Vicente Fernández returns to intensive care

Vicente Fernández returns to intensive care. The ‘Charro de Huentitán’ came down with pneumonia. He is stable, under medical ...

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  • Vicente Fernández returns to intensive care.
  • The ‘Charro de Huentitán’ came down with pneumonia.
  • He is stable, under medical treatment.

After weeks of improvement, Vicente Fernández, ‘el Charro de Huentitán’ had a setback in his recovery. Sources close to the Fernández family confirmed yesterday that the music idol had to be admitted to intensive care again for pneumonia, after being released a little more than a month ago. This is according to information published by Agencia Reforma and The Sun of Mexico.

According to sources, Chente was uncomfortable for a few days, but they specified that at the moment he is stable and receiving medical treatment. They added that his admission was a precaution. This information was confirmed overnight through a medical update shared on the famous singer’s social media. It also reported that he requires respiratory support.


Vicente Fernández intensive therapy
Photo Twitter

Over the weekend, Fernández experienced inflammation of his lower respiratory tract, for which he again needed to be put on respiratory support. His medication was adjusted and he was transferred to intensive care so he could be monitored. “It is important to note that he is awake, without sedation, and interacting with his family, mainly with his wife, Mrs. Cuquita,” reads the statement about Vicente Fernándes, who has pneumonia.

The statement also specifies that he is being treated for inflammation in his urinary tract. “We continue with multidisciplinary management and support for physical and nutritional rehabilitation.” For their part, members of the singer’s family were active on social media yesterday with the birthday celebration of Camila and America, daughters of the “Foal”, who turned 24 years old.


Charro de Huentitán
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Vicente Fernández had left the intensive care unit on October 26, to be transferred to a regular room in the hospital in Guadalajara, where he has been treated for almost four months. And although his recovery was slow, his family was happy about the progress. The last medical report that was released publicly was issued on November 16, in which it was indicated that he was able to breathe without artificial respiration for long periods of time.

Even his granddaughter Camila had shared that he was beginning to interact more with head and eye movements, in addition to a few words. Chente, 81, was hospitalized on August 6 after a fall at his Los Tres Potrillos ranch, but his health deteriorated after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which, although it has no cure, can be mitigated with neurotherapies. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández intensive therapy


Chente Pneumonia
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After issuing the new medical report on Instagram, his followers sent messages of motivation and prayers for his health: “Thank you very much for keeping us up to date with ‘Chente’, thank you from a thousand hearts.” “Cheer up ‘Chente’, we continue to applaud May you come out victorious.” “Keep on wanting Don ‘Chente’, God bless you.” “Come on Don Vicente, everything will turn out very well, lots of courage, cordial greetings from Bogotá, Colombia.”

Others joined the chain of prayers and good wishes: “All the blessings for him to recover.” “Speedy recovery Don Vicente Fernández, a unique voice, I greet him from Argentina.” “God save him.” “God bless him Mr. Fernández.” “God bless you, fortitude, you can.” “I look forward to seeing you standing up and smiling as always.” “I hope the king recovers soon.” “I think he is already suffering too much, God remembers from him, amen.” Filed Under: Vicente Fernández intensive therapy


Vicente Fernández intensive therapy
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Prayers to God dominated main comments on his official Instagram account: “May God our Lord give strength to all his relatives and Don Vicente have the blessing of saying goodbye to all his relatives in the event of any eventuality, it is in the hands of our Lord.” “May God protect you my ‘Chente’, as always in my prayers.” “We continue to pray for his health.” “To take care of yourself, blessings.” “Blessings and may you have a speedy recovery with the favor of God and the virgin.”

“Blessings I always said before I die I want to go to a concert and that he never came where I live and I went to see him and wow, the concert was the best of the best.” “Praying that the king gets better soon.” “Many forces for the great giant of Mexico, with much affection a special hug from a fan of his beauty, greetings from Chile.” There were other expressions of love sent by dozens of fans. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández intensive therapy


Charro de Huentitán
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Despite ‘Charro de Huentitán’s’ return to intensive care, people continue to hope for his recovery: “First my father God that he is well, thank you because they have us aware of his health , blessings.” “God with Vicente Fernández, a lot of healing light for him.” “A thousand prayers for his father, he was my father’s idol.” “All of us who love you and love your music want to see you on stage again So let’s get everyone excited, greetings from Peru.”

“Best wishes and may he recover soon, God bless him today and always.” “Healing for Don Vicente in the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.” “My prayers for his speedy improvement.” “Come on my king, can you get out of this, prompt recovery, ‘Chente’ is loved very much.” “God bless him and continue to improve his health and I will continue to ask for his health.” “My God help him, take care of him, bless him and protect him.” “ Master strength.” Filed Under: Vicente Fernández intensive therapy


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This news comes at a time when another Mexican celebrity is recovering from a serious illness. The actress and producer of ‘Aventurera’, Carmen Salinas, has also shown signs of improvement. Little by little she has been weaned from the respirator and hopes that he will wake up from her coma are growing both for the family and for the fans who have been watching her progress since the day she suffered the brain hemorrhage.

The days pass and she still does not wake up. Although there are many rumors about whether or not she will be able to wake up, the family keeps her in the hospital hoping for a ‘miracle’. However, her prognosis is guarded.

Vicente Fernández in ICU: IS CARMEN SALINAS WORSE?

Vicente Fernández intensive therapy

The most recent report from the family is that Carmen Salinas is showing signs of improvement, so her family has great hope that this means that little by little her situation will improve. She has already been taken off of the respirator on Monday night according to her granddaughter. After several days when the producer of ‘Aventurera’ has not woken up and the Mexican entertainment world is waiting for good news.

The actress’s granddaughter announced the bad news, after she fell into a natural coma following a brain hemorrhage suffered a few weeks ago. This news shook the country, after several celebrities and their families, such as Vicente Fernández, Octavio Ocaña and Enrique Rocha were dealing with their own bad news.


Charro de Huentitán
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Carmen Salinas’s is one of the stories that has the most impact because she is one of the most beloved personalities in Mexico both by the public and by other artists. She gave them opportunities to grow in a variety of projects and was always generous with her peers.

However, her condition is worrisome because as time passes she still has not woken up. However, her granddaughter has given everyone a ray of hope that we will share with you.


Chente pneumonia
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On Monday night, the granddaughter of the producer and actress of ‘Aventurera’ gave an update on her health and surprised everyone with a very encouraging detail: “My grandmother is stable, that is positive, her situation has not worsened and a bit of good news (of course we are still in a very delicate situation), but a small improvement is that she is already being taken off of the respirator.”

And she added: “That is a very good sign, that means that she is already breathing on her own and enough to spend a little time disconnected from the respirator, without hyperventilating and without needing it, with stable vital signs as she breathes on her own.”

Vicente Fernández in ICU: IS IT STILL SERIOUS?

Vicente Fernández intensive therapy
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Although she said that they’re taking it one day at a time, and that she is stable, she clarified that her condition is serious, but they will be doing some tests. “This week they will begin some hearing tests because we don’t know if she is listening. They will tell us how the neurotransmitters that carry the connections from the ear to the brain are doing.”

Once the doctors decide if she can hear, the family said they will consider putting music on for her, especially that of her son, Pedro Plascencia, who died in 1994. With this, the family shows that they are hopeful that the producer of ‘Aventurera’ will recover as quickly as possible.

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