Video of Jenni Rivera singing with Chiquis appears? Rumors that she is alive resurface (VIDEO)

Video circulates which supposedly proves Jenni Rivera is alive. In the recording ‘La Diva de la Banda’ appears singing with h...

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  • Video circulates which supposedly proves Jenni Rivera is alive.
  • In the recording ‘La Diva de la Banda’ appears singing with her daughter Chiquis.
  • The rumors that she is still alive don’t stop.

Jenni Rivera lives singing Chiquis. The rumors that the singer Jenni Rivera is alive continue to circulate on social networks, this time it was thanks to a video where the ‘Diva de la Banda’ can be seen singing as usual, but this time, did she do it next to her daughter Chiquis?

It should be remembered that on December 9, 2012, Jenni Rivera took a private flight that would take her from Monterrey, Nuevo León, to Toluca, Mexico, where she was recording the television program “La Voz”. However, a few minutes after taking off, the LearJet 25 registration N345MC in which she was traveling crashed near the municipality of Iturbide, in Nuevo León, causing her death.

Jenni Rivera alive?

Jenni Rivera appears alive singing with her daughter Chiquis

Through a recording shared on a YouTube channel, you can see what seems to be Jenni Rivera singing alongside her controversial daughter Chiquis, who again reappeared this famous rumor that the artist is still alive, but there is something strange about the video.

The strange thing is that the woman they say is the ‘Great Lady’ is turning her back to the camera, and in the entire recording she never shows her face, it is worth mentioning that the physical resemblance to Rivera is identical, generating great controversy among the followers of Jenni on social media.

Jenni Rivera singing Chiquis: Doesn’t show her face

Jenni Rivera is alive

In the video shared by the account Lady comunica, the Riveras appear both mother and daughter singing, the supposed Jenni is turning her back, also in the video it is possible to observe Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis’s ex-husband, singing next to the daughter of the Diva of the Band.

“A video is circulating on social networks again where Chiquis and Jenni Rivera can be seen singing together. However, the supposed Jenni Rivera is only seen from behind, what do you think? ”, Was the headline of the video that is circulating on the network, where they affirm that the singer still lives.

Jenni Rivera singing Chiquis: Great controversy

He sings alongside his daughter Chiquis

The influencer who appears in the video mentions that there is a possibility that the person who has a great resemblance to Jenni Rivera could be herself, since as mentioned before, Lorenzo Méndez also appears as Chiquis’s partner, singing along with them. .

It should be remembered that Lorenzo and Chiquis made their romance official until 2016, four years after the death of the grupera singer. Even Internet users reacted to it: “It’s Jenni why Chiquis met Lorenzo in 2016 and at that time Jenni was supposedly dead and now this is alive.” TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Jenni Rivera singing Chiquis: “I don’t think I’m an imitator”

Jenni Rivera live singing Chiquis
To end the video Lady Comunica informs that in no way can she be the singer, since she looks very thin, Internet users immediately made themselves known in the comments to give their different opinion about this controversial case, which keeps the fans hopeful.
“Wow if it’s her, I don’t think she’s an imitator, or are they going to say it’s the lady from the kitchen channel who is her friend, hahaha if she’s already your friend, right? He even teaches her to sing and if she looks like it, don’t say no. She may have lost weight period. Yes it is his same body and his same legs, with less weight. But it’s Jenni Rivera, “said a netizen.

Jenni Rivera singing Chiquis: One of her latest problems

Jenni Rivera and her polemics

Although her divorce with Trino Marín was formalized in 1992, it took five years for one of the biggest controversies faced by the “Diva of the band” to come to light, since in 1997, her sister Rosie confessed having suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Trino Marín. To this accusation was added a shocking fact: the singer’s ex-husband also abused her daughters Chiquis and Jacqie.

It took nine years for Trino Marín to be tried, and in 2006 he was finally sentenced to 31 years in prison without parole on charges of eight serious crimes, including: lewd acts against a minor, continued sexual abuse and aggravated sexual assault in against a minor.

Chiquis’s betrayal?

Chiquis and her problems

Her separation from Esteban Loaiza is one of the controversies that the singer had to bear, because after two years of marriage they decided to end the relationship amid rumors of an alleged infidelity on the part of the ex-baseball player.

According to statements from some close sources, Jenni would have learned of an alleged love affair between her ex-partner and her eldest daughter, Chiquis. Jenni never publicly admitted this situation, but she did make it clear that she had observed behavior on the part of Loaiza that made her consider that her marriage had been a mistake.

Jenni Rivera’s death

Jenni Rivera live singing Chiquis
Instagram photo Jenni Rivera

The news of his death captured the headlines of the most important media for several weeks, and to date it is considered one of the most shocking deaths in the middle of the show. The Mexican authorities would find remains of the aircraft, in which the singer, four members of her staff and two pilots perished: Alberto Rivera Saavedra, Mario Macias, Jacob Llenares and Gerardo N., Miguel Pérez and Alejandro Torres.

Jenni Rivera’s remains rest in the All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California, and her legacy is such that on July 2, 2016, Council Member Dee Andrews named a Long Beach public park “Jenni Rivera Memorial Park,” in recognition of his artistic legacy and contributions to the community. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Live Singing Chiquis

Hiding with Angela Aguilar?


Two photographs previously circulated on YouTube of what would be the ‘evidence’ that Jenni Rivera is hiding in the ranch of Pepe Aguilar’s family, and that she has even supposedly had a very good relationship with Ángela Aguilar.

In the description of the video it says verbatim: “Angela Aguilar reveals that Jenni Rivera has been hiding in her ranch all this time – year 2021” and until today at 1 pm on June 23, 2021, it exceeded 306 thousand 800 views . Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Live Singing Chiquis

The evidence


The video is accompanied by some alleged textual figures that cannot be confirmed since official information is lacking, however the narrator assumes that those words were issued by Ángela Aguilar, without presenting any recording or video that supports them.

What generated the most controversy were the alleged current images between the two artists, so several opinions were immediately dropped that questioned their veracity and therefore we will leave you some comments. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Live Singing Chiquis

Jenni had asked for the photos to be published


In the video, the narrator refers to alleged statements by Ángela Aguilar and Jenni Rivera herself. The first supposedly ensures that Chiquis Rivera’s mother is very happy because she was locked up in the Zacatecas ranch all this time.

In addition, he assures that the Diva de la Banda, would have expressly asked him to publish the photographs so that people would realize, since he found the peace he needed to be able to move forward and that he is very grateful to the Aguilar family. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera Live Singing Chiquis



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