Vicente Fernández’s family would owe millions for his hospitalization

They reveal the outrageous amount that Vicente Fernández’s family owes to the hospital. They claim that this would be the reason wh...

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  • They reveal the outrageous amount that Vicente Fernández’s family owes to the hospital.
  • They claim that this would be the reason why Cuquita asked for him to be disconnected from life support.
  • They say that doctors refused that request because it would be risky for the ‘Charro de Huentitán’.

After two months of being hospitalized due to the severe fall he suffered at his ranch, now the outrageous amount of money that is owed to the hospital where Vicente Fernández is is revealed, so Doña Cuquita has already asked for the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ to be disconnected from life support and transferred to his home, according to a publication on the website of Terra.

However, this decision would be very risky for the singer, so no one knows what is going to happen. However, there are strong rumors that the family has to pay a huge amount of money, since the cost of the artist’s attention is very high.


Vicente Fernandez
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Until a month ago, the family owed 1 million pesos to the Guadalajara hospital, however, after the admission of Doña Cuquita, the sum increased and if it is added that the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ has already served two months there, since He says that the figure would exceed 12 million pesos.

And it is that a night in the hospital costs little more than 6 thousand pesos, so that in two months, that figure would pass half a million pesos, however, this is without counting medicines, fees and other treatments that the singer receives for to get ahead.


Charro de Huentitán
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It was the journalist Marco Antonio Silva, who dared to say that the Fernández dynasty so far, would have to pay a total of 12 million pesos, so it is speculated that this would be the reason why, Vicente’s wife Fernández, would have asked to be disconnected to take him home.

It is known that the doctors did not allow this request to be carried out due to the artist’s physical conditions, since it would put him at risk of death, but the suspicions led the family to claim that the figure does not increase due to how stratospheric it would be. . Filed Under: Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernández: THEY HAVE A FORTUNE

Doña Cuquita
Photo Instagram Vicente Fernández

But the account should not be a problem for the family, since it is known that currently, the fortune of the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ amounts to 500 million pesos, that without counting the money that his children have, including Alejandro ‘El Potrillo ” , who has a more solid career.

Despite speculation, gossip and rumors, the family is still waiting for a reaction from the Mexican idol, as the hours pass and his condition is stable, but without a noticeable improvement that allows him to get out of bed to which he has been bedridden for two months.

Vicente Fernández: IS TWO MONTHS OLD

Vicente Fernandez
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After serving two months hospitalized due to a fall and other health complications such as Guillain Barré syndrome, which attacks the nerves, prevents movement and can cause paralysis, the singer’s doctors report that he is already taking therapy to improve.

It was on November 9 when “El Charro de Huentitán” entered a hospital in Guadalajara after suffering the accident at his Los Tres Potrillos ranch. He is currently in intensive care under strict medical surveillance, according to the report that his doctors provide regularly on the singer’s official account.

Vicente Fernández: “STABLE”

Millionaire account
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“His state of health at the moment continues to be stable,” the statement dictates.
“The process of his disease requires a special physical rehabilitation that includes swallowing therapy, physical and pulmonary therapy,” he details.

Due to the complications, he has been assisted with medical procedures and machines to breathe artificially, which has caused a delicate lung inflammation. At the moment, although they are dealing with this issue, it persists.

Vicente Fernández: “VERY SLOW PROCESS”

Charro de Huentitán
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His relatives have confirmed on previous occasions that the interpreter of “Divine Women” is not mobile. “He shakes his head and the other day he moved a finger,” said his grandson Alex Fernández. Despite this, specialists assure that he is recovering and interacting as much as possible.

“His higher neurological connection is integral, interacting with the medical staff and his family. His cardiovascular condition without alterations ”. Although the reports are encouraging, they also make it clear that Fernández’s stay will be prolonged due to the slow progress required by his illness. “It should be noted that his recovery process derived from damage to his peripheral nerves is very, very slow,” they point out.


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Recently it was reported that supposedly Doña Cuquita, Vicente Fernández’s wife, would have asked the doctors to disconnect the singer, this because his health was not improving, this was announced by a show reporter on a Radio Fórmula program.

Go that things are not going very well for the Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, and it is that after his fall at his Los Tres Potrillos ranch in the month of July, the interpreter’s health does not seem to be improving as much was expected, leaving hopes to about a speedy recovery every day are less. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández


Doña Cuquita
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And it is that in his medical reports it has been announced that Vicente Fernández is in intensive care and with artificial assistance to be able to breathe, and although he has made sure that his health is improving little by little, everything seems that things are not going well at all, since later it was revealed that it was Doña Cuquita herself who asked that the singer be disconnected.

Through the program of the host Flor Rubio on Radio Fórmula, the entertainment reporter, Gabriel Cuevas, reported that a source very close to the hospital where the Charro de Huentitán is hospitalized, commented that the doctors no longer expect the artist improve. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández


Millionaire account
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At the beginning of his statements, Gabriel Cuevas reported that the doctors no longer expected the singer to improve, this because Vicente Fernández could no longer even breathe on his own: “What I am going to say is very strong, but, it is what They told me, and it is that among the doctors they expect nothing more than Don Vicente, now, because they say that it is difficult for him to breathe ”.

After this, the reporter was assured that Don Vicente’s health is in decline instead of improving: “Instead of his recovery being gradual, he is actually in decline. There are days when he can’t even move his fingers ”, however, things took a turn when he revealed that it was Doña Cuquita herself who asked that the singer be disconnected. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández


Charro de Huentitán
Vicente Fernández and Cuquita

Given these comments, the reporter revealed that Doña María del Refugio herself, affectionately known as Doña Cuquita, was the one who asked the doctors to please already disconnect her husband, and thus be able to give him a quiet rest, although she reported that her children they don’t allow it.

“And in fact, (the source) told me that Doña Cuquita has asked to be disconnected, but that the children do not want to,” said reporter Gabriel Cuevas for the Radio Fórmula program hosted by entertainment journalist Flor Rubio, which was broadcast last Tuesday, October 5. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández. With information from El Universal

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