After reporting on his delicate state of health, a video of Chyno Miranda from bed alarms fans and they notice something strange (VIDEO)

Video of Chyno Miranda alarms the singer’s fans. Although several users were concerned, others attack him. “What this one wan...

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  • Video of Chyno Miranda alarms the singer’s fans.
  • Although several users were concerned, others attack him.
  • “What this one wants is money and pity so that people will support him,” user says.

Chyno Miranda left his fans concerned with an alarming video after his presentation at ‘Premios Juventud’ as his fans noticed several strange things and they quickly made comments on them on social networks, although in the video he declared that ‘everything was fine’ and that he was only tired, but it seems that instead of reassuring his fans, he ended up worrying them.

But it was another situation that triggered several unhappy comments, where users complained saying that the singer only wanted to attract attention when recording the video and there were also comments on the amount of gold chains that hung from his neck, for which several people pointed out that ‘if he sold one of those chains’ he would be able to live in a better condition.

Chyno Miranda alarming video: The video that the wife published

Chyno Miranda alarming video: The video that the wife published
Photo: Instagram

After an unforgettable presentation at ‘Premios Juventud’ where he returned to the stage at the hand of Nacho, to sing again with an audience present after the difficult situation that happened when he faced the coronavirus and later a disease that was the collateral damage that produced said virus.

That is why his wife recorded a video by his side, where he asked him questions about whether he was okay after being at the presentation, to which he mentioned that everything was perfect; but it was the users who noticed certain details that generated controversy due to the way it was. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Alarming Video

Chyno Miranda alarming video: “All good”

Chyno Miranda alarming video: "All good"
Photo: Instagram

In the video that Chyno Miranda’s wife uploaded, she begins to ask him how he is doing after the presentation, to which he replies that he is quite well and that he is in an excellent mood, although he is somewhat tired and with his eyes Lost, although from one moment to another he returns to the camera, to continue responding to what his wife tells him.

“All good, all good, thank God,” he commented when asked by his wife. “Excellent, excellent, excellent, all good. Kisses, “said the man before the camera of his wife, who was the one who was aware of her husband, supporting him to face the difficult situation that happened. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Alarming Video

Chyno Miranda alarming video: “One day at a time”

Chyno Miranda alarming video: "One day at a time"
Photo: Instagram

In the video he repeated the phrase of ‘One day at a time’ that has been very present in the life of the singer and that he has used as a personal mantra, since it remains part of his day to day in the constant struggle of being in against the disease that attacked him and left him in a critical condition for a few months without knowing if he could survive.

“One day at a time, remember it,” his wife mentions in the video. “Yeah, one day at a time,” he replied, smiling at her. “Because that day has reached too much,” he finished saying and ended the video. It was after the account of ‘Gossip No Like’, that he uploaded the video, mentioning how he had done in ‘Premios Juventud’ in his reunion with Nacho. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Alarming Video

Chyno Miranda alarming video: Criticism rained on him

Chyno Miranda alarming video: Criticism rained on him
Photo: Instagram

Well, it seems that the singer not only received worried comments from his fans, but he also received bad reviews where they criticized him for using too many chains and also that instead of using them he should use that money to ‘find a good doctor’ so that the disease that he has is treated, in addition to mentioning that they do not look good.

“That he sells all those hangings he has and a good doctor pays,” commented a user in the publication where the video was uploaded, since they believe that it does not look good that they record it that way and that of an image that is not, since he only seeks to give ‘pity’ to the other people who have been aware of his case. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Alarming Video

Chyno Miranda alarming video: “He wants to give pity”

Chyno Miranda alarming video: "Wants to give pity"
Photo: Instagram

And the issue of ‘pity’ came to light when a follower said that the video he had made a couple of days ago was only to have money and that he wanted to cause pity so that others would support him again; There were several comments that agreed, since they did not think it prudent for his wife to record videos of Chyno all the time.

“A lot of people are going through the same thing… but they don’t make a video of their life… if you want to feel sorry, it’s something else. What he wants is money and to give pity for them to support him ”, mentioned the user, emphasizing that it is all about a strategy to generate income because they only used the ‘sad stories’ and there were more people having a bad time. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Alarming Video

“Do not forget the jewelry”

"Forgot about jewelry"
Photo: Instagram

Several users have shown how annoying they are that Chyno is sharing the story of his illness and also that he continues to use the necklaces even in bed, which they think is not correct and have even made quite strong criticisms, where they mention that neither even ‘sick’ ceases to shine with such actions.

“Dying but the chains do not let go, hopefully when he dies they will also leave them on,” commented an Internet user, showing quite annoyed by the fact that he does not even take off the chains that he uses at all times to sleep, but some were quite disrespectful for the situation that is happening in question of its health.

The empathy of people

"His neck is going to fall"
Photo: Instagram

It was some Internet users who pointed out that people were not empathetic or compassionate when faced with the moments where it was most needed, but on the contrary since they began to point out the defects of others and that instead of focusing on it they should observe what really mattered, that in this case it is the singer’s health.

“How little compassion exists between human beings. He has to take off the chains, because you can’t see his eyes and not the chain. Every day I see less love in the world. “, Commented one user, highlighting that malicious comments were out of place, since sometimes they focus more on material things than on the events that happen.

He is sad?

"See their eyes"
Photo: Instagram

There were several followers of the page who pointed out that the singer was quite depressed and that it was noticeable in his way of speaking through the video, since his eyes could reflect the sadness he was feeling, although others argued that he was simply feeling tired from all the activities he had been through.

“You can see some sadness in his eyes,” “I can’t help being sad, but to give him lots of cheers, when we’re in bed, cheers, good vibes, good energies, is the best Medicine … with God in front of you,” they said. some people in the post who tried to be more understanding of what they wrote on social media.

“He is a champion”

"Is a champion"
Photo: Instagram

But there were several who showed their concern for the singer and let him express themselves in the comments of the publication that reposted the video, where a user mentioned that he was a champion for having faced the situation with courage and that his wife was a great woman for having stayed by his side.

“He is a champion and he gets up, but I want to send a big hug to that woman next to him. In his words you can see the great love he feels for him. God bless you always ”, declared a user, since on several occasions the singer has mentioned that his greatest support has been from his wife, who accompanied him in these difficult moments that he lived. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

What he had to face

What he had to face
Photo: Instagram

Something that is striking is that the look of the Venezuelan singer looks very different from what his fans are used to. On several occasions, he drinks water from a bottle while the following sentence can be read on the screen: “After going through the Covid I faced peripheral neuropathy”

“That made me reach the point of not being able to walk and gave me encephalitis, that was in September 2020”, shared the artist, who showed a video from a hospital bed “waking up after 15 days of sedation”, by what his fans were more than concerned about the situation that happened.

The harsh statements of the singer

What he had to face
Photo: Instagram

I did not know that it was encephalitis either: it is an inflammation of the brain that generates confusion in thinking ”, you can read on the screen. Chyno Miranda admits that she does not know how to explain this disease in medical terms, but she does know how difficult it was to live with it and have to go through the changes that her body underwent.

“They were difficult moments, I had a lot of depression, I had a lot of sadness,” said the Venezuelan singer, so that later the words “speech disorder”, “agitation” and “anxiety” would appear: “When I returned home, I had to learning to bathe, to do everything again and I really felt very bad ”.

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