Verónica Castro appears in nature and teaches other celebrities (PHOTO)



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FOTO Mezcalent
  • Verónica Castro appears in natural social networks and impresses her followers
  • Despite his age, they claim that he looks better than many other celebrities
  • “He looks super good, not like Lucía Méndez”

Naturally, the actress and singer Verónica Castro shows that age has favored her a lot, and that is that a photo appeared on social networks where you can see her natural, without any makeup, and her followers affirm that she looks better than others celebrities.

It was through their stories of Instagram, where Vero Castro shared the image that all his fans loved for the way he looks, and it is that not many are favored to show themselves without any makeup.

Even in the program’s social network account Wake up America they also shared the photograph of the also presenter television, where users commented that he gives a lesson to his longtime rival, actress and singer Lucía Méndez.

In the snapshot you can see the 68-year-old actress wearing a hat with white pearls in blue, but what was most surprising is that she is natural, without makeup and without any filter.

Verónica Castro al natural

PHOTO Instagram

Fans delighted with ‘la Vero’

So far, the photo has accumulated more than 23 thousand “Like” reactions and also has 1,300 comments from Internet users who are fascinated with the published snapshot.

Some stated that she looks much better than other celebrities, referring to one actress in particular: “She looks super good, not like Lucía Méndez.”

Others said that she looks very beautiful despite her age: “Beautiful woman, as beautiful as ever, only now wearing her wrinkles, the law of life, long live life that is a gift from God.”

“That is called aging with dignity. She is super pretty “,” beautiful, there is no doubt that she is still beautiful “,” more photos like that please, so that they no longer continue to sell us lies of perfect women “,” nothing more beautiful than natural “,” the one that is beautiful She is beautiful ”,“ Beautiful, age does not matter, nor wrinkles, beauty is carried in the heart ”, were some of the comments.

Return to the big screen

Verónica Castro in nature. Verónica Castro returns to the big screen with her youngest son Michel Castro with the film “Tell me when you”, in which she will be a grandmother, just at the reopening of cinemas in Mexico.

Veronica Castro al natural 2

PHOTO Instagram

“I felt very old with the character, those makeup artists did things to me there and then they put wigs on me, but look at me now, I didn’t need wigs, wrinkles, or anything, that’s how the pandemic brought me,” Verónica joked at a press conference Castro, according to El Universal

The film is about a story about Will (Jesús Zavala), who travels from Los Angeles to Mexico City to get out of the monotony. On the way he will meet Dani (Ximena Romo), who will give him a lesson in love. The cast also includes actors Héctor Bonilla, Rosa María Bianchi and youtuber Juca Viapri.

“You always learn from young people, coming back was easy, I felt very happy to find my colleagues from before mixed with colleagues from now, I love my work and coming back has been wonderful,” said Verónica Castro.

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Compliments and compliments from users

“The woman who accepts physical changes during her existence in this life looks beautiful, happy”, “her years with dignity because she looks beautiful”, “she has always been a very beautiful woman”, continued the compliments for the 68-year-old actress .

Veronica Castro al natural 3

PHOTO Instagram

Some even say that they have very beautiful eyes: “Very pretty and her eyes are beautiful”, “What a beautiful lady now and forever!”, “What a beautiful lady”, “The beautiful ‘Wild Rose’ with those eyes full of light “,” Beautiful and the most beautiful thing that she accepts and is accepted as she is of her very beautiful age, “commented her followers on social networks.

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