Vocalist of Banda La Acelerada is killed in an armed attack

After an armed attack, the death of the Mexican regional vocalist was reported. The vocalist of Banda La Acelerada was attacked. The even...

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  • After an armed attack, the death of the Mexican regional vocalist was reported.
  • The vocalist of Banda La Acelerada was attacked.
  • The events occurred at a private party.

The vocalist of Banda La Acelerada was killed in Sonora in an armed attack. Néstor Valdez, lead singer of Banda La Acelerada was declared dead after an armed attack at a private party in the municipality of San Luis Río Colorado, in the Mexican state of Sonora.

The attack occurred at around 9:30 p.m. on Friday, July 16, according to El Universal. According to the report, vocalist Néstor Valdez from Banda La Acelerada was killed when he was singing with his group.

They kill the vocalist of the Banda La Acelerada

They kill the vocalist of the Banda La Acelerada
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The above occurred in the municipality of San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. Néstor Valdez, vocalist of the Banda La Acelerada, died after suffering an armed attack inside a party hall in the aforementioned municipality of Mexico.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Friday, July 16, the young musician was gunned down in a party hall while performing a song. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was transferred to a hospital in Mexicali, Baja California, where hours later he died.

Rest in peace the musician friend Néstor Valdez, former vocalist of Banda La Acelerada

Rest in peace the musician friend Néstor Valdez, former vocalist of Banda La Acelerada
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In accordance with The Herald of Mexico, colleagues from the Mexican regional group “Banda La Acelerada” confirmed and regretted the terrible news. “Rest in peace, musician friend Néstor Valduienez, former vocalist of Banda La Acelerada,” they wrote.

“He collaborated with us in the recording of the video ‘You are going to regret it’ by Alex Inda, we unite in his pain, undoubtedly an unfortunate loss, prompt resignation for his colleagues, friends and family,” said members of the Banda La Acelerada , according to Infobae.

The attack ended his life

The attack ended his life
PHOTO Twitter

The serious injuries that he suffered in the attack led him to death hours later, unfortunately, this is not the first time that a singer has suffered an attack that ends his life. The murder of another well-known singer was recently revealed.

As if it were a story similar to the murder of the Pirate of Culiacán, last weekend the Colombian singer Junior Jein was shot dead, according to media reports. communication like ‘El Tiempo’ and ‘Infobae’, which gave an account of what happened outside a nightclub in the south of Cali.

June Jein was shot to death. Murder like the Pirate of Culiacán?

Junior jein

The Colombian singer Junior Jein was originally from Buenaventura, he was 38 years old, he was known as ‘El Señor del Pacífico’ as one of the precursors of salsa choke, also a pioneer of the urban movement in his country, Colombia, plagued by violence and drug-related crimes.

Junior Jein prior to his murder, was in full promotion of his song ‘Bom Bom’ and had even visited several discos. One of those in charge of making the tragic news of the singer’s death known was Rigoberto Lasso, Secretary of Ethnic Affairs of the Valley, who expressed: “Very regrettable, it hurts to answer the phone and receive this type of news, Junior Jein, God guide your path and you leave a mark for our people ”.

Was Junior Jein’s murder by organized crime?

Junior Jein murder

While several musical colleagues sent their condolences to fans and family of Junior Jein, it is known that the singer was shot to death on the night of Sunday, June 13, at the nightclub ‘At another level disco club’, which is located on Roosevelt Avenue with Carrera 37 south of Cali.

For his part, one of the vocalists of the Chocquibtown group left his farewell: “They killed Jein because in Colombia talent is not enough, nor is it enough. The life of the blacks is not worth it. Youth in good luck was always alone. Strengthen your family. We are crying as hell, “he said on Twitter.

They shot him and he couldn’t resist the attack

Assassination of Colombian singer as El Pirata de Culiacán

As reported by ‘Infobae’, one of Junior Jein’s colleagues called Patio 4 Music, gave more details of the shooting attack of the Colombian, who had been in the nightclub to promote his new music when suddenly there was a shooting, or attack? direct), which left him seriously injured …

However, people rushed to help the singer and quickly called the paramedics, to be transferred to a hospital where, unfortunately, due to the amount of bullets he received, he arrived without vital signs. The tragic news spread like wildfire on Twitter where the Colombian’s name was a trend.

The tragic photograph that gave an account of the alleged murder of the singer June Jein, similar to the Pirate of Culiacán?

Alleged photo of Junior Jein after murder

‘El Señor del Pacífico’ or ‘El Caballo’, as Junior Jein was known, died in circumstances similar to that of youtuber El Pirata de Culiacán who in Mexico a few years ago was shot to death by an armed group in a nightclub and the bloody images from his body spread.

On Twitter, the image of Junior Jein killed outside the nightclub, was shared while fans and followers begged because it was a joke, however it was not. Although the lines of investigation are in process to clarify the motive for the crime, it is believed that since the singer was involved in social activism, it would have been a direct attack.

Was he killed for a social activist?

How the Pirate of Culiacán was shot to death

The 38-year-old murdered singer’s fame exploded in 2014 with the urban genre, which allowed him to be known for salsa choke music and also when the Colombian national team supported his music on social networks. In recent weeks, Junior Jein would have been part of the social activism for his country in the demonstrations against the Government.

On his Instagram account, Junior Jein was quite active sharing photos and videos about his projects in music and social activism, with more than 159 thousand followers and defined as ‘El Negro Grande de Colombia’ and his latest publication is striking. just 20 hours ago, before his death.

His last Instagram post before his murder draws attention

Junior Jein's Instagram murder

Unlike El Pirata de Culiacán, Junior Jein was always very active in protests for the government and he was happy and content with his entire family and his latest publication, dressed as a Charro with some mariachis singing his recent song, draws attention.

Just 20 hours ago, without expecting it to be his last day of life, a video from ‘The reward’, Junior Jein’s new single where he appears singing ‘The reward comes from above, whatever you do in life do it with your heart, the reward is like a reward in any situation, I have been paid badly, but it has blessed God… ”, is heard in the song.

Condolences after the murder of Junior Jein

The last Junior Jein post before murder

The condolences from the people who followed Junior Jein appeared in his most recent publication focused on his new music video: “My brother does not believe them”, “In peace rest bro”, “My respect, God always bless you What a good song ”,“ The Glory is From God ”.

Junior Jein has hits such as ‘Diciembre’, ‘Turin Turan’ and ‘Bambambilan’, obtaining nominations as in the category of Best Urban Artist of Colombia at the Shock Awards along with artists such as Maluma, J Balvin and Chocquibtown, who considered him an inspiration for its music.

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