There is an update on Vicente Fernández’s health and he is still hospitalized (PHOTO)

Vicente Fernández has been in the hospital for almost 3 months. Vicente Fernández’s health was announced through a new medical repo...

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  • Vicente Fernández has been in the hospital for almost 3 months.
  • Vicente Fernández’s health was announced through a new medical report.
  • The Mexican Charro fights for his life as he is afflicted by several ailments.

Vicente Fernández is still in the hospital and his health continues to be closely monitored by the doctors who treat him and they talked about his condition in a release that was recently issued, where they gave an account of how much improvement or progress he has had almost three months after being hospitalized.

While the members of the Fernández family have resumed their activities like Alejandro and his son who are on a tour of the United States, and as Doña Cuquita recovers from an operation that took place weeks ago, Don Vicente Fernández is still in the hospital and now the latest information regarding his state of health is being reported.

Vicente Fernández is still in the hospital, is he deteriorating?

Vicente Fernández slowly recovers in hospital
Instagram: Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernández was admitted to the hospital in July thanks to an alleged fall that he had at his Ranch, however, it later emerged that it would have been due to a deterioration in his health, until he detected the Guillain Barré syndrome that is currently being treated.

However, false news about his death has transpired as time passes and the family is very hermetic with the information about the legendary’s health. singer Mexican adhering exclusively to the press releases that they send with the medical report.

You no longer have a remedy? Vicente Fernández’s new health report

Vicente Fernández hospital health statement

Through Vicente Fernández’s Instagram account, replicated by ‘Hoy Día’, it is reported how Vicente Fernández’s health is and his hospitalization: “On behalf of the Fernández family and their treating physicians, we thank you for continuing to monitor your health of Mr. Vicente Fernández ”, it begins.

“Mr. Vicente Fernández continues in intensive care under close medical supervision. His state of health at the moment continues to be stable. The process of his disease requires a special physical rehabilitation program that includes swallowing therapy, physical and pulmonary therapy, ”the statement advances.

Still requires assistance to breathe

Vicente Fernández health

However, progress in Vicente Fernández’s health is slow and his departure from the hospital is still a long way off: “His superior neurological condition is integrated by interacting with the medical staff and his family. His cardiovascular condition without alterations. Derived from his illness, he still depends on support for breathing ”, it reads.

Unfortunately, it seems that the singer’s recovery is very slow: “He has presented inflammation of the respiratory tract due to a prolonged ventilatory process. It should be noted that his recovery process derived from the damage to his peripheral nerves is very, very slow “, they add in the medical part.

People ask for the health of the Charro

Vicente Fernández hospital health

Given the information about the health of Vicente Fernández who continues to be hospitalized for almost 3 months, people turned to sending him their prayers for a speedy recovery: “Force Chente, my prayers are with you”, “To continue recovering, sir,” “We will continue praying just as we did not stop clapping, now we will not stop praying for him and for the whole family ”.

“We continue in prayer for his speedy recovery”, “From the hand of God he will go forward, for his well-being and for the joy of his family”, “We continue to pray for him and his family. God is great and works miracles ”,“ Quick recovery for our great artist ”,“ Don Vicente is almost out, stay strong ”,“ First, God, everything will turn out well for Don Vicente, we have him in our prayers ”, commented the people.

Vicente Fernández’s health improvement is slow and he will not leave the hospital soon

El Charro Salud is in the hospital

SAD NEWS. After a month and a half hospitalized in Jalisco, Mexico, a new medical report of the singer Vicente Fernández reveals that he is still in intensive care and on a respirator.

This Monday, September 20, the specialists who treat him and his family addressed the general public to report that Vicente Fernández, 81, is “stable”, although his breathing is still weak.

New medical report of Vicente Fernández reveals that he is still in intensive care

New medical report of Vicente Fernández reveals that he is still in intensive care
Photo: Mezcalent

“The Fernández family and their treating physicians, we appreciate the concern for the health of Mr. Vicente Fernández,” begins the statement saying that immediately states that the singer is still in intensive care and with help to breathe.

“He is still in intensive care because of the type of care that is required. His breathing is through tracheostomy with intermittent periods of support and with spontaneous breathing continuing his pulmonary rehabilitation to achieve a greater effective respiratory effort ”, he adds.

“Stable” condition

Although the singer still has to work on strengthening his lungs, another story is his heart, because “his cardiovascular condition has remained stable,” according to the doctors.

Vicente Fernández’s medical condition compromises his mobility and that is why specialists emphasize that the singer will continue with “a special physical rehabilitation program.”

Thanks Mexico

Photo: Instagram

The latest publications on Vicente Fernández’s Instagram account have been limited to a conglomerate of medical reports, because in fact it is an official channel that family members and doctors have chosen to communicate to the public how Chente is evolving.

With the exception of a moving image published a few days ago in which Vicente Fernández hugs a large Mexican flag. “Thank you to all those who are asking for my health in all Spanish-speaking countries and the world,” says the message.

What happened to Vicente Fernández?

They give the latest report on the health of Vicente Fernández: there is no good news
Photo: Mezcalent

The interpreter arrived several weeks ago at a private hospital in Guadalajara after a fall on his Los Tres Potrillos farm that hit him in the cervicals near the skull, injuring his spinal cord and leaving him without movement of his arms and legs. He had to undergo emergency surgery that caused respiratory deterioration and therefore he was connected to artificial respiration.

Later, the family reported that Fernández also suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome, a condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves and that can lead to paralysis. They claim that it is something that has nothing to do with the fall.

Covid-19 was ruled out

Instagram photo

Recently, a Mexican magazine spread the news that Don Vicente had Covid-19. However, Vicente Fernandez Jr. shared through his social networks the results of the test carried out on his father to calm the rumors.

According to the document with the results of the medical study, the “Charro de Huentitán” tested negative for the different variants of the coronavirus, enterovirus, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus. Some images in this note come from this and this videos


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