Alejandro Fernández and his children post alarming messages about Vicente

Is his death imminent? Vicente Fernández is in a serious condition at the hospital. Alejandro Fernández, as well as his children Camila a...

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  • Is his death imminent? Vicente Fernández is in a serious condition at the hospital.
  • Alejandro Fernández, as well as his children Camila and Álex, are they saying goodbye?
  • Suspicious messages warn of a possible fatal outcome.

After the press release that was issued regarding the health status of Don Vicente Fernández, who has been hospitalized for hours due to an alleged fall, which stated that he is in intensive care, is his dismissal from this world imminent? Some messages from Alejandro Fernández and his children Álex and Camila are alarming.

Much speculation about the health status of Vicente Fernández has been made since it was announced that he had been hospitalized due to a severe fall at home that caused a spinal cord injury at the level of the cervical column that keeps him in a serious condition, using ventilatory assistance and remaining in intensive care, but is the family preparing for the worst?

Vicente Fernández’s health hangs by a thread

Vicente Fernández health

Now, Alejandro Fernández, his daughter Camila and his brother Álex are unleashing speculation due to the secrecy that has been handled about the legendary singer’s health because they will not give interviews and all the information that emerges will be through medical and press releases.

However, it was strange that Alejandro Fernández, who always travels in the family’s private jet, returned from abroad in an emergency and arrived on a commercial flight to Mexico City, so it is speculated that the family is preparing for death. of Don Vicente.

Alejandro Fernández says goodbye to his father?

Alejandro Fernández message

After the health status of Don Vicente Fernández, his son, Alejandro Fernández alarmed his followers with a message on social networks, accompanied by a black and white photo, was released, unleashing comments and theories about the impending death of the charro.

“I love you pa”, were the simple words that Alejandro Fernández dedicated to Vicente Fernández in these difficult moments in which the heart of the entire family is with the charro; people expressed their support for the singer: “Animo compilla! And a speedy recovery for your boss ”,“ May the family champion recover as soon as possible ”,“ A big hug to the boss and the whole family ”,“ A hug, my love and prayers! ”,“ The best as artists . But above all as people. And that’s really what counts. A very big kiss for dad, my pretty eyes ”.

The message of his grandson Álex Fernández to his grandfather Don Vicente

Álex Fernández on health don Vicente

On the other hand, another member of the dynasty who surprised his grandfather with a message was Álex Fernández, son of ‘El Potrillo’, who recently began his career as a singer and with all the support of the legendary charro, along with a photo of Don Vicente Fernández saying goodbye?

“You are a warrior, tata. I love you ”, was the brief message that Álex Fernández left for his grandfather in a photo where they are together in bed and smiling. Unlike messages of recovery as artists usually do when a loved one is ill, it seems that the Fernándezes are saying goodbye to Don Vicente.

Camila Fernández left a meaningful message for her grandfather Don Vicente

Camila Fernández message to her grandfather Vicente

“We love you, you are the strength of all,” was the message that Camila Fernández left her grandfather in these difficult moments in a moving photo where the Charro poses with her and her newborn baby, which undoubtedly generated more comments of people wishing you lots of light:

“What a beautiful photo. And surely your father will be well soon, my love “,” Why is everyone putting things about him, also on his official website “,” May God give him his health and he will recover soon, blessings “,” He will recover, courage “,” Tell us how your health is, Please “,” My prayers “, expressed several people.

The alarming health statement of Don Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernández health

The Fernández family disbanded and will not give interviews nor comments on the health of Don Vicente, because in a statement they were very emphatic in requesting privacy: “The media are asked for their full understanding, so that, please, allow free access to the hospital to all members of the Fernández Abarca family ”.

And the secrecy continues: “… This is due to the healthy distance and not putting Don Vicente Fernández’s health at risk in these critical moments that he is going through, so no interview will be granted by any family member, to Please don’t insist on it. We emphasize that all information will be by these means through the communications issued by the medical team. Thank you for your understanding and support ”, which raised further suspicions about a fatal outcome.

“Don’t give up on your dreams”: Vicente Fernández

"Don't give up on your dreams": Vicente Fernandez
Photo Instagram Vicente Fernández

Are you saying goodbye? After he had to be hospitalized in an emergency after suffering a fall, causing damage to his cervicals, Vicente Fernández sends a message that worries his followers about his health and even his son, the also singer Alejandro Fernández, reacted to this publication.

It was through his official Instagram account, where the last publication he had made dates from last July 31, that El Charro de Huentitán shared an image of one of his concerts, but what attracted the most attention were his words.

Alejandro Fernández reacts to his father’s message

He has not expressed himself after the fall of Vicente Fernández
Instagram photo Vicente Fernández Jr

“Don’t give up on your dreams. Dedicate myself in this life singing was the best decision I could make… ”, wrote Vicente Fernández, as well as the hashtag“ Chente is still the king ”, so his fans immediately began to worry.

“Why do you say that, everything is fine?” speedy recovery ”,“ God bless you Don Chente, God help him out of everything ”.

He has not expressed himself after the fall of Vicente Fernández

Hospitalized again
Photo Instagram Vicente Fernández

Although it had been said that Alejandro Fernández and his partner were in Paris, France, when it became known that his father, Vicente Fernández, had to be hospitalized in an emergency, El Potrillo uploaded an image to his social networks where he simply says: “I love you dad'”.

The Cuban host Lili Estefan, a great friend of Alex, wrote to him: “Let the champion of the family recover as soon as possible”, while Carlos Calderón, presenter of Despierta América and who will soon become a father, limited himself to writing ” Cheer up!”.

Vicente Fernández is hospitalized again

"Stop worrying"
Photo Instagram Vicente Fernández

Although he has offered several interviews for entertainment programs, where he has said that his father “is under sedation” and that what he suffered was a cervical injury, Vicente Fernández Jr has not expressed himself so far in their social networks.

In his most recent publication, the singer also appears accompanied by his girlfriend, the businesswoman Mariana González Padilla, who has recently been accused of kidnapping and murder, but has not shared more information about his father.

“Stop worrying”

The battles he has fought
Photo Instagram Vicente Fernández

According to information from El Universal, the singer Vicente Fernández was hospitalized in an emergency in Jalisco. His son, Vicente Fernández Jr, reported that El Charro de Huentitán suffered a cervical accident when he was at his Los Tres Potrillos ranch.

As reported by TV Azteca Jalisco, the Mujeres divinas singer slipped and had to undergo surgery. 81-year-old Chente was hospitalized a month ago for a urinary tract infection. After leaving the hospital, on that occasion he expressed himself on his social networks. Some images in this note come from East Y East videos

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