Good news for immigrants! US Government Extends TPS ‘Temporary Protected Status’

TPS (Temporary Protected Status) was extended by Biden’s Government. The US will give immigrants the opportunity to remain in the c...

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  • TPS (Temporary Protected Status) was extended by Biden’s Government.
  • The US will give immigrants the opportunity to remain in the country with a condition.
  • The Department of Homeland Security reported on this situation.

Good news for immigrants? The TPS, a program called ‘Temporary Protected Status’ was extended by the Biden government and now, citizens of Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras and other countries will be able to stay longer in U.S.A.





The news was released this Thursday, September 9 by the Department of Homeland Security, however, ‘there is a condition’ for this permanence, since the Biden Government didn’t designate a new TPS, but rather extended its protection for people who was already enrolled in the Program, according to EFE.

TPS was extended. Good news for immigrants?

Government Biden TPS

The TPS extension applies for 10 more months, so citizens of several countries will be protected to stay in the US until December 31, 2022, as long as they have already been enrolled in the program previously; tomorrow the notice will be published in the Official Federal Register.

In addition to Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Sudan and Nepal also join. It is important to emphasize that the extension covers foreign immigrants who were already part of the program, so a new designation would allow other people to request protection, but that has not happened yet.

Immigrants are protected by TPS, extended until 2022

TPS Immigrants

The TPS is a program for the extension of permanence while the applicants seek permanent residence, so it is a great benefit for immigrants who have been in the US for a long time and now with this opportunity that the Biden Government gives them, they could reach the same long-awaited goal of the Green card.

The member of the National Alliance, Cristina Morales, informs that the extension of the TPS is a convincing proof that thousands of people seek and urge to obtain residency in the United States: “It is unfair that we remain in limbo of the policies that affect our lives and of the families, ”he told EFE.

Biden government extends TPS and will benefit thousands of immigrants

Government Biden extends TPS

For people who do not know what the Temporary Protected Status program, better known as TPS, consists of the US Government integrating a list of countries where there are violent conflicts or are shaken by major natural disasters so that its citizens can go to the United States and live and work for a while.

The list of countries that include the TPS is merely attended by the Executive Power, without the Congress having any interference; Regarding the statistics, according to EFE reports, at the beginning of the Biden government, 320 thousand beneficiaries were registered by the TPS and 427 thousand more people were incorporated to be eligible.

Good news for immigrants by extension of TPS

Immigrants benefited from TPS

When Venezuela was added to the list, the number of beneficiaries of the TPS grew and El Salvador has almost 200 thousand protected people, followed by Honduras with just over 60 thousand, Haiti counts 40,865 protected people and Nepal 10,160, while Venezuelans there are approximately 323 thousand citizens.

The inclusion of people from Guatemala would be pending, while weeks ago, in August, the Biden Government also extended the period allowed for people from Venezuela to request TPS protection, which will now end until December 31, 2022.

TPS was extended by the Biden Government

Biden government extends immigrant TPS

For people who want to register for TPS, the registration period began from August 3, 2023, and will run until February 3, 2023, according to data from the Citizenship and Immigration Service. Strictly for the people of Venezuela, the Biden government extended the deadline to request the program from 6 months to 18 months, that is, until September 9, 2022.

The news is wonderful for people who lived in these countries and came to the US with the hope of the ‘American dream’, however, only for those who were already registered in TPS, but not a new one. designation, so more people will have to wait.

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Biden takes action and thousands of illegal immigrants benefit

Biden takes action and thousands of illegal immigrants benefit
PHOTO Getty Images

Biden’s government benefits thousands of undocumented immigrants with TPS. President Joe Biden, made various proposals that would benefit millions of immigrants in the United States, and after just over 6 months in power, the benefits could finally be coming.

This Tuesday, the government of President Joe Biden officially announced the extended Temporary Protected Status (TPS), favoring about one hundred thousand people, which adds up to more than 400,000 undocumented persons eligible for this protection under his Administration, highlights Efe.

TPS extends and protects thousands

TPS extends and protects thousands
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The period to register and obtain TPS for new immigrants accepted by the Biden administration begins this Tuesday, August 3 and will remain in effect until February 3, 2023, according to the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The agency’s announcement opens up the possibility for another 100,000 undocumented immigrants to obtain temporary protection from deportation. According to USCIS data, 40,865 were protected by the injunction since 2010, before its extension announced on July 30.

Biden protects thousands of illegal immigrants after ‘coup’

Biden protects thousands of illegal immigrants after 'coup'
PHOTO Shutterstock

In addition, this Tuesday the deadline for Venezuelans, Syrians and Burmese to request Temporary Protected Status (TPS) that allows them to live and work in the United States was extended 180 days to 18 months. The period for the initial presentation of TPS applications for Venezuelans now extends until September 9, 2022, highlights Efe.

There are currently about 746,000 people from a dozen countries designated for TPS. At the beginning of the government of Democratic President Joe Biden last January there were about 319,000 TPS beneficiaries, according to figures obtained by Efe. Since then, another 427,000 have become eligible for the program according to Efe.

Will the ‘papers’ finally arrive?

Will the 'papers' finally arrive?
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The Biden government included Venezuela among the countries designated for the program, and it is estimated that this extended the benefit to some 323,000 people, Efe points out. Congress has not stepped in to grant legal permanent residence to TPS recipients. El Salvador leads the list of undocumented persons with 198,420 undocumented persons protected by the TPS, followed by Honduras, with 60,350; Haiti with 40,865, and Nepal with 10,160.

So President Joe Biden “is clearly making use of his limited powers to legalize unauthorized segments of the immigrant population,” said Jessica Bolter, from the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), quoted by Efe. Immigrant advocacy groups are lobbying for Congress to pass legalization and a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, as well as beneficiaries of deferred deportation (DACA).

Biden’s government announces who will be the undocumented beneficiaries of the new TPS

Biden's government announces who will be the undocumented beneficiaries of the new TPS
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The “Tepesianos” as those protected by the TPS are known, as well as the workers who, during the pandemic, have been designated as essential, including the peasants, have also been considered in the efforts of a path to the papers. The extension that goes into effect today benefits undocumented Haitian immigrants. Temporary protected status is a benefit that the United States government assigns to countries where there are armed conflicts or natural disasters, and protects the citizens of those countries by giving them temporary permits to live and work in the United States.

The good news for thousands of undocumented immigrants in the US comes after the announcement that the Government of President Joe Biden extended the so-called Title 42 that allows the immediate deportation of undocumented immigrants at the border due to COVID-19.

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