US accuses AstraZeneca of using “outdated information” on vaccine

AstraZeneca vaccine. The US noted that the pharmaceutical company had included “outdated information” when disclosing effecti...

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  • AstraZeneca vaccine. The US noted that the pharmaceutical company had included “outdated information” when disclosing effectiveness
  • Federal authorities claim that the company chose data at its convenience, possibly misleading
  • The vaccine has left sequelae and even deaths in European countries

AstraZeneca vaccine may have included “outdated information” when it released the effectiveness of its vaccine against COVID-19 in a study in the United States, they noted. authorities federal health officials Tuesday, in a rare public disagreement that could further undermine public confidence in the vaccine, the AP reported.

In response, AstraZeneca commented that it works on more up-to-date information and that the most recent findings are consistent with its initial announcement that the vaccine offers strong protection. The company promised to provide an update within 48 hours.

AstraZeneca vaccine

Reprimand out of the ordinary

In an unusual reprimand, just hours after AstraZeneca announced Monday that its vaccine performed well in its US trial, an independent panel overseeing the study lambasted the company for choosing data at your convenienceaccording to a senior government official.

The panel wrote to AstraZeneca and federal health officials that it was concerned that the company chose to use outdated data and possibly misleading rather than its most recent and comprehensive findings, according to the government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

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Undermine trust


“Decisions like this are what undermine public confidence in the scientific process,” the letter added.

The trial in the United States was supposed to help answer outstanding questions about the effectiveness of a vaccine that is widely used in Europe and other parts of the world, and that is also about to be considered for administration among the American population.

AstraZeneca sought to regain confidence in its vaccine with Monday’s report, when it announced that a trial conducted among 32,000 volunteers, predominantly in the United States, revealed that its vaccine was 79% effective in preventing symptomatic cases of COVID-19, and that none of the vaccinated volunteers suffered from serious illness or required hospitalization.

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Ear pulling


However, shortly after midnight, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a statement noting that the independent bodies overseeing the study “expressed concern that AztraZeneca may have included outdated information from said trial, which may have provided an incomplete picture of the efficacy data ”.

The NIH urged the company to “ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date efficacy data is released as soon as possible.”

Outside experts were shocked and perplexed by the reprimand. But they stressed that ultimately it will be the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that analyzes all the data before deciding whether the AstraZeneca vaccine can be used in the United States.

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FDA will have the last word


“At the end of the day, the data will have to speak for itself, no matter what this miscommunication may have been,” said Dr. Jesse Goodman of Goergetown University and former FDA director of vaccination.

NIH Dr. Anthony Fauci told ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​that the incident “really is what could be defined as an unforced error,” and that he anticipates that the discrepancy will be resolved.

Fauci also commented that the episode shows that the US regulatory system works. “The fact that the security monitoring board noted this discrepancy was one example.”

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Serious side effects and deaths in Europe


AstraZeneca’s vaccine is widely used in Britain, across the European continent and in other countries, but its deployment was hampered by inconsistent reports from studies on its efficacy, and then last week by reports of thrombosis cases. that caused some countries to temporarily suspend its use.

According to him New York Times, deaths linked to AstraZeneca immunization have been reported in Denmark and Austria.

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At Discover

AstraZeneca vaccine

But the public is rarely able to see those practical details, which have now been revealed by the extraordinary analysis applied to the development of COVID-19 vaccines around the world.

Each vaccine trial is overseen by “a data and safety monitoring board.” These panels include scientists and statisticians who are experts in their fields, but independent from the government or the companies that manufacture the vaccine.

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