Singer Vicente Fernández’s granddaughter breaks the silence and talks about his health

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  • Vicente Fernández’s granddaughter makes strong statements
  • Camila Fernández burst into tears when talking about her grandfather’s state of health
  • “Pray a lot for him, he needs you so much, we need him.” Said Camila

Do they foresee the death of Vicente Fernández? Camila Fernández shocked all her grandfather’s fans by breaking down in tears and asking them to pray for el Charro de Huentitán. She talked to the cameras of a TV show about the Mexican singer’s health, his hospitalization and mentioned that he had lost weight.





The Fernández family has been very secretive about the health of ‘El Chente’ and it is surprising whenever they make any statement about his health. For this reason, the Mexican singer’s fans were concerned to see Camila cry in front of the cameras and ask them to pray for his health and for everything to improve in the near future.

Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter: The interview with Camila

Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter: The interview with Camila
Photo: Instagram

It was the reporters from Tell me what you know, who met Vicente Fernández’s granddaughter at the airport while she was in the company of her husband Francisco Barba and their daughter, Cayetana. The 23-year-old girl agreed to talk about her grandfather and the state of health in which he is, in addition to confessing that at first they were in shock by the news of the singer’s hospitalization.

But, without a doubt, what most worried the fans of the Fernández family was seeing the young woman cry. Camila could not contain her tears, when she was asked to send a message to all her grandfather’s fans and expressed to ask for his health, since they could not do anything to make him recover quickly, just pray for his health. . Filed Under: Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter

Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter: Shocking news

Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter: Shocking news
Photo: Screenshot of Suelta la Sopa

Camila Fernández confessed to reporters from Tell me what you know as was receiving the news of his grandfather’s hospitalization. She is one of the few people within her family who have spoken out about the situation around her family’s patriarch and who desired the prayers of fans of Chente Fernández.

“We had such a shock.”, Confessed the singer’s granddaughter answering the question of the reporter of the entertainment program, about the situation they are experiencing around the health of her grandfather and now, the hospitalization of Mrs. Cuquita. Camila Fernández hinted that the news of Vicente Fernández’s fall had surprised everyone and at the same time saddened. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter

Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter: “We try to encourage her”

Granddaughter Vicente Fernández cries: "We try to cheer him up"
Photo: Screenshot of Suelta la Sopa

The 23-year-old girl confessed to the entertainment program that they were at a very sensitive moment in their lives and that they were trying to encourage each other. She mentioned that the moment she received the news, the entire family had been left with low spirits and still cannot recover due to the state in which the patriarch of the dynasty is.

“We are all so sensitive, trying to encourage him as much as we can.” Fernández responded to the questioning of the press and commenting that they were trying to encourage the Mexican singer and also, so that his mood does not decline after the time he has been hospitalized. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter

Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter: “Twenty does not fall to us”

Granddaughter Vicente Fernández cries: "We do not fall twenty"
Photo: Screenshot of Suelta la Sopa

Camila also confessed to the press that they still could not understand the situation her grandfather is experiencing. The singer explains that they try to send him videos, songs, audios and more to cheer him up, but when they see him in the hospital they can’t explain how he ended up in bed and with endless procedures to go through.

“We send him messages, videos, and the truth is that we do not get twenty when we see him like this,” the young woman confessed to the media. On several occasions, members of the Fernández dynasty have explained that they cannot understand how the patriarch of the family ended up being hospitalized and having such bad times. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter

Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter: “Pray for him”

Granddaughter Vicente Fernández cries: "Pray for him"
Photo: Screenshot of Suelta la Sopa

Could it be that he senses the death of his grandfather? The young daughter of Alejandro Fernández, ended up crying in front of the cameras of Tell me what you know and explaining that in those moments the only thing they could do was pray for the health of their grandfather and above all, express that it is important for them to join in prayer.

“RThey do a lot for him. The he needs, as much as we need him. “, said the singer, breaking down in tears at the message they asked for her grandfather’s fans. It seems that the situation is even more delicate than what the doctors and the family want to be known, so Camila’s cry affected more than one person. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández cries granddaughter

“We can not do anything”

"We can not do anything"
Photo: Screenshot of Suelta la Sopa

Camila, through tears, confessed that the family could do nothing for her grandfather’s health. For them, it only remains to wait for their health to improve and that in the coming days, they can find the peace they need to be able to cope with the state of health in which Don Vicente Fernández has been, for almost a month.

Right now we cannot do anything, but we want to see it well, and we hope that everyone will send us faith and hope that we also need ”, commented Camila Fernández in the cameras of the program of Tell me what you know. She mentions that in these moments, the only thing left is to have faith and hope that her grandfather will soon recover.

Vicente Fernández’s state of health

Vicente Fernández's health
Photo: MH Archive

After several weeks of uncertainty and even rumors About his death, family members finally give a report doctor of Vicente Fernández’s health status, but it is even more worrisome, according to information published by the news portal of People in spanish.

It was through a statement on social networks, specifically Charro de Huentitán’s official Instagram account, that they gave details about what happens to the singer, who remains bedridden in a hospital.

The medical part

Charro de Huentitán
Photo: Instagram

The message reads as follows: “The Fernández family and their doctors Luis Arturo Gómez Hernández and Francisco López González, we appreciate the concern for the health of Mr. Vicente Fernández. Today, September 14, 2021, we inform you of the current status:

“Don Vicente Fernández continues in the intensive care area due to the type of care he requires. In general, it has remained stable with noticeable changes in its neurological state, its evolution has been slow, but it has remained with a very discreet tendency towards improvement ”.

“Peripheral mobility absent”

Medic report
Photo: YouTube

And the statement continued: “His respiratory status with tracheostomy in spontaneous modality working his progression to mechanical support withdrawal. Inflammation of their airways secondary to the association of assisted ventilation in descent ”.

And he adds: “Adequately tolerating feeding through a gastrostomy tube. Swallowing is still altered. Peripheral mobility absent. He continues physical rehabilitation, he sits in a recliner. At the moment without serious infections ”.

The “Foal” wins the feeling with his son

To the "Foal" the feeling with his son wins
Photo: Instagram

The Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández performed with great success on two nights at the MGM hotel and casino in Ciudad del Gaming as part of the celebration of the National Holidays. “El Potrillo” is currently on tour in the United States with his show titled Made in Mexico.

It began in Reno, Nevada, and later it was presented in Fresno managing to cram both places. Last Wednesday and Thursday he did it in Las Vegas and in this show he is accompanied by his son Alex, who in the same way has won the affection of the people.

Alejandro doesn’t stop thinking about his father’s health

Alejandro doesn't stop thinking about Vicente Fernández's health
Photo: Instagram

Although he is very busy with the tour, Alejandro does not stop thinking about the health of his father, Vicente Fernández, who is still hospitalized in Guadalajara: to return to the stage after two years that I was on hiatus, but at the same time I would not have liked to come and leave my father there, “he said.

“As I tell you, if there is something that my father always taught me, it was to comply with the commitments and that the public is not to blame for the things that are happening to you personally, so I am that if I had canceled or had done something and my father had the possibility to grab a belt and grab me with his girdles so that I would come to fulfill the commitments, “he said (With information from Agencia El Universal).




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