US fires approach 30 dead as governor lashes out at Trump

Authorities reported that the death toll from wildfires in the US rose to 28 “This is a damn weather emergency. This is real and it is ha...

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  • Authorities reported that the death toll from wildfires in the US rose to 28
  • “This is a damn weather emergency. This is real and it is happening ”, indicated the governor of California
  • For his part, President Trump indicated that he will visit California on Monday to learn about the fires

USA fires. Local authorities on Saturday reported three new deaths from one of the many large fires burning in the western United States, bringing the total death toll from the fires since mid-August to 28, although it is expected that the This number grows as there are still dozens of disappeared, according to the Efe agency.

At a press conference, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea reported the new victims in the North Complex fire, one of the most advanced in recent days in California and burning in the North of the state.

US fires: almost 30 dead and dozens missing

Photo: Twitter.

These three deaths bring the total number of deaths in this fire to 12, while 13 residents of the area are still missing.

The North Complex fire has burned 102,000 hectares and has destroyed more than 2,000 buildings since it started 24 days ago, and so far firefighters have only managed to contain it by 22%.

California Governor Gavin Newsom called for them to stop “debating” the reality of climate change in what appeared to be a complaint to President Donald Trump.

“This is a bloody climate emergency,” Newsom said as life-threatening wildfires continue to burn and tear apart towns and have evicted tens of thousands of Californians, according to Huff post.

US fires: almost 30 dead and dozens missing

Photo: Twitter.

“I’m a little exhausted that we have to keep debating this issue,” Newsom said of climate change in Butte County.

“The debate on climate change is over,” Newsom added. “Just come to the state of California.”

The declarations of the governor they occurred on the ashes left by the fire at the North Complex in Oroville, in northern California.

US fires: almost 30 dead and dozens missing

Photo: Twitter.

Of the 28 fires that have burned this season, 10 are among the largest in the country’s history.

The Democratic governor described conditions across the state as “a climate emergency” and a “climate crisis,” noting that what is happening is what scientists have predicted for decades with “increasingly hot spots, the dry ones. increasingly drier ”.

For his part, President Donald Trump will visit California next Monday to learn “in situ” on the situation in the fight against the multiple fires that burn in the state, one of which is already the largest in its history.

As a White House spokesman, Judd Deere, told Efe this Saturday, the president will go to McClellan Park, in the vicinity of Sacramento, the Californian capital, where he will meet with local and state authorities to transfer the last hour of the efforts against flames.

“Since mid-August (when the state’s first major wildfire wave was declared), President Trump and Governor Newsom have spoken on the phone and the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have been in constant contact with local and state officials in responding to these natural disasters, “said Deere.

The Government recalled that Trump already approved at the end of August a Presidential Declaration of Major Disaster for the state, which activates aid programs and makes federal funds available to the affected areas, and described the fire-fighting efforts as “executed locally, state-managed and federally supported ”.

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The president will stop in California after holding several elections throughout the weekend in neighboring Nevada and Arizona, two key states ahead of the November presidential elections.

California is experiencing the worst year in its recent history for wildfires, with more than 1,214,000 hectares burned to date, the highest annual figure ever recorded, and that has not yet begun what has traditionally been the “season ”Of fires, in October and November.

Just 350 kilometers north, in the neighboring state of Oregon, dozens of people remain missing.

In the midst of the chaos, the forecasts for the missing are not encouraging, and the director of emergency management of the state, Andrew Phelps, indicated that they are preparing for a “massive misfortune” of loss of human life, a term used in EE. .UU. To refer to incidents in which it is estimated that there are a large number of people killed that cannot be confirmed at the moment.

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In one of the few positive notes in recent hours, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, admitted an error in the information previously released by her office according to which up to half a million people had been evacuated by the fires, and reduced the figure to around 40,000.

The 500,000 initially targeted by state officials (which would represent 10% of the entire state population) are not people who have already been evacuated, but people who have been informed to prepare to leave their homes in case it is necessary, Brown clarified.

Most of the fires broke out in mid-August due to an unusual thunderstorm in the region, and since then dryness, strong winds and high temperatures have caused them to spread rapidly.

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