US school shooting leads to student evacuation

A shooting at a school in the United States raised the alarm. High School students were evacuated in Newport. Police officers attended th...

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  • A shooting at a school in the United States raised the alarm.
  • High School students were evacuated in Newport.
  • Police officers attended the call for help.

A shooting at a school in the United States raised the alarm and caused the subsequent evacuation of the Newport High School students and the police had to respond to the 911 emergency system call, according to the news site The Sun.





Police went to the school facilities on Monday morning to secure the area, since according to the report, the detonation of a firearm was heard, so investigations began immediately.


School shooting
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Given the magnitude of the emergency, police and education authorities made the decision to evacuate the students, so they were taken to the school’s tennis court, where they would meet with their parents to be taken home and to be sure.

This event comes after it was also reported that in Russia eight people were killed and 28 injured on Monday morning after a gunman shot at people at Perm State University, authorities said.


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After the report of the shooting, officer Brandon Maynard informed WAVY that the police were at the scene of the incident to gather more information and find out what happened, because until now the data was scarce and needed more time.

In turn, before the media, Michelle Price of the Newport News Public Schools commented that this event was an “important incident”, for which they carried out the evacuation of the High School students to avoid any tragedy. Filed Under: School Shooting

Shooting at school: ASSISTANTS ARRIVE

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The reports indicate that several rescuers also arrived at the place to help whoever was injured, and discovered two injured people, but none died, according to information gathered at the scene with the corresponding authorities of the event.

Achievable Dream Academy was closed after the shooting and authorities did not continue classes at the scene to give investigating officers an opportunity to gather evidence and all testimony of the alarming events at the school.


High school
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The police department confirmed minutes later that the people who were injured were transferred to a hospital for medical attention, but that their injuries are not considered serious, so they hope that their health will not be endangered.

In addition, they took the opportunity to dismiss the rumor that there were active shooters in the place, since on social networks people were afraid that this was the case, so parents were informed and went to pick up their children to put them to work. except with evacuation. Filed Under: School Shooting

Shooting at school: SHOOTING IN RUSSIA

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Just today the shooting was reported in Russia and the attacker was later arrested, according to the Interior Ministry. At first there was no information on the identity of the aggressor or his possible motivations.

University students and workers locked themselves in classrooms, and the university urged everyone who could leave campus to do so. Some students jumped out of the windows of a building, an anonymous law enforcement source told the state agency Tass.

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