New video of Octavio with a firearm emerges

New video of the deceased actor emerges on social media. In the clip he is seen carrying a firearm. A Cuautitlán Izcalli policeman is acc...

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  • New video of the deceased actor emerges on social media.
  • In the clip he is seen carrying a firearm.
  • A Cuautitlán Izcalli policeman is accused of leaking the video.

A week after the death of Octavio Ocaña, new information about the young ‘Vecinos’ actor that could raise more questions in regards to his death had been leaked. It’s not the only video that has been circulating that shows the actor in scandalous situations, another clip was recently revealed where he was seen consuming illegal substances.

According to social media, the videos were leaked by a member of the Cuautitlán Izcalli police. This was was allegedly the person who stole the young actor’s cell phone, as well as other personal belongings, like a gold chain, a bracelet and a ring. So far, there are no statements confirming this version of events.


Photo: Twitter

A week after the death of the actor, countless theories have been circulating about the tragedy involving his death. Recently, a series of videos were released showing actor using hallucinogenic substances, and that he was carrying a gun. Various sources state that the young actor was involved with dangerous people and that was the reason why he died.

Although his father told the media that his son did not use drugs, the recent video published raises questions about this. In recent days, Mr. Octavio Pérez confirmed that ‘Tavo’ knew how to handle a weapon and that he had taught him how to use it. In addition, he had all the necessary permits, so the video that was revealed would confirm his statement.

Octavio Ocaña video: Did he know how to use a weapon?

Octavio Ocaña video weapon: Did you know how to use a weapon?
Photo: Twitter

In the video that was released, the 22-year-old young man can be seen hanging out with his friends and the voice of Vicente Fernández is heard in the background. Apparently, they are challenging him to shoot a target and teach them how to use the weapon. Octavio Ocaña wears a green shirt and a baseball cap. He holds the gun in his hand.

“Orale, pin..e Benito,” says a man in the background of the video, while Octavio raises his arm as he aims the gun to shoot. The person who was filming shows the young actor as they egg him on. The young man is confident when handling the weapon as he prepares to fire. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Weapon Video

Octavio Ocaña video with weapon: What was he shooting at?

Octavio Ocaña video weapon: What was he shooting at?
Photo: Twitter

Everything seems to indicate that he and his friends are just trying to shoot into the air. Everyone seems to be celebrating. There’s loud music and the young people are laughing while watching Octavio Ocaña shoot. ‘Benito’, as his friends say in the video, tells them to ‘wait’, while the others continue to encourage him.

“Don’t aim, dude” Octavio says to his friends, while taking off the safety from the gun. “Give me one, dude,” says his friend with a laugh. Then, the actor fires two shots; In total, there were five shots heard in the video that was posted on social media. The video ends while the comedian is loading bullets into the weapon. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Weapon Video

Octavio Ocaña video with weapon: Who leaked it?

Octavio Ocaña video weapon: Who leaked it?
Photo: Twitter

The video only shows the 22-year-old man, hanging out with his friends in an outdoor area. Well, as his father stated in recent interviews, one can see that the young man knows how to handle a firearm skillfully. This made several people on social media wonder if he actually shot himself or if it was someone from outside who attacked him. As this material emerged, users also began to question where these clips came from. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

They show a new video of actor Octavio Ocaña firing a gun. Through social media, someone identified Cuautitlan Izcalli, and says it was Edomex police officer Leslie Monroy, “who allegedly stole the cell phone and bracelet and is presumed to be the one who leaked the videos,” says Fernando Cruz, on Twitter. He shared this information and responded to questions from others. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Weapon Video

Octavio Ocaña video with weapon: Who taught him to shoot?

Octavio Ocaña video weapon: Who taught you to shoot?
Photo: YouTube

After the actor’s death was announced, it was reported that he was carrying the firearm that ended his life. This version of events, which was accepted by the FGJEM, is different from the one offered by the actor’s father who insists that his son had a registered gun but that the shot that ended his life, is of a different caliber. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Weapon Video

They find the gun, yeah. The weapon did belong to us, the gun was registered. They have it and they know it was registered, because it is old but they will want to change everything, that is clear to me. My son was shot with a nine millimeter, it is clear to me. My son did not use drugs, that is clear” he commented. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Octavio Ocaña video with weapon: Were there shots fired from both sides?

Octavio Ocaña video weapon: Were there shots from both sides?
Photo: YouTube

In the interview, Pérez stated that his son had a weapon that he did not fire. He insists that his son was murdered and that there was evidence showing that the actor was being shot at during the police pursuit. And that his son feared that they would take his life if he stopped and was confronted by Mexican authorities.

My son did not discharge the weapon, he did not discharge it. They killed my son, the proof is that my son was being shot from the road. Because they came from the highway, they made a mistake there because they were on a non-municipal federal highway.”

Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Weapon Video

What version of events did authorities give to his family?

Accompanying member Octavio Ocaña statement: What version did they give to your family?
Photo: YouTube

Octavio Pérez, confirmed that his daughter received a completely different version when she went to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico. Initial reports stated that they had not found evidence of alcohol or drugs. In addition that ballistics had confirmed that they did not find presence of gunpowder. For this reason, the father of the deceased actor believes that the current version released by the FGJEM is a lie.

“There is a prosecutor who spoke with my daughter and I said no, the alcohol-test came out negative first, negative Harrison test,” said Mr. Octavio Pérez in response to questions about his son’s death. He has continued to raise doubts about the veracity of the Attorney General’s Office. “How was he going to shoot himself? And they turn it over to my daughter: Oh, guess what? It was positive after all. That’s why I brought him with me, ” the man stated to the press.

A video emerges of Octavio Ocaña doing the unimaginable

They broadcast video doing the unimaginable
Photo Reform Agency

A week after the death of actor Octavio Ocaña, who played Benito in the series Vecinos (Neighbors), a video circulated on social media in which he allegedly inhales a white powder. In the seven-second clip, of which the exact date and origin are unknown, the 22-year-old actor is allegedly seen in the back seat of a car inhaling drugs.

“Holy sh…,” exclaims the star of the hit series Vecinos, who then acts surprised that he was being filmed. Internet users point to Lesly Monroy, an agent of the State of Mexico, for allegedly leaking the video and having the actor’s cell phone, as well as his gold chain. She denies this information.

The family accuse the police of stealing a bracelet from ‘Benito Rivers’

They denounce that the police stole a slave from 'Benito Rivers'
Photo Reform Agency

After Bertha Ocaña, sister of the late Octavio Ocaña, posted a goodby message to the actor, she went on social media again. This time it was to accuse a policewoman. She asserted through her Instagram stories that a person stole the gold bracelet that the actor always wore on one of his wrists.

Bertha expressed her anger, because in a video the woman is seen putting it into her pants after inspecting it. “Tavo’s” partner, Nerea Godínez supported what her sister-in-law said and also denounced the police for having stolen the bracelet after the collision on the Chamapa-Lechería highway, which ended the actor’s life.

“It wasn’t enough for you to kill him, you pigs!”

"It wasn't enough for you to kill him, you pigs!"
Photo Reform Agency

“It wasn’t enough for you to kill him, you pigs! They stole everything they could! that chain was ours,” reads the caption shared by Bertha. On the other hand, yesterday images of Octavio Ocaña allegedly consuming drugs in a car with some friends were shared on social media.

In the clip, the actor is seen inhaling a white substance, which is allegedly cocaine, directly from a cell phone, while someone else records it. Upon realizing this, the young man laughs and tries to take his phone from his friend, who decides to end the video (With information from Agencia Reforma).

There is no detainee after the death of ‘Benito’

There is no detainee after the death of 'Benito'
Instagram photo

If the family has questions about the expert opinions and even about the actions of the Cuautitlán Izcalli police, they can review the investigation folder. Sources close to the investigation recalled that the two policemen who participated in the pursuit of the truck that was driven by the actor, were released, along with Benito’s two friends, “because there was no crime to charge them with.”

While through a Facebook group called “Justice for Octavio Ocaña”, a massive march is being organized in the different states of the Mexican Republic. They are requesting that the case of the “Neighbors” actor, who died last Friday, be further investigated. Bertha Ocaña, the actor’s sister, says that the demonstration will take place on Sunday, November 7, the day on which Octavio would have turned 23 (With information from Agencia El Universal).


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