Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media



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  • Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media
  • The incident occurred in a park in the city of Armenia, Quindío
  • Even the police came to the scene

A video of children beating their mother has caused outrage and commotion among users of social networks since it is seen how these minors disrespect their mother in front of everyone on the street. According to the medium The new day, this event occurred in a park in the city of Armenia, Quindío.

In the videographic material you can see how two children, who are no more than 12 years old each, yell at their mother and beat her in the middle of the street, while people who are witnessing the children’s misbehavior decide to record apparently with their cell phone this incident and demand to call the police to report this lack of respect towards the mother.

Spoiled children disrespect their mother

Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media

The video shows how the mother remains seated next to her son trying to calm his cries, which seems impossible to the point that the minor continues crying and is just when he begins to hit his mother with his arms. The video also shows how the people who witness the scene ask the girl to stop and not be “rude” to her mother, and the latter yells for her to stop.

The voice of a man heard in the material asks that the police be called to try to scare the child and make him shut up and respect his mother. Likewise, you can see the other daughter of the poor mother who is standing in front of her mother who suddenly throws herself on her mother and begins to beat her.

They ask to call the police

Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media

“Girl, girl, look hey hey, rude,” exclaims one of the men who is apparently the one who is recording with the cell phone. Call the police, call them because they don’t respect the mother, what lack of respect is that, ”those who witness this act of rudeness shout loudly.

The mother, desperate and dead with shame, explodes and shouts at her daughter: “Now, now, now, now, no more”, while the man who records tells the rude girl and she replies “what”. The mother takes the girl by the arm and sits her by her side demanding that she stop and again gentlemen who are witnessing the act recommend that she call the police.

The desperate mother breaks down in tears

Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media

The images show how the desperate and powerless mother due to the lack of respect of her children does not stop crying and remains silent while only listening to the men expressing themselves about the bad behavior of their children, their lack of respect towards her and their questions of how is it possible that they will not respect the mother. The calmed children are sitting on either side of their mother, the male on the right and the female on the left.

Apparently more people come to the place and ask what happened and those present tell them how the children beat their mother. “With the elbow they hit him.” They also complained to the children, telling them that this is wrong, that they should already know what is good and what is bad, that hitting their mother is very bad, that this is bad.

It is not the first time that this event occurs

Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media

According to witnesses, the lady works selling reds on this same site, and it would not be the first time that minors star in the scene, which has caused so much outrage to users of social networks. The audiovisual shows how the child cries hysterically and kicks another person, and when his mother tries to calm him down, the other daughter enters the scene and hits her hard.

While those present exchange comments related to the bad behavior of the spoiled children, the child exclaims that they stop wanting those present to not continue talking or making comments related to bad behavior, lack of respect and aggression committed towards their mother. But those present continue to ask that the police be called.

They demand children respect their mother

Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media

“It is that they must respect their mother, rude”, “It is the converted demon, see,” says one of those who recorded the video. “Here comes the police see”, “There they come back there”, were the phrases that continued in the audiovisual that went viral on social networks with the intention that these children respect their mother.

“Kicking the mother and hitting her in the face” says again the one who is recording the video while the girl begins to complain to the mother apparently about what the residents who are agglomerated in the park are commenting and that they post their facial gestures besides being a spoiled girl proves to be a conceited girl.

They ask to take the children to family welfare

Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media

“They are going to take you for family welfare so that they can give you clubs there,” one of the gentlemen tells the boy who remains crouched on the ground, demanding that they stop talking now. “If I were my son or nephew, I’ll end it even if they take me prisoner,” says another of those present in the park of Plaza Bolívar, according to the man who is recording the material.

The mother in total silence only listens to everything that those present say and answers questions to those who approach her. “The peladito’s mother has burst the jars” says another of those present telling another person about the blows that these children gave their mother and for having broken the jars.

People in the place express themselves about what happened

Video of children beating their mother causes outrage on social media

“I do call her, they don’t respect a blowjob from I don’t know what disrespect is that grossest crap. Go away, aren’t you going to hit your mom? ”. “Oh no, if I go to the majority I can talk to him, I already called him. I already deserve it. How do I want my son to have a mother? But eight zero is disrespectful. He is not going to respect my mother, especially my mother ”.

“It is not I who am a man for them. And it hits them. Oh, it’s not everyone’s business. I don’t see myself with younger children. What for when they are big? So how do they do it? Is so big? “Daughter, you know that, you have to call the family welfare because the good boy is not like he was when he was a child, with him everything made him lazy,” said in the video children hitting the mother those present who witnessed these acts of spoiledness of the children against their mother.

The child calls the mother silly

And as if that were not enough with everything that has happened since the beginning of the video, the degree of naughtiness that these children have has no limits. After hitting him and seeing that those who are witnessing the incident threaten to call the police, the mother tries to cover the child’s mouth so that he stops crying and remains calm.

“Let’s see what a silly pinch” says the child to the mother and this unleashes even more the indignation of those present. And the mother complains to him and tells him that she has not done anything to make him in that bad attitude with her. “I’m not doing anything to you, you started it.

They insist they call the police

“No, he doesn’t call the police anymore, that’s fine with me, I’ve already called him Toscanini. The thing is that the lady already says that the child keeps hitting the mother all day, ”those present insist that they call the police since despite everything they have told these children it has been of no use because they continue spoiled with mom and everyone in the park.

“Do you think it is nice that you are saying that to mother sapa as a gossip? So because of her, in this family she already has something new psychologically bad, they have it psychologically bad child, “said another of those present. “Then, at least. No, I know, I know, I know, Mom, I know if it’s true or not, I know. I know. No, I know, mom and I know the rules here. I know. But that naughtiness ”, can be seen in the video of children hitting their mother.

They claim the girl for telling the mother gossip

Why are you so little threatening your mom? Why? He says gossipy, sapa. Why do you call her a gossip if she was the one who brought you into the world? Do you think it is nice that you are saying that to your mother, you know, gossip? One of the men asks the girl.

And the spoiled girl, instead of paying attention to what they are saying, shakes her shoulders as a sign that she does not care about what they are saying to her. Finally, two patrolmen approach after hearing the scandal and witnesses tell them what happened.

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