn’t change the laws in New York, the elected officials in NYS and the City Council did !!” the group tweeted, after watching the bloody scenes of shooting and stabbing.