Urinary tract infections: 7 natural remedies for pain relief

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Urinary tract infections: 7 natural remedies for pain relief
  • Does it hurt to urinate and does the kidney area bother you a lot?
  • You may have a urinary infection.
  • These are seven natural remedies that will help you relieve pain.

There are many infections that attack the human body presenting various symptoms and thereby invoking different treatments. Among the most frequent or common we have urinary tract infections or urinary infections.

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This infection occurs often and occurs when bacteria in the digestive tract, specifically E. coli, adhere to the walls of the urethra and begin to multiply.

This infection occurs in both men and women, although in a more common way women are the most affected. The downside of all this is that after suffering a first urinary tract infection, the risk of suffering it again is greater.

UTIs occur as consequence of:

  • A bacterium.
  • For putting up with the urge to urinate.
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Because of the pregnancy.
  • By menopause.

Among the most common symptoms of urinary infections, we have the frequent need to go to the bathroom to urinate, the bad thing is that the amount will always be the minimum, burning sensation when urinating, change of color in the urine, abdominal pain, blood in urine, fever, after all it is an infection. Nausea and vomiting

Urinary infections


It is important to see early and treat these infections to prevent them from causing damage to the kidneys, since poor care can lead to deterioration of kidney function and allow access to bacteria and sepsis with high morbidity and mortality.

Although the ideal is to consult a doctor to avoid serious consequences, below we list some home remedies that you they can help naturally relieve pain.

Natural remedies for urinary infection pain

1. – The Apple vinager It is excellent to help you with urinary infections as it is a rich source of enzymes, potassium and other minerals. These can help inhibit the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract to stop the infection.

2. – The sour cranberry juice It contains antibiotic properties, therefore, it helps to prevent E. coli bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract and causing the famous infection.


Urinary infections


3. – The tea tree oil It has a powerful antibiotic action, which helps you eliminate the bacteria that cause bladder infections and also urinary infections.

4. – The horsetail tea It has a powerful diuretic action, therefore it can fight urinary infections. It is ideal to take it two to three times a day but not for a long time. Since it can cause collateral damage.

5. – The Granada juice It is excellent for its high content of antioxidants that help you fight bacteria that stick to the walls of the bladder. For this and for its high content of vitamin C, it helps to strengthen the immune system and helps fight urinary infections. Taking two or three glasses of this juice a day helps you against infection.

6. – We can also go to the faithful Garlic, Since it is a food with antibiotic and antibacterial properties, so they can help you fight and prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for urinary tract infection.

Urinary infection


7. – The watermelon juice It is very good for purifying the urinary tract and eliminating bacteria that can cause urinary infections.

Do not forget to go to your doctor, although these are natural recommendations, they are still a remedy and not a solution.

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