Victims of the metro tragedy in Mexico have been identified (PHOTOS)

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Victims of the metro tragedy in Mexico have been identified (PHOTOS)
  • Victims of the metro tragedy have been identified
  • Relatives wait at the Public Ministry to identify their loved ones
  • They only have identified five out of 24 dead

On the outskirts of the facilities of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, the relatives of the victims who lost their lives during the overpass collapse await. They are waiting to be able to identify and take home those who didn’t arrive home two nights ago.

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According to the Efe news agency, the identification of the at least 24 victims of the collapse of a section of Line 12 of the Mexico City subway progresses slowly, after a tragedy that is haunted by the specter of corruption and poor maintenance of public transport.

Subway Mexico victims: Nancy Lezama was found dead

victims metro Mexico
PHOTO Twitter

Among those missing persons, the case of Nancy Lezama, a young woman who was traveling in one of the subway line 12 carriages on Monday night, stood out on social networks and from the moment of the accident her relatives reported her as missing.

As reported by the reporter Carlos Jiménez through his account Twitter, Nancy Lezama “just came back from work” accompanied by her sister Tania, who accompanied her because she did not like to go home alone. “Nancy will not be back. Tania is serious; he convalesces in a hospital ”.

Victims of metro México: “Only five have been identified”

victims metro Mexico
PHOTO Twitter

At a press conference, the head of the Civil Protection Department of Mexico City, Myriam Urzúa, explained that so far “only five have been identified” of the 24 people who lost their lives in the tragic accident on Monday.

The authorities reported that the probability of people being trapped under the rubble is “very low”, however many missing people are still reported on social networks. As announced, of the 79 people hospitalized on Monday night, 15 remain hospitalized, some seriously.

Mom desperately looking for Brandon Giovanni

victims metro Mexico

Another case that has ‘shaken’ Mexico is that of Brandon Giovanni Hernández Tapia, whose mother desperately seeks him from the first minutes after the accident; The young man was traveling on the subway with his father, Rigoberto Hernández, who is admitted to the General Hospital of Balbuena, as reported by Radio Fórmula, but nothing has yet been heard from Brandon Giovanni.

The case of Brandon Giovanni, just 12 years old, became more dramatic after his mother, Marisol Tapia, revealed that he spoke with her five minutes before the subway cars collapsed. Just a few hours ago the authorities confirmed that their search continues.

Victims metro Mexico: Relatives look for their dead

victims metro Mexico
PHOTO Twitter

The accident occurred on Monday at 10:22 p.m. (03.22 GMT on Tuesday) when a beam from an elevated bridge on Line 12, between Olivos and Tezonco stations, in the south of the Mexican capital, gave way, causing the fall of a train with passengers that was stranded in the shape of a “V”.

The images of the collapse of the bridge, which fell on cars that were circulating along the busy Tláhuac avenue, shocked the Aztec country in the greatest tragedy that has been remembered in the capital since the earthquake of September 19, 2017.

Bodies are transferred to the Public Ministry

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The capital prosecutor’s office reported that it is transferring the bodies of the deceased to the territorial offices of the Public Ministry in Iztapalapa, in the east of the city, for identification. But since last night, they have been approaching the place of the family events of users who traveled in the capital metro, one of the busiest in the world with almost six million daily passengers.

“They do not provide me with the list of dead, I want to know if my son is dead,” a heartbroken Marisol Tapia, mother of Giovanni Hernández, a 13-year-old young man who was traveling on the train, told the Efe news agency in front of the scene of the accident, where half of one of the wagons has already been removed.

Victims of metro México: There will be an international expert opinion

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In the face of popular outrage over the collapse of a line that has been in the spotlight for years in the controversy over corruption and poor maintenance, the mayor of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, promised that “to the last consequences” will be reached.

He announced a “very detailed review” of the elevated section of Line 12, which has been suspended, as well as an external expert contracted to the Norwegian company Det Norske Veritas “to get to the bottom of what happened” and give a certain sense of justice to the mourners.

They ask for ‘heads’ from the subway

However, Sheinbaum ruled out the dismissal of the director of the metro, Florencia Serranía, or other public officials until the results of the investigations are available. The management of Serranía has been especially questioned since last November 9, when the aging control center of the capital metro caught fire, leaving six lines without service for several days and weeks.

In addition, residents of the damaged area on Monday had reported damage to the pillars of the bridge since the 2017 earthquake. “From what I understand there was no alert of any problem that could lead us to this situation. That is why the expert opinion is essential and not to make any hypothesis until we have it verified ”, Sheinbaum settled.

Mexico subway victims: Eyes on Ebrard


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The controversial Line 12 was the great work of the current Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, during his administration as mayor of the then Federal District (2006-2012), now called Mexico City, to connect the humble areas of the south of the capital.

In October 2012, a few months after finishing his term as head of government of the capital, Marcelo Ebrard opened the line smiling, together with the magnate Carlos Slim, who participated in the works, and the then president of Mexico, the PAN member Felipe Calderón .

Line 12 had already presented failures

However, the so-called golden line, which became the most expensive public work of the moment in Mexico and was criticized for waste, became a headache by presenting several failures, which forced the suspension of part of its service between 2014 and 2015.

Pablo Montes, anticorruption coordinator of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), told Efe on Tuesday that the collapse of the bridge is explained by “technical ineptitude, negligence and corruption.” And he added that “from the beginning it was a problematic project” characterized by a continuous increase in the costs of the work.

Victims of metro Mexico: Ebrard flees due to political persecution

Faced with the accusations, Marcelo Ebrard moved to Paris in 2015 denouncing a political persecution, and returned to Mexican politics in 2018 repeated by the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as his chancellor, who is in charge of foreign policy affairs.

At a press conference with the president, Ebrard said on Tuesday that he will make himself available to the authorities for having promoted the construction of the line and said that “those who act with integrity should not fear anything.” Precisely Ebrard and Sheinbaum are the main names that sound in the pools to succeed López Obrador in 2024.

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