Vanessa Guillén’s fiancé found out that she was dismembered on Twitter

Vanessa Guillén’s fiancé spoke for a documentary broadcast on a nationwide television station. He retold the tragedy of Vanessa Gui...

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  • Vanessa Guillén’s fiancé spoke for a documentary broadcast on a nationwide television station.
  • He retold the tragedy of Vanessa Guillén’s murder.
  • The fiancé confessed that he found out that she had been dismembered through a post on Twitter.

The pain only seems to subside, but it doesn’t end. Juan Cruz, the fiancé of the soldier Vanessa Guillén, gave a television interview for a national program where he retold the terrible tragedy of her murder.

The fiancé of the murdered soldier Vanessa Guillén found out that her body had been dismembered and buried under concrete through a post on Twitter, he said in a new interview where he also spoke of the last time he saw the Hispanic soldier.

Testimony of Vanessa Guillén’s fiancé

Vanessa Guillén's fiancé

Juan Cruz proposed to 20-year-old Vanessa Guillén just a month before she was killed at Fort Hood, Texas, by Aaron Robinson, who later committed suicide when police tried to arrest him, the newspaper reported. The Sun on Friday.

The fiancé recalled that he was at work when he saw the news about how Robinson dismembered Vanessa Guillén’s body and placed it in three separate graves, allegedly with the help of his girlfriend Cecily Aguilar, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges of conspiracy to hide. and destroy evidence despite having previously confessed to the police his involvement in the crime.

Vanessa Guillén’s fiance finds out about the tragedy on Twitter

Vanessa Guillén's fiancé

“It came up on Twitter, everyone was talking and I clicked on the conversation that was happening and I began to listen to the story of what happened,” Cruz told ABC News in an interview that was broadcast last Friday night during the documentary “What Happened to Vanessa” on the 20/20 program.

“I was at work. I started having anxiety attacks. I got in my car and I started crying, “said an emotional Cruz. In turn, Vanessa Guillén’s fiancé also spoke about the last time he saw her, three days before she disappeared.

Vanessa Guillén dreamed of serving her country

Vanessa Guillén's fiancé

Born to Mexican immigrant parents in Houston, Texas, the soldier dreamed of serving her country since she was a child. She began training in the Army in June 2018 and was later stationed at Fort Hood, her family told ABC News.

However, Vanessa Guillén made the three-hour drive back to Houston every weekend to see her family, The Sun noted, citing the ABC News documentary 20/20.

The last time the fiancé saw Vanessa Guillén

Vanessa Guillén's fiancé

Cruz told ABC News that the last time he saw Vanessa Guillén was when she kissed him goodbye before driving back to base. “She told me, ‘I love you. Good night'”.

“Then, the next day, he woke up around 5:00 in the morning to go to Fort Hood … I was still asleep, but I remember he kissed me and left,” explained Vanessa Guillén’s fiancé.

The alarm

Vanessa Guillén's fiancé
Photo: Archive

The Sun recalled that Vanessa Guillén’s friend and fellow soldier, Betavious ‘Tay’ Hightower, was the first to raise the alarm on April 22 after she failed to respond despite her plans to go on a field trip after work. .

However, Cruz told ABC News that he and Vanessa Guillén’s family were already concerned that she would not respond to them. “I knew something was wrong because I was checking their social networks. I was (thinking) like (if I said), ‘man, I hope to see a tweet or something.’ I was just checking, but nothing. ”

The intense search

Vanessa Guillén's fiancé

That night he began searching for the soldier with Mayra, Vanessa Guillén’s sister, after they headed to Fort Hood at nightfall. “(I went) to gas stations, to shops, to (bus stops) that published (posters) of the disappeared… as (for) the love of my life. It’s a nightmare, ”Cruz told the aforementioned media.

“On my way there, I was crying because I couldn’t understand it,” Mayra Guillén also told ABC News. “I didn’t want to think the worst, but (I was experiencing) a lot of panic,” he confessed.

The painful find of the body

Photo: screenshot from ABC documentary

The Sun detailed that Vanessa Guillén’s body was finally found on June 30 after researchers and volunteers stumbled upon a strange smell in an area along the León River.

However, Vanessa Guillén’s family has criticized that authorities did not do more to protect the young soldier before her tragic death last year in a case that shocked the United States.

sexual harassment

Photo: Getty Images

During the investigation, her mother Gloria Guillén had insisted that her daughter had confided in her that she was being sexually harassed at Fort Hood, but that she feared what might happen to her if she spoke up.

Friend Hightower has also claimed that he asked that the investigation focus on Private Robinson from the beginning. “We told them who to investigate from the beginning, and that’s not what happened. So, I feel like they should have come to that conclusion much earlier than they did, ”he told ABC.

The investigation “failed us”

“(I was) angry and sad at the same time because he was in our face the whole time,” Hightower added. “We are suspicious of him. We tried to tell them that it was this person and that he was just walking as if nothing had happened. And he was around us too. And it’s as if we could have done something, but we didn’t know it. ”

Cruz also stated that the investigation “It failed us from the beginning”, as he stated that Vanessa Guillén’s death still seems “a nightmare.” He added: “Memories never die.”

Vanessa Guillén’s fiancé: “It seems like a nightmare”

“It seems like a nightmare when I drive through Houston. I see his murals and I say to myself, ‘Damn, this is reality. She is no longer here. On the other hand, murals are not for everyone. That brought a little peace to my heart, “said Cruz in the aforementioned program.

Vanessa Guillén’s body was unearthed in a shallow grave 20 miles east of Fort Hood, Texas, last July. Her body was so brutally beaten, dismembered and burned that investigators were unable to use dental records to identify the slain soldier.

The suspects

Policemen had to use DNA from bone and hair samples to identify the body. Federal and military investigators said Vanessa Guillén was killed and dismembered by her fellow soldier Aaron David Robinson, 20.

Robinson committed suicide after authorities took him away for questioning and escaped from the conference room. His girlfriend Aguilar, 22, was booked and charged with allegedly helping Robinson maim and dispose of Vanesa Guillén’s remains. She now faces up to 20 years in prison with a maximum fine of $ 250,000, The Sun said.

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